Thursday Things

1. For nearly as long as I can remember, I’ve listened to country radio in the morning. I’ve had the same clock radio since I was…in fourth grade, I think?, and I know for sure that I’ve had the dial set to the local county station (B93 in Michigan, US 99.5 here) definitely since high school, and possibly since middle school. Even though I’ve become less enamored with country music in recent years (bro country can stop being popular any time now), I’ve continued to listen, and since I moved to Chicago, US 99.5 has been the one radio station I’ve listened to in the morning. I’ve literally woken up it it every single morning since I moved to Chicago over four years ago. Lisa Dent & Ramblin’ Ray have been the first voices I’ve heard every weekday morning for four years, and I sincerely enjoyed their show.

Last Wednesday, I was disappointed to find out that Ramblin’ Ray had signed on with a different, non-country station, but I was downright horrified a few hours later when I found out US 99.5 had canned Lisa, the other half of the morning show. I know US 99.5 doesn’t really owe me anything (although they kind of do, since I’m a listener, and no listeners = no station), but I was legitimately hurt by all of this, particularly since Lisa and Ray were “on vacation” (purportedly) at the time, so neither of them even had a chance to say goodbye to the listeners. If that had happened, I’d be upset, but I would’ve gotten over it. As it stood, however, I was so upset that, for the first time ever, I’ve switched radio stations and headed over to the new country station in Chicago, Big 95.5. And, from the looks of the comments on those linked articles, I’m hardly the only one to do so. I don’t know how on earth US 99.5 expects this move to help them, since they were already nearly tied with Big 95.5 for listeners ages 25-54, and I can’t help but think this will push Big 95.5 over the edge.

However, I’ve encountered an unexpected problem with all of this: I can barely pick up Big 95.5. I’ve often struggled to get a good signal on US 99.5, so this is hardly a new experience for me, but Big 95.5 is FAR worse than US 99.5 ever was in terms of reception. I get about 75% static and 25% actual radio, which is super frustrating. But I’m not going back to US 99.5 – I’m too stubborn for that 😛

2. One of my roommates moved out last week, another victim to love (by which I mean, she moved in with her boyfriend of two and a half years.). I was pretty bummed to see her go, as she had been a really great roommate, and I was even MORE bummed when I realized the rice cooker we had, which I used on a nearly weekly basis, belonged to her and would not be staying. Since I’ve been eating homemade “burrito bowls” for a couple of months for lunch, I wasn’t willing to live without a rice cooker, as that thing is clutch for meal prep, so I scoured the Internet and found one.


Eep! Is this not the cutest little itty bitty rice cooker you’ve ever seen?! It can only hold a cup and a half of rice (which is perfect for me), making it much smaller than the normal sized one my old roommate had, and I just cannot get over what a little baby it is.

3. Speaking of things that make me happy:


This solitary petunia is growing next to my building, and it makes me smile every time I see it. I don’t know how on earth it got there–I mean, a seed ended up in the ground somehow, and it sprouted and produced a petunia, but it’s not like it’s in a garden or somewhere else where someone would plant it. It looks totally different than my petunias from last year, so I can’t take any credit for it. But man, what a resilient little guy! Growing there right in the pavement. And here I can’t even get my New Guinea impatiens, planted in pots and regularly fed and watered, to stay alive 😛

Have you ever had this sort of radio drama? I am so displeased by this whole situation.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Jason tried to change alarm clock radios last year.By that I mean he tried using the newer one we’d purchased for our previous guest room instead of the one he’s been using since high school. Interestingly enough, the newer radio could not pick up WBEZ at all! Like you said, it was 75% static and 25% radio. So, he switched back to the ancient one and has no problems. Maybe you should scour Goodwill for an old clock radio!

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