Thursday Things

1. I didn’t have any plans on Sunday, and was trying to decide if I wanted to watch Olympic Trials on TV that evening or if I wanted to get ahead on blogging stuff instead, when my phone went off with a text from one of my friends, asking if I wanted to come along to Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness/Panic! at the Disco/Weezer at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in Tinley Park that night. So, in what became one of the most spontaneous evenings of my life, about two hours later I found myself in Tinley Park at a show I had no expectations of attending.

I was most excited to see Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, because I really like Andrew McMahon, and even though I knew he wouldn’t play Konstantine (one of my favorite songs of all time) because it wasn’t November 11 and he only plays it on November 11 (11/11), I was still really happy I’d get to see him live. He did play Dark Blue from his Jack’s Mannequin days, which basically made my night, because I’ve also always liked that song. Let me tell you how much, “Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?” spoke to my angsty teenage soul. Hahaha.

Speaking of my angsty teenage years, Panic! was up after Andrew McMahon, and wowza. What a throwback.


Granted, Panic! has gone more of the way of Fall Out Boy than most of the other alternative/punk bands of the ’00s, in that they continued to make music under the same name instead of rebranding three times like Andrew McMahon. I had a serious, “Eff, I’m old,” moment when Brendon Urie, the main guy in Panic!, mentioned that the band had formed 12 years ago, and then went into “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies,” which, according to Wikipedia, was released as a single in February 2006. That is something I do not want to think about, nope, not at all, not even a little bit, thanks. Obviously “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies” went over really well with the crowd, since that’s probably Panic!’s most notable song, but what was mind boggling to me was that there were SO many kids there, and they were all singing along as if this had been something they listened to on the radio when they were driving home from high school, except nope, they definitely did not do that, because they all were still wearing BRACES and are probably looking forward to including the concert in their “What I Did This Summer” reports that they’ll be assigned to write on their first day of eighth grade next month, so when that song was on the radio they were probably, you know, two years old. I CANNOT.

Weezer went on after Panic!, and finally all the poor, poor parents who got dragged along to that show could have their moment. My friend and I left three songs into Weezer’s set, because we’re too old to stay out late on Sunday nights, but not old enough to be willing to stay out late to see Weezer haha. But it was still a really fun way to spend the night 🙂

2. In my apartment, we have a cupboard that I have long referred to as Where Dreams Go to Die. In this cupboard, my roommates and I stored all of our Tupperware/similar food storing containers, and it was one of the most frustrating things about my apartment. Multiple bottoms had no matching tops, several tops had no matching bottoms, and there wasn’t a lick of organization in the whole cupboard, which turned putting away leftovers and food prepping into an experience that generally made me want to tear my hair out. So, with some spare time on my hands on Saturday and a whole lot of Type A motivation, I went to work.


Ahhhh. Look at that! Everything has a mate! And, beyond that, since I emptied out the entire cupboard, it was so easy to put everything back in a nice, neat, organized manner, so now you can, you know, find things. I’m sure it won’t last long/at all, but for the moment, this just filled my heart with happiness.

3. Look!



I’ve been making eggs for myself a couple times per week for breakfast for just about six years now, and I don’t remember ever getting an egg with twins in it before. I was, unsurprisingly, pathetically excited about this.

Do you have any good ways for keeping Tupperware organized? Other than moving into my own apartment where I would have total and complete control over the cleanliness and organization of the place (but also much higher living expenses and crushing loneliness, which is not worth it for me).
What kind of music do I need to listen to to end up at concerts that aren’t overrun by people without driver’s licenses and/or the ability to drink legally? Because I know Lolla’s going to, as always, be filled with a bunch of people who weren’t alive in the 90s, and I’m concerned I’m about to tap out on my ability to handle teeeeeeeeeeeens at shows. Ugh, I’m so old.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’m so anal about tupperware. My old roommate had a million containers and it drove me nuts because it was falling out of cabinets, never matched, etc. Every so often I’d go through and organize everything again, only for it to be completely disorganized a few days later. Now at my aunt’s condo I only have 3 containers I use so it’s hard to make a mess haha

    • Hahaha that’s definitely an advantage of living by yourself! Unless I lived with a bunch of other Type A people who subscribed to my tupperware organization mandates, I think hoping for long term organization is a pipe dream. But man, it just makes life so much EASIER when you know everything has a mate and know where to find it!

  2. I am not sure how to organize tupperware if you live with other people! It would probably help to settle on a few styles and stick to those – things will stack easier, and you can borrow a missing lid or bottom from another set. I am super organized about my tupperware and it brings me so much joy 🙂

  3. Will it make you feel super old if I say that those kids probably recognize those songs because their parents listen to them in the car? Jason really likes Panic! and if we had kids they would probably be in their early teens/late tweens (ugh!) since we’re on the downward slope to 40 (double ugh).

    I don’t recall a lot of teens at the OneRepublic concert we went to. Maybe Ravinia attracts fewer of them?

    As for Tupperware, I have no idea. My mom has some kind of system where she stacks all the bottoms together and then stacks all the lids together and they stay organized because she’s the only one who puts them away. I, on the other hand, fully admit I just toss them into the cabinet and move on. I like Kim’s idea of standardizing them all so the lids fit more than one bottom.

    • Oh gosh. I’m just going to start looking into retirement homes this weekend, in that case. You’re probably right! That’s so terrifying! And actually, now that you mention it I don’t remember that many teens at Ravinia, either. I do associate Ravinia with more of the cheese and wine picnicking set than the fresh-out-of-10th-grade set, so that’s probably a contributing factor. Basically I can only go to Ravinia frothier on out. Hahaha.

      Our tupperware was always organized at home, too, and only now am I realizing how monumental of a task that must have been for my parents. Although I guess it’s not like us kids helped put the dishes away all that often (or, you know, ever), so maybe that’s how it stayed organized hahaha.

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