Chicago Marathon Training Week 16

Sunday, September 18: 26.51 miles in 5:14:02 for an 11:50 pace.
See previous.

Monday, September 19: Rest.
See above.

Tuesday, September 20: Dance.
I was still fairly sore on Tuesday, as I expected, but I’ve never skipped dance after a marathon before, and I didn’t feel any more sore than I usually feel two days post-marathon, so to dance I went. Naturally, class was super intense, and the air conditioning in the building was off, so I was sweating bullets. It felt REALLY good to move, though. I find that to be one of the trickiest things about marathon recovery: treading that line between allowing your muscles to heal and moving to promote blood flow and alleviate stiffness. Normally it doesn’t really matter, because normally after the marathon ends, my “physical fitness” season ends, too, at least until I remember I’m running a 5K in December and should probably, you know, run or something. But since I have another marathon in less than three weeks (*sobs*), I don’t have the luxury of not caring this time around.

Wednesday, September 21: Rest.
Welcome to my life in the week after a marathon. Not particularly eventful, to say the least. I didn’t even hit 10,000 steps this day. I did feel a LOT better, though. Nearly all of more soreness and stiffness had disappated, and the only thing that didn’t feel normal quite yet was going down stairs.

Thursday, Septebmer 22: 2 miles in 21:04 for a 10:31 pace.
Yay! While normally I don’t do any exercise (other than dance) until a full week after the marathon, since I do have another marathon coming up in two weeks, I didn’t feel like it would be in my best interest to take a full week off completely. I also felt back to normal on Thursday, so off for a run I went! My left shin felt a little touchy at the beginning, but other than that it was just so, so nice to get moving again. I just don’t like how I feel when I’m not getting in some sort of activity on days where I normally get in activity (on the flip side, I also don’t like how I feel when I get in activity on days when I normally DON’T get in activity. I LOATHE working out on Fridays–my normal rest day–and it seriously throws me off on the very rare occasions that I do it.), so going for a very short, very easy run on Thursday was most welcome.

Friday, September 23: Rest.
Told you I loathe working out on Fridays 😛

Saturday, September 24: Rest.

Wheeeeee! Easiest week of marathon training ever! Haha. I probably could’ve done more this week, but I wasn’t particularly interested in pushing it. I know everything between now and Chicago is just maintaining fitness anyway. I’m not going to make any major progress between now and then, so I’d rather play it safe.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 16

  1. I hope your recovery is going well! Good for you for getting to dance class just two days after the marathon. It does feel good to get the blood circulating to flush out all the lactic acid, yes? I remember after I ran Chicago, I was sore for several days afterwards. You can’t be too safe when it comes to recovery, in my opinion!

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