Chicago Marathon Training Week 10

Sunday, August 7: Dance.
We had graduation on Tuesday, which meant we had an extra rehearsal on Sunday, per usual. Barely anyone showed up, but we still ran our routine into the ground nevertheless.

Monday, August 8: 6 miles in 59:28 for a 9:54 pace.
Soo I had a really awful day on Monday. Like really awful. It definitely cracked the top three for Worst Days of My Life to Date. I was supposed to do some sort of tempo-ish workout on Monday, but I was so worked up and so angry and so frustrated that I threw all my plans out the window and decided to run until I no longer felt worked up/angry/frustrated. And I ran fast. I believe this is the first time all marathon season that I’ve averaged a sub-10:00 pace on a non-speedwork run, and quite likely is the first time I’ve averaged a sub-10:00 pace in a non-race setting since…May? April? It’s definitely been awhile. My splits were a lone bright spot in my day. As was the view on my run:


(Recycled picture, but same location. This is my favorite spot on the lake. I haven’t run there at all since last April, but I needed something that would make me happy, and while this didn’t solve my problems, at least it made me feel a little better.)

Tuesday, August 9: Dance.
Graduation! All things considered, I thought our performance went really well this session. There were some people who very clearly struggled throughout the session to learn choreography–which is not a criticism at all, because learning choreography is really hard when it’s a brand new concept to you, and is even harder when you’re not able to make it to class every week–but even those who had the most trouble did just fine during graduation. Now we head into our two week break, which means I get to do other things with my Tuesdays for a change! Yay!

Wednesday, August 10: 4 miles in 40:53 for a 10:12 pace.
Was still feeling a bit of residual work up/anger/frustration on Wednesday, and busted out another pretty fast (for me and the conditions) run. I originally had hoped/planned to run more like seven miles or so on Wednesday, but I didn’t have the time, and it was hot, so…here we are. I still got in 26 miles this week, so I’m not beating myself up about it too much.

Thursday, August 11: Strength Training.
NTC Medball Madness. I thought I wouldn’t have time for a 45 minute workout…turns out I did. But I only did a 30 minute workout anyway. Oh well. I liked this one a lot. I felt like I accomplished a lot in that amount of time, which is all I really hope for out of these workouts, anyway.

Friday, August 12: Rest.

Saturday, August 13: 16.08 miles in 2:48:40 for a 10:30 pace.
Well, well, well! Look at that pacing 😀

CARA did 15 miles on Saturday, so I ran an extra mile before the group run and then tackled 15 miles with them. The humidity on Saturday morning was simply crushing:


OOF. No thank you. Never again, please.

And because of that, this was far from the easiest run of my life. Fortunately, God took mercy on all of our souls and gave us cloudy skies for the majority of the run, but I still cannot recall another time where I was so sweaty during a run. My sports bra felt like I had pulled it straight out of the washing machine when I was done it was so soaked. BUT I managed to stay with the group the whole time, so I consider this run a success.

I’ve been having some arch soreness for the past couple of weeks, and I’m starting to worry about it a bit, especially after this week, when it was particularly noticeable. I really do not have the patience, time, or desire to deal with a case of plantar fasciitis, so I’m trying to be proactive about icing, rolling, and strengthening. The operative word there, however, is “trying.” This has FAR and away been my worst marathon season in terms of recovery and taking care of myself, and I’m really not proud of that at all. I have just over a month until marathon #1 of the fall, and I need to start prioritizing recovery and self-care, or I’m going to be in big trouble as the season goes on.


8 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 10

  1. Oye so sorry to hear about your crappy Monday 😦 At least you pulled some good from it and harnessed that frustration into a solid run! Running = therapy right?! Hope you’re feeling better!

    Now, this arch pain, I know the struggle. I actually started dealing with random arch pain in my left foot when I was training for the Hartford Marathon in 2014. It came on at these longer distances as well, and I even had an MRI to check out what was happening (apparently nothing). I found that the most helpful thing was to use a massage ball on my foot AND ankle <– the ankle was key…I would aggressively massage my ankle and it reallllyyyy helped eliminate the arch pain! Good luck!

    P.S: Here is the massage ball I use:

  2. I hope your Monday is going better this week! And happy the run somewhat helped 🙂 I have had many an angry run! (which sometimes, just make me more angry!)

    Hope your heel feels better!!!

    Gawd, the humidity on Saturday! I am ready for that to be over. Maybe we’ll get a few breaks this month and next!

  3. Sorry to hear about your crappy Monday. Nothing worse than starting the week out on a sour note, right?

    But, hey, if you can run that 10:30 pace in that horrific humidity you’ll be all smiles and fast miles in the fall when it finally breaks!

  4. The heat and humidity have been BRUTAL. Great job on pushing through all the challenges, and I’m sorry to hear about your awful Monday. This just means that much better things are in store for you to make up for the crap! Think about how awesome it’ll feel to run once fall temperatures start settling in, too. I wish your arch a speedy recovery!

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