Thursday Things

1. I am a begonia whisperer.

Last year, I filled my porch, which gets sun for half the day and shade for the other half of the day, with impatiens, who like those kind of conditions. They did really well there, right up until the point where they all caught blight and died šŸ˜¦ Blight is an airborne fungus, and though I kind of hoped it would have all died off out of my pots over the winter, I didn’t really trust that it had, so instead, this year I planted begonias in the pots where I had impatiens last year. And HO.LY. SMOKES. I have never met so much success in my short flower growing life. Here are my begonias (and pentas, including the one that died, RIP) on the day I planted them, May 21:


Here are my begonias on Friday, June 17:



Obviously, I expected my flowers to grow – that’s kind of the point. But never in a million years did I expect them to grow like this. I have doneĀ nothingĀ to these plants but water them and deadhead them when flowers die. They haven’t had one speck of fertilizer yet, but they’re growing like weeds! (Which I mean as a good thing in this case.) I’m so excited about it and really hope they continue to thrive as the summer goes on. I only wish I had planted them in bigger pots, because at this point I think that’s the only thing that’s going keep them from going into the trees they seem to aspire to be.

2. A few weeks ago, I received a couple Falke sports bras to review. I was fairly unfamiliar with Falke to begin with, but I’m always down to try new gear, so I happily gave these a whirl.


I first tried out the Shape, which falls under Falke’s medium support category. While Falke recommends its maximum support bras for running,Ā for those of you who are, ahem, on the smaller end of the endowment spectrum like I am, medium support worked just fine for me. The Shape hasĀ padded cups, which is my one requirement when it comes to sports bras for running, and I really liked its unique design with the one adjustable strap in the back.


The Cross Back I wore for dance. This one is essentially two thin bras in one, and while it still falls under the medium support category, I felt more comfortable using this in low-impact situations (like dance) than high-impact situations (like running) – which is technically what the medium support bras are recommended for, anyway.


I found this one to be a little difficult to navigate when it came to taking it off, though in my experience sports bras are always a little tricky to get off the first couple of times. Once again, I thought this was a really cool design, and I particularly liked that you can join the thin straps in the back to make the whole bra racerback-style:


or unhook them for a strappier look:


Yay choices!

If you, unlike me, live in Colorado or Utah, 1) I’m unspeakably jealous and 2) you can find Falke products at Gorsuch stores. For the rest of us shmucks who don’t have mountains in our backyards, Falke is available online at and

(As you most likely guessed, I received these bras for free, but the opinions are all my own, etc.)

3. Speaking of clothes: when I did the whole building my capsule wardrobe thing, I went shopping in March, which meant I could find some clothes appropriate for hot weather, but not a ton of clothes appropriate for hot weather. I quickly realized that I only had a couple of shirts I felt like I could wear to work during the summer, so a couple of weeks ago I went to Macy’s to solve that problem. While there, I found this shirt, hung on the hanger as you see it here:


I thought the neckline looked cool when I saw it hanging up, so I grabbed the shirt and went to try it on. When I pulled it off the hanger, I noticed the back of the shirt looked like this:


and thought for a moment, “Wait, that looks like a neckline, too. Am I putting this on right?” There was a tag on the back, though, so I figured I must be wearing it right. I was a little on the fence over whether or not I liked the neckline on the front–it seemed a little too trendy for me–but ultimately decided it was on sale, and I could probably get it to grow on me. As I was putting the shirt back on its hanger, however, I noticed this tag:


and promptly lost my mind.

A shirt that you can wear backwards AND forwards?!?! Who’s the genius who came up with such a clever idea?? That means you get two shirts for the price of one! So I tried it on “backwards,” and lo and behold, it looked totally normal. Yeah, there was a tag hanging against my chest, but it wasn’t itchy or anything, and you couldn’t see the stitching, so I figure it doesn’t really make a difference. I’m so excited about this, and only want clothes that can be worn frontwards and backwards from here on out, please and thanks.

Is this “clothes that can be worn frontwards and backwards” thing actually a thing? And if so, where can I find more instances of it?Ā Because I seriously think this is the greatest fashion idea of all time.
Has anyone else ever had begonias grow like this?Ā My mom and grandma, my usual gardening consultants, are both totally flabbergasted by my begonias’ growth. Neither of them has ever seen anything like this before.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I like the scrappy sports bra! Like you, I don’t need much support haha so most of my sports bras are from target, or even lululemon (when they’re on sale). I love the direction a lot of these companies that make them a bit more fashionable. And I need clothes I can wear backwards and forwards! Not that I have any sort of dress code at work… but it would still help me pretend I’m more fashionable than I really am.

    • Target sports bras are my JAM. Those are pretty much all I’ve ever worn, aside from a couple of Old Navy ones a long time ago. But the Target ones are great! And right?! Why aren’t all clothes able to be worn backwards and forwards?? That would make me the happiest hahaha.

  2. Those begonias look amazing! I’m trying to grow basil this year for the third time, after two prior failures. This year I’ve picked up some tips on how to prune the basil, and it already seems to have made a big difference.

    Those sports bras are fabulous! The straps on the second one are so stylish! I’m the same as you, padding is a must for me.

    What a GREAT idea to have shirts that can be worn forwards and backwards. Why haven’t designers come up with this idea earlier!?!?!?!? Two for the price of one, hallelujah!

    • Thank you! I’m very proud of them šŸ™‚ Construction on our deck JUST finished yesterday, so I’m hoping to plant some herbs out on my deck now that I have access to it again. Growing herbs seems like such a more cost-effective way to have them compared to buying them all the time, which gets so expensive!

  3. I think you’re the first person I’ve met who says they want their sports bras to have padding! I just so annoyed when the pads come out in the wash and then I have to fiddle with them to get them in. If the pads are permanently sewn in then I’m okay with it, But removable? So much rage.

    Also, I’ve only grown begonias once and I don’t recall them getting that tall! However, this year I’m attempting to grow sunflowers in pots. We’ll see how well that goes!

    • I’m 100% with you on hating removable pads. Trying to get those pads back in is the WORST, and I will never understand why they have to be removable, because it’s such a headache. But I guess I feel like those sorts of bras are a little more…sturdy, I guess? I don’t know – it’s probably just because they have more heft to them that I feel that way. It’s probably all a placebo effect, but they make me feel like everything’s nice and locked down when I run, so I put up with the frustration of washing because the tradeoff feels worth it.

      Ahh, sunflowers! That’s awesome! I’m super interested to know how they do – if they grow well, I might have to try some out next year. Sunflowers are so pretty!

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