Chicago Marathon Training Week 7

Sunday, July 17: Yoga.
I planned to take a rest day on Sunday because I planned to be in Wisconsin spectating IM 70.3 Racine, but since that didn’t happen and I ended up having an entire day of free time on my hands, I did this instead:

It was a lot less chaturanga-heavy than the yoga I did the week before, but there were some CRAZY poses in this practice. I took a lot of the modifications offered.

Monday, July 18: 12 miles in 2:15:04 for an 11:15 pace.
I’m pretty sure I’m still sweating from this run.

I took my perk day for July last Monday so I could get in my weekly long run because I knew I wouldn’t have time to do a long run on the 23rd or 24th, and the forecast for both of those days looked horrific anyway. Does doing a long run two days after your previous week’s long run kind of defeat the purpose? Eh, maybe. But it was a one time thing, and last week was a cutback week, so I wasn’t too concerned.

Running 12 miles before work is a special kind of misery, but I got it done. I didn’t get out running until 7:30, and I knew I wanted to avoid the Lakefront Trail (morning = sunshine = no thanks), so instead I stuck to shady neighborhood streets, which made things almost tolerable, but I was still a disgusting, sweaty mess. I had emptied my water bottle by mile eight, and discovered, to my immense delight, that the Chicago Park District not only maintains drinking fountains along the Lakefront Trail, but has them in parks as well. I stopped around mile 8 to fill up again, and proceeded to drain my refill by the time I had finished running. I took three walks breaks over the course of this run: two while eating my Honey Stinger chews to refuel, and one at mile nine because I was SO HOT and SO MISERABLE. Aside from those miles, though, which definitely impacted my overall pace, I was quite surprised at how fast (“fast”) I ran for the first several miles. I ran seven of the nine non-walk-break miles in 10:xx, which I didn’t think I’d be able to do in that kind of weather.

I also took a brief break (during which I stopped my watch) at mile 11.5 to pull up the Starbucks mobile app and place an order for a smoothie (#21stcentury). I ended my run at the Starbucks closest to my house, walked in as they were making my smoothie, and proceeded to down almost the entire thing before I got back to my place.


Tuesday, July 19: Dance.
Dance attendance continues to baffle me. Everyone from the first week (aside from one person, who I think is definitely gone at this point) reappeared on Tuesday, which meant we spent the entire class reviewing what we’ve already learned, as many of them have missed at least some of the initial instruction. I really hope we’re able to learn another routine this week so our graduation performance isn’t just two combos

Wednesday, July 20: 3 miles in 30:21 for a 10:27 pace.
Three miles on the treadmill to start off my Wednesday. I had lead legs for the first mile, but by the end they felt better, and that’s about as exciting and interesting as things got on that run.

Thursday, July 21: 6 miles in 59:40 for a 9:57 pace.
So. This was supposed to be a tempo run, with a one mile warmup, four miles at tempo (8:45-8:55), and then a one mile cooldown. I did this run on the treadmill as well, because it was like 90 degrees and with a zillion percent humidity on Thursday. I thought 8:45-8:55 both sounded ridiculous and out of my ability level for a tempo run, so instead, I planned to do my tempo miles at closer to a 9:30, which is where I always felt like I was achieving the “comfortable hardness” of a tempo run prior to joining RunnersConnect, where they seem to think the only acceptable pace for speedwork is 8K-on-a-good-day race pace or faster. I…did not exactly succeed in doing this at all. Honestly, this run was so all over the place that I couldn’t even really tell you what happened. I know I hopped off the treadmill at 1.9 and 2.9 miles to drink water (I was using my normal water bottle, not my handheld running bottle, and my normal water bottle has a screw top and open mouth, which is very difficult to drink from while running.). I also know I took a walk break some time after mile 2.9 and before mile 5, and I might have actually taken two walk breaks…I don’t remember. Like I said, this was so all over the place that it’s hard to keep track of what actually happened when, as I didn’t write it down when it was happening. What I do know, however, is that I did not make my last mile a cooldown mile, because you can only run on the treadmills at my gym for 60 minutes before they automatically shut off. Because of the walk breaks, etc., I didn’t have 10:30 or so to get in my last mile at a cooldown pace like I would’ve liked, so instead I ended up fast finishing this run, ending with an 8:xx pace, in my race to hit six miles before the treadmill timed out (which I did, as you may notice, by a whopping 20 seconds).

Friday, July 22: Rest.

Saturday, July 23: Strength training.
Did Controlled Blast from NTC, because it required no equipment and it was so hot that I didn’t want to leave my house to go to the gym. This workout was a doozy, but I really liked the format. After warming up, you had three sections of four exercises. You did three sets of each of these four exercises, but the time you had to do the exercise got shorter each set. So, for example: you first did exercise A for one minute, then exercises B for one minute, then exercise C for one minute, then exercises D for one minute. Then you went straight back to the top, but this time did exercise A for 40 seconds, followed by exercise B for 40 seconds, etc. Finally, you did all four exercises for 30 seconds each. Then, after 30 seconds of rest, you’d move on to a whole new section, with exercises E, F, G and H, the sets for which followed the same time scheme as the did for exercises A, B, C and D (1:00, :40, :30). Any workout that makes me start with the hardest amount of work and progressively gets easier is right up my alley, so I was a big fan of this one, even if it did beat me up a bit.

Allegedly, the heat is supposed to break this week, at least somewhat, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get outside for some miles instead of pounding it out on the treadmill. I’m glad that I have the option to run inside on days where it feels like it’s close to or over 100 degrees, but I don’t plan to run a marathon on a treadmill any time soon, and would much rather put in my training time on pavement instead. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 7

  1. Ahhh, I need to check out some of the Lululemon yoga videos online! I also hear so many great things about the NTC app so I need to test it out more, too. It was a BRUTAL week for running. Great job on pushing through all the workouts! Isn’t it crazy how paces can feel so different from day to day? That’s one of the reasons I rely so strongly on my Garmin, because I don’t trust myself well enough to set the pace by feel. Seriously, though, you are really tearing it up. Think about how much you are going to rock out once cooler fall temperatures start to arrive!!!

    • I haven’t looked into how many videos Lululemon has, but I know they’ve done one for SeaWheeze for the past couple of years. I’ve did the 2015 one last year, and this is the 2014 one – both are great! And yes! I can run a half marathon at a sub-10 pace, no problem at all, in the winter, but I can barely scrap out a 10:00 mile in this kind of weather. I can’t wait for fall and winter running!

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