Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

Sunday, August 21: Yoga.
This one, kind of:

I quit 34 minutes into the video for a variety of reasons. The practice felt far more intense than I needed or wanted for the day after 18 miles, I wasn’t a fan of the instructor, and quite frankly, I had one zillion other things I needed to be doing that day to get ready for vacation and didn’t feel like wasting my time on a yoga practice I was hating when I could’ve been doing things like going to CVS so I’d actually be able to carry liquids onto the plane.

Monday, August 22: 8 miles (tempo-ish) in 1:2x:xx for a 10:28 pace.
OOF. That’s how I’d summarize this run. I mostly gave up on RunnersConnect several weeks ago because I was sick of paying for workouts that felt far beyond my ability level and even more sick of one of the coaches on the website, who, when I voiced concerns over my weekly mileage in my training plan, basically told me I was an idiot for believing what I’ve read on the Internet about weekly mileage (because, clearly, everyone else is wrong, and this guy is right, that it’s totally okay and safe to jump from 18 miles/week for six weeks to 32 miles in a week with no buildup whatsoever. Right.), and then turned right around two weeks later and reprimanded me for running what he deemed to be too many miles over the course of three days. *rolls eyes* That particular coach turned me off RunnersConnect so much that I decided to stop using the site at all, with the exception of two more workouts to take me through the end of August (at which point I plan to cancel my subscription). One of those workouts was Monday’s: an eight mile alternating tempo run, with a one mile warmup, six miles of alternating tempo (RunnersConnect called for something ridiculous like 8:45, 8:35, 8:45, 8:35, 8:45, 8:35, to which I said LOLNOPE, and instead I aimed for more like 9:45/9:35, which is, you know, my normal tempo pace), and a one mile cooldown. I really was doing just fine through mile five, more or less hitting my paces and all of that, but at mile five I hit the wall HARD. My legs clearly were not up to that kind of workout two days after an 18 miler, so I ran/walked the last three miles of this run. Good thing I don’t have time goals this year.

Tuesday, August 23: Strength training.
NTC’s Slim Chance 2.0. I love this workout, though I do wish it lasted more than 30 minutes. Originally, I planned to bike on Tuesday and do strength training on Thursday, but as I was heading to the gym Tuesday morning, I realized there was no reason why I couldn’t do strength training on Tuesday, and opted for that instead. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I likely won’t have time at all to work out on Thursday, and I’d rather skip biking than strength training in favor of a rest day. I suppose I also like to take two rest days before races, so even though I’m not thrilled about taking a rest day on Thursday, I can justify it.

Wednesday, August 24: 5.25 miles in 53:24 for a 10:09 pace.
Meant to do six, but my stomach had other plans. I don’t usually have GI issues while running *knocks on all wood available*, but I had a heavier-than-usual dinner the night before and ran basically as soon as I rolled out of bed Wednesday morning, and around mile 4 my tummy decided it was done with this nonsense. Not the most enjoyable experience of my life, but I got through it.

Thursday, August 25: Rest.
I’m not usually one to take a rest day due to a lack of free time–I will find time to work out, darn it!–but that was the case on Thursday. I literally did not have any time to work out, and even if I had,  I think it was in my best interest to take an extra rest day anyway. My legs had felt tired for three consecutive runs, and when you add in the stress I felt from trying to get ready to go on vacation, I think additional recovery was in my best interest.

Friday, August 26: Rest.

Saturday, August 27: 13.28 miles in 2:15:11 for a 10:10 pace.
Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon, by my watch.

5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

    • I truly have no idea. They never told me how they came up with my paces, nor did they ever ask me for a goal marathon pace (and even if they did, I cannot fathom that my unstated, unofficial goal of a 4:45 at one of these marathons would dictate that nearly all of my speed workouts be done at an 8:30 pace or faster). I told them recent race times, and they spit out training paces for me. And while, admittedly, my recent 10K time (when I signed up) was not entirely reflective of my overall running ability (since I PRed that race and practically killed myself in the process), my recent 10 mile time, which was my most recent race when I signed up, certainly was, at least for long distance/the summer (I did a 1:43, when under good conditions I usually do a 1:3x in a 10 miler), and I certainly don’t know how a 10:20 pace on a 10 miler suggest that all my non-long run workouts should be, minimally, 1:50 faster than that per mile. Which was one of my chief complaints with the site–it didn’t feel at all realistic to my ability/fitness level, and no one seemed to care that it was way beyond what I’m capable of doing.

      • See, now I’m curious to look up what times I was hitting on my speedwork when I ran Milwaukee. I did a 4:36 that year (and then a 4:26 two months later at Vegas) and I think at the time I was running similar 10 mile paces to you.

        Just doing a quick glance at one speedwork session from that summer, I was hitting my 400s at between a 7:30 and an 8:00 pace.

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