Chicago Marathon Training Week 17

Sunday, September 25: 3.12 miles in 25:14 for an 8:04 pace.
Life Time 5K, by my watch. I like my watch’s stats better than the official race stats because they make me faster 😛

Monday, September 26: Strength training.
Whaaat?! What is this madness? Strength training?? Yes, dear readers, for the first time since August 23 (*hides face in shame*), I actually got around to strength training. I didn’t realize it had been over a month since I had done any strength work whatsoever until I was writing this post and went back to find my last strength training day, but it really doesn’t surprise me that it was that long ago, based on how difficult I found this workout and how sore I was the following day. I did The Descent from NTC, for those curious. I’m glad I did, too – I’ve done at least one NTC workout per month every month since May of 2015, and I would’ve been bummed out to realize I ruined that streak.

Tuesday, September 27: Dance.
I didn’t have to teach OR lead warmups this week! Hooray! We spent the majority of class reviewing the routine everyone else learned when I was in Seattle, which made me very happy. I hate missing a class where we learn something new, because it’s SO hard to catch up just with review, rather than the initial lesson (or at least it is for me). We can’t review that combo enough as far as I’m concerned. We also learned a little bit of a new-to-everyone routine.

Wednesday, September 28: 5 miles in 49:15 for a 9:50 pace.
Fall! Glorious fall! Oh my gosh, this weather was so ideal for running. Well, so ideal for running until the last mile, when I got caught in a downpour, but I had my running rain jacket on, so it wasn’t the end of the world. It was cloudy and in the high 50s/low 60s, though, and my gosh, that was SUCH a welcome change. Further evidence why I should just move to Seattle: I could run under cloudy skies with similar temperatures all the time. (Or at least a good portion of the time. More frequently than in Chicago, if nothing else.)

Thursday, September 29: Rest.
I was going to do a yoga for anxiety and stress practice I found on YouTube, then decided actually getting more than six hours of sleep would probably do more to help my deal with the anxiety and stress I dealt with all of last week (Sunday’s panic attack proved to just be a precursor to the rest of the panic attacks/almost panic attacks I’d have for the rest of the week.). I wasn’t getting enough sleep for most of last week, and thought that’d be a better way to spend my time, so I bailed on yoga and felt lousy about it/my general lack of activity for most of the rest of the day. Win some, lose some.

Friday, September 30: Rest.
Though I actually got more steps on Friday than Thursday, so there’s that.

Saturday, October 1: 8 miles in 1:21:54 for a 10:15 pace.
Confession: I bailed on my group run on Saturday. The last group run of the season is always the hardest one to go to, at least for me. It’s one thing for it to be dawn-ish when I’m heading to my Saturday morning run, but when the sun won’t even be up for almost another hour, it’s really, really tough to convince myself to go, especially when I don’t have a ride (which I didn’t this past week), and especially when it’s a distance I know I can run on my own no problem, like, say, eight miles. So I waited until sunrise had come and gone and then did my own thing, which was kind of nice. The weather was great again, except for the drizzle/occasional rain, and I was really happy with my paces in relation to my effort.

This whole taper/recovery period is super bizarre to me. I feel like I’m flailing around, trying to do something halfway intelligent, but I really have no clue what I’m doing at all. I suppose that’s my own fault – I never really researched how one should approach the three weeks between marathon #1 and marathon #2 (perhaps because I assume most people do not have three weeks between marathon #1 and marathon #2), so last week and this week have just been a total mishmash of what seemed relatively appropriate. I’ve done some things, which is better than no things, but it doesn’t feel like a correct taper or like correct recovery OR like correct training. It feels disorganized and sloppy and weird, and I don’t particularly like it. Fortunately, I also don’t particularly plan on running two marathons in the space of three weeks every again, so this should just be a one time thing 😉

7 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 17

  1. Congratulations on another strong week of training and hurray for the Chicago Marathon coming up next weekend!!! Yes, taper is a weird thing, right? It was weird enough for me even when not running another marathon three weeks prior. But I think you’ve been smart to go with the flow, try to get rested, and do some strength training and cross training. The weather is looking good for next Sunday, fingers crossed!

  2. I think you’re doing your taper-between-two-marathons as well as can be expected. There aren’t much fitness gains to be had in the final two weeks before a marathon, so the fact that you’re doing a mishmash of things to keep your legs loose and legs ready for Chicago is a net positive. Do you have a race/pace strategy?

  3. Wow Bethany! 2 marathons in 3 weeks! Hi by the way, I’m Tricia and it’s my first time here and you are beast woman! There are some many people I know running in Chicago I have serious FOMO but I’m going to live through you all! I hope the weather is great!

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