Chicago Marathon Training Week 14

Sunday, September 4: Rest.
I woke up Sunday morning feeling a lot better than I normally feel after a 20 miler, but I still wasn’t going to push it with a workout. Between my 20 miler and the wedding I attended immediately after, I’m pretty sure I got enough activity on Saturday to cover me for Sunday.

Monday, September 5: Rest.
Another national holiday, another unintentional rest day. I planned to do yoga…then I did nothing. I walked around a bit, I guess – does that count?

Tuesday, September 6: Dance.
I missed the first week of this session, as it took place while I was on vacation, so I was a little worried about making up for lost time on Tuesday. As it turned out, my teacher wasn’t even there and we had a sub who taught us a routine different than the one everyone had learned the previous week. I’m still behind, of course, because I don’t know what they learned on week one, but at least now I don’t feel totally behind.

Wednesday, September 7: 2.03 miles in 20:04 for a 9:53 pace.
I don’t even want to talk about this run. I went into Wednesday planning to minimally run three miles, but ideally run 4.5 miles. It was terribly hot and humid Wednesday afternoon, so I resigned myself to the treadmill. While at the gym, however, I learned that I needed to go to the grocery store to pick up supplies for a picnic I’d be attending immediately after work the following day. I could have done this after therapy, which I planned to go to straight from my run, but the radar looked threatening, and I didn’t want to be caught in a thunderstorm on the way home from grocery shopping, which meant I had to go shopping before therapy. Obviously that cut way down on my time available to run, and consequently cut down on my mileage as well.

Thursday, September 8: 4.04 miles in 40:00 for a 9:54 pace.
I think I want to talk about this run even less than Wednesday’s run. I had do this run in the morning before work, which meant I had to get it done on the treadmill once again. Prior to Wednesday, it had been I think pretty close to a month since I last slogged through a run on a treadmill, and in that time I have lost ALL patience I ever had for that machine. I HATED this run on Thursday because I was stuck on the treadmill. Absolutely, totally, completely hated it. I also HATED getting up before 5 a.m. to make this happen. Lots of hatred going on on Thursday in regards to running.

Friday, September 9: Rest.

Saturday, September 10: 8 miles in 1:23:38 for a 10:28 pace.
I had been exhausted all of last week, and decided if it was raining when I woke up on Saturday morning and looked like it would still be raining when our group run began at 6:30, I’d bail. I can do eight miles on my own, and the rest of the group was doing 14 anyway, since they’re not insane and aren’t running a marathon on Sunday. To my utter dismay, it was not raining when I woke up Saturday morning, so I dragged myself out of bed and got to the group run. Fortunately, the most beautiful sunrise of the season thus far greeted me when I arrived.


And then I turned around and saw a RAINBOW!


All good things 🙂

It was a lot warmer and more humid than I expected (though I don’t know why I expected low humidity, since clearly rain was coming), and I felt super, super dehydrated on this run. I really need to get better about remembering to hydrate in the days leading up to long runs (or, this week, my marathon) so I stop suffering so much on Saturdays. Overall, this run was fairly uneventful, but it did feel weird to only be doing eight instead of 14.

Holy smokes you guys, I’m running a marathon on Sunday. I definitely haven’t fully wrapped my mind around that yet. (Or the fact that I’m going to have to do it all again in a month…trying to not think about that.) I guess since I’ve only ever done Chicago, it doesn’t feel real that I’m running a marathon at a time other than Chicago, and it’s really disorienting and confusing. I truly have no idea what to expect on Sunday. It’d be nice to run a 4:45, but to say that’s my goal would be an enormous overstatement. I really just want to finish and not feel like I’m doing to be sick and/or die at the end so I can still celebrate my birthday. Ambitious, I know 😛 I hope I’ve respected the marathon enough throughout the past 16 weeks (I started “pre-training” for Chicago two weeks before the race, which, after I decided to run Fox Valley, I’ve decided to count as marathon training as well, despite no recaps of that training). I really don’t feel like I have, and I’m putting a lot (a LOT) of faith in my past five years of fairly consistent long distance running, and, even more so, my past three summers of marathon training, to carry me through this. I know fitness isn’t an academic degree, where once you earn it, you never lose it (wouldn’t that be nice!), but I’m still choosing to believe I’m more prepared to do something this stupid ambitious than I would have been earlier in my running career. I guess we’ll find out on Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 14

  1. Still love the idea of running a marathon on your birthday. I’d absolutely rather go into a race undertrained than overtrained and I think you did a good job making sure you didn’t get injured during this cycle!To me, making it to the starting line is the hardest part.

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