Thursday Things

1.  Are you guys familiar with MilestonePod? It’s this cool little device you stick on your shoe that tells you pretty much anything you could want to know about your run, metrics wise, from stride length to foot strike to cadence to distance and everything in between.


Milestone announced the brand new MilestonePod on Tuesday, and I’ve had the chance to try one out over the past week. I plan to post a full review after I’ve logged a few more runs, but so far, I’ve been really impressed! I can’t get enough data when it comes to running, so this is right up my alley. Plus, it’s super affordable ($24.95) and doesn’t take up any real estate on your wrist, since it attaches to your shoe. I’ve really liked it and look forward to telling you more about it later this month.

2. Remember my fresh peach pie from last summer? Last weekend, I expanded my fresh pie repertoire to include fresh blueberry pie!


My parents were in town two weekends ago, and my mom brought me a bunch of fresh blueberries from Michigan. I didn’t have enough blueberries to make a full pie, so instead I made two individual ones in ramekins, which worked out great! And then I got to eat an “entire” pie 😛

3. As you probably know if you’ve spent any sort of time around this blog, you might know that I’m pretty into history and also pretty into architecture. Recently, I became interested in the history of my building, when all of a sudden it occurred to me that though the inside of my apartment looks modern, the outside does not. So down the rabbit hole I went, attempting to find out more about the building itself.

I learned basically nothing, other than that the building went up in 1917 (making it almost 100 years old! That’s exciting news to me, even if nothing about this place looks historic whatsoever), but what I did discover is a plethora of historic pictures of Chicago online at a website I had somehow never before found, Explore Chicago Collections. Oh my gosh, it’s a treasure trove of historic photos from around the entire city, and I’m obsessed. Neighborhoods, events, important moments in time: it’s all there. I’m never going to get anything done again.

What do you use to track your run data (if anything)? Between my GPS watch, Fitbit, and MilestonePod, I don’t think there’s anything about my runs that go untracked/analyzed. Haha.
Fresh pie vs. baked pie: discuss. Fresh pie. End of discussion. 😛

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Thanks for sharing the ECC website! I LOVE historic Chicago pictures. It’s really fun to see how much the city has evolved over the years. Please share your fresh blueberry pie recipe. =) When I was in Saugatuck, I came home with over 7 lbs of fresh blueberries. I ended up freezing most of them. Not sure if the blueberry pie recipe would work as well with frozen blueberries, but any way I can find to use them up would be helpful. That little pod looks really cute! I love that it doesn’t take up valuable wrist space!

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