Chicago Marathon Training Week 8

Sunday, July 24: Yoga.
This one:

My decision to do this particular practice had absolutely nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that I had about 35 minutes to do yoga, and this video fit that length of time. I actually had another video in mind that I wanted to do, but it was 50+ minutes long.  Sad day. This practice was WAY gentler than I needed/wanted, but what can ya do? There are worse things in life than taking it easy during yoga.

Monday, July 25: 6.41 miles in 1:08:08 for a 10:37 pace.
Ugh. This was miserable. I was supposed to warm up for a mile, then do 3×1.5 miles at tempo pace with 90 second recovery, and finish with a cooldown mile. A little basic math reveals that that did not happen. It was a balmy 88 degrees when I headed out of this run, and even though I primarily ran on shaded sidewalks, I struggled big time on this run. I did manage to do two 1.5s, but my second one was a run/walk situation, as was my cooldown run. I felt pretty discouraged after this one. It was one in a string of runs that involved walk breaks, and even though I don’t really have a time goal this year, I still want to run as much of the marathon as possible.

Tuesday, July 26: Dance.
I have given up on trying to figure out the attendance at dance this season. After giving up on a guy who hadn’t been there in three weeks, he suddenly reappeared on Tuesday, while the one girl who had come every week (other than my friend, who also comes every week) was not there. Because of this, we spent class reviewing everything. Again. Look, I give credit to people who show up after missing an entire month, but it would be REALLY nice if we could do something other than relearn the same two dances every single week :/

Wednesday, July 27: Strength training.
I did No Speed Limit from the NTC app, but I wish I hadn’t. This “30 minute” workout spent SO much time on the warmup, that I’d bet I did maybe 20 total minutes of actual work during the workout. If you want to do a 20 minute workout, then this is probably fine for you, but I wanted to do a 30 minute workout, so this felt more like a waste of my time than anything.

Thursday, July 28: 4 miles in 40:45 for a 10:11 pace.
Another crappy weather day, another treadmill run. It was raining on my way home, and I saw lightening, so I figured I should run on the treadmill, but I probably could’ve slogged this one out outside if I had waited a little longer. It was crushingly humid, though, so at least I avoided that altogether by running inside. I’m really sick of the treadmill, though.

Friday, July 29: Rest.

Saturday, July 30: 13.3 miles in 2:19:14 for a 10:28 pace.
I have to say, my group leaders this year are nothing if not consistent with the whole 10:30 thing! It was a bit humid on Saturday, but on the way home we had a nice breeze which kept things fairly comfortable. My favorite thing about this run was that we went north first, as opposed to just going to south like normal. I love when we do that, because then we hit all our normal mile markers much farther along than usual (we hit the normal mile 2 at mile 5, for example, since we went north first) and that makes everything feel SO much easier and go SO much faster. I felt totally fine during the run, but after getting home and sitting around for a little bit, my left shin was really bugging me. The pain felt muscular (based on this, I’d say it was my extensor digitorum longs). A similar thing happened around the Fourth of July and then resolved itself without much effort on my part, so I hope that will happen again. In the mean time, I’m trying to wear good shoes, rest, and ice as much as I can to hopefully help it out.

I did this last week, too:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.23.43 PM

So, if nothing else, I’m at least registered for my birthday marathon. That probably explains why I feel hurt now! Haha. But I’m excited to take this on, and just need to make it through the next six weeks in one piece to make it happen.

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