Chicago Marathon Training Week 15

Sunday, September 11: Dance.
I had every intention of going to the gym and spending 30-45 minutes on the bike or elliptical on Sunday. Then on Saturday afternoon, my dance teacher texted me, asking me if I could sub for him in his class on Sunday. I spent two hours furiously re-teaching myself a combo we learned last April (like April 2015 last April, not this past April) on Saturday, and then went to his class on Sunday and taught…all two people who showed up. Haha. But I thought it went well, and I was proud of my debut as a substitute dance teacher 🙂

Monday, September 12: 4 miles in 40:20 for a 10:04 pace.
Welcome to Bethany’s Week of Way Too Fast Runs Because She’s Stressed. I really, really intended to take it super easy on all of my runs this week, but my stress level over my impending marathon was THROUGH THE ROOF. As a result, all of my runs were way faster than I wanted them to be, including this one. The dance routine I taught on Sunday had irritated my shin, and it bugged me on this run as well, which sent me down the rabbit hole of injury-related panic and dread.

Tuesday, September 13: Dance.
I was at work on Tuesday, showing my boss a project I had just wrapped up, when my dance teacher texted me again, asking if I could sub that night as well (he had a show in Wisconsin on Tuesday, which is why he was unavailable Sunday [for rehearsing for his show] and Tuesday [for the show itself]). So I continued my journey to become a professional dance instructor, and told my boss if I ever just don’t show up one day, it’s because I finally made the leap and decided to dance full time (that will never happen, to be clear).

Wednesday, September 14: 3 miles in 28:05 for a 9:21 pace.
To be fair, I don’t think this was actually three miles. My watch beeped the first mile a bit earlier than usual, but I was on a major time crunch as I needed to make it to therapy on time, so I just rolled with it. The weather was SO NICE for running on Wednesday! Almost makes those miserable summer runs worth it (but not quite 😉 ).

Thursday, September 15: 2 miles in 19:12 for a 9:34 pace.
Ah, the last-run-before-the-marathon two miler! So simple. This was about as straightforward as they come in the running department, though it was, once again, too fast, because of my never-ending stress.

Friday, September 16: Rest.

Saturday, September 17: Rest.

So there we have it! One marathon training cycle down, another maintenance…cycle? period? to go. I’m writing this on Thursday evening, so I have nothing to report yet in terms of my marathon (it was great! The weather, by some miracle, turned out to be 55 and cloudy the entire time with a gentle 5 mph cross breeze to keep it extra comfortable. And I BQed. <– these are all lies I’m making up on Thursday. Please ignore all of the things I just wrote.), but I’m sure I’ll have a recap up soon enough 🙂

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