Thursday Things

1. Death has turned its cruel eye on my impatiens.



I’m completely flummoxed by this turn of events. Here’s the deal: last year, I only planted impatiens in my porch. They all caught blight, and this is what I was left with:


Not exactly what I had been going for.

The Interwebs told me that blight spores can stick around, even past the winter (though I think that was more about spores in dirt rather than spores on pots, so this may not have applied to me as I threw all the dirt away, but I wasn’t interested in taking any chances), so this year, I reserved my purple pots for begonias, which, like all non-impatien flowers, are immune to Impatien Downy Mildew (aka blight), due to their “not being impatiens” qualities. Instead, I bought four brand new pots for my impatiens, in which I planted four regular impatiens around the edges with one New Guinea impatien in the middle: two with pinkish/orangeish flowers, and two with red flowers. The pinkish/orangeish ones, as you can see, are doing just fine:


Both of the red ones, however, appear to be quite dead.

I don’t understand this! They’re the same plants! They’ve received the exact same kind of care – same amount of food, same amount of water, same amount of everything! I thought at first maybe they had caught blight, but they’re not dying in the same way my blighted plants last year died, and, once again according to the Interwebs, New Guinea impatiens are supposed to be particularly resistant to blight, so that doesn’t seem particularly likely.

Now I’m also trying to figure out how to dig up my dead New Guinea impatiens without disturbing the perfectly healthy (at least as far as I can see) normal impatiens…and rearrange my flowers, now that my pattern is all disrupted. SIGH AGAIN. I don’t know for sure that I’ll plant flowers next year (my landlord has toyed with the idea of selling my place, and, if he does, we’ll obviously have to leave after our lease is up next year, and I don’t want to invest time and money and energy into flowers when I may not have anywhere to keep them past mid-July/August.), but if I do, I’m sticking exclusively to begonias in my porch, because THEY don’t seem to have any qualms about how I treat them, and I have lost my patience with my impatiens (bad pun 😛 ).

2. Monday evening, after a miserable attempt at a tempo run, I settled in for my usual Monday night routine: watching The Bachelorette and feeling good about my life choices. As much as it embarrasses me to admit it, I rather enjoy watching The Bachelor(ette) with my roommates on Monday evenings, because gosh darn it, I’m mature and well-adjusted enough in my normal life, thank you very much, and I’m allowed to have this one mind-rotting thing in my life.

WELL! You can IMAGINE my utter dismay when I turned on ABC 7 and found “MLB Baseball” on the TV Guide. In a MOST tragic turn of events, ABC 7 apparently had the rights to the White Sox/Cubs game on Monday and, since the game took place at the same time as The Bachelorette, aired that instead. I was not at all pleased. I suppose I wasn’t displeased to have a free two hours on my hands, but it was the second to last episode! And everything was spoiled before I even got a chance to watch it.

Somehow, some way, I will find the strength to go on.

3. Speaking of things that outrage me:


This miserable screen greeted me on Duolingo a week or so ago, and I was so angry. It would’ve been one thing if I actually had broken my streak and skipped a day, but I didn’t! I did my two lessons the day before, and it told me I had done so, but then it just took my streak away! The injustice of it all! *shakes fist at sky*

Where my Bachelorette fans at? Can we please discuss the overall lousiness of this season? I have been so wildly disappointed by this whole cast of characters. I’ve still been watching, of course, because I love the ~dRaMa~, but I’ve had the worst time–by which I mean a nearly impossible time–trying to care about any of the guys this season, which kind of kills the whole thing, thinking they’re all fairly awful/uninteresting. The troubles of my life 😛

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. My impatiens aren’t doing too well this year, either. My climbing/draping petunias, however, are flourishing. And my clematis came back (although it hasn’t flowered yet). I didn’t know if it would, but I dumped water on the pot when I planted everything else and the vine is now growing like crazy. I also planted the sunflower seeds I got at the Super Sunny 5K but I don’t think sunflowers grow too well in pots. They seem to be stunted and I doubt they’ll flower.

    • Sigh. Maybe it’s just not a good year for them, weather wise. I didn’t grow any petunias this year, but I’ve seen them growing in cracks in sidewalks/alleys (true story!), so it must be ideal conditions for them. Too bad I didn’t plant any this time! That’s a bummer about your sunflowers 😦 But you’re probably right – I imagine they have pretty deep roots, with how tall they get, and a pot may not give them enough space to thrive. At least you tried, though! And it sounds like they sprouted, which is more than I can say for pretty much any seeds I’ve ever planted.

  2. I’ve never heard of blight spores until now, but they sound like a nuisance. For the first time ever, I’m having good luck with my basil plant, though. I saw Twitter was trending when the baseball game took priority over The Bachelorette. Why would ABC make a decision like that? Ridiculous! On that note, I wonder if Duolingo “accidentally on purpose” said your streak was broken purely in an attempt to raise some funds??? (I’ve grown very cynical these days…)

    • They certainly are! Especially since there’s nothing you can really do about it, at least as far as I know. Congrats on your basil success! I…am not having much success with mine. But admittedly I’m also not giving it the attention it probably needs, so a lot of that is on me. And I know! Allegedly, ABC 7 didn’t think The Bachelorette was on that night…? I don’t know where the breakdown in communication there happened, but what a weird situation. I did eventually get to watch the episode at least 😛 I’ve also wondered the same thing about Duolingo. Not pleased!

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