Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

Sunday, June 12: dance.
We had an extra rehearsal on Sunday, since we had graduation two days later. The rehearsal was meant to last 90 minutes, but ended up clocking in just shy of an hour, since it took forever to find space. But we got in a good rehearsal nevertheless.

Monday, June 13: 5 miles in 50:20 for a 10:04 pace, with 4×20 sec strides at the end.
My schedule called for six easy miles, 4×20 sec strides, the runner’s knee strength training, the core strength training, AND the hip strength training workouts, to which I said, “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.” Just the exercise aspects of that alone would take me 1:50 at best. On top of that, I would also need to 1) get ready for the gym 2) get to the gym 3) get to my actual workout in the gym 4) stretch 5) get home from the gym 6) shower 7) get dressed for work and 8) eat breakfast. If you can accomplish all of those things PLUS a workout in three hours, which is the amount of time I have between getting up to work out in the morning and when I need to head to work, congratulations. I’m very happy for you. I absolutely cannot accomplish that, and I’m not particularly interested in getting up at 3:45 a.m. to give myself the extra hour I would need to accomplish all of that. As I’ve said before, I’m not a professional athlete, and there is only so many sacrifices I will make for marathon training (or training in general). Going to bed at 7:45 to get up at 3:45 is not one of them.

Tuesday, June 14: Dance.
Graduation #234287348, or so it feels. We ran through our combo for close to an hour and then had our performance later that night. It went really well, I thought! Plus everyone had dropped out of class aside from my friends who’ve been taking it for years with me, and I appreciate the familiarity that comes from dancing with people you already know.

Wednesday, June 15: Rest.
I suppose if you want to be really generous, I did 10 half-effort squats on Wednesday, but that was the entire extent of my workout. I couldn’t get up early to go to the gym because I had gone to bed WAY too late the night before as a result of graduation. Wednesday afternoon, my company had its annual company-wide “Olympics” out at our suburban office. The events weren’t exactly physically challenging (see: the 10 half-effort squats I did), but it was still a fun afternoon. My company isn’t gigantic, but it is substantially larger than my old company (not that that takes much), so I really appreciate that they organize these sorts of things. Not only does it get all of us away from our desks for a couple of hours, which I think everyone could use every now and again, but it’s also a fantastic way to meet other people in the company you might not have met otherwise. As a relatively new hire, I’m all about jumping on any opportunity I have to get to know other people who work for my company.

Anyway. The Olympics were in the suburbs and didn’t end until 5:00, so you can imagine what kind of nightmare getting back to the office was at that time of day, never mind getting back home. I had absolutely zero time to do any workout at all, so I didn’t do one. Honestly, this REALLY bugged me. Like I said on Thursday, I know it’s not the end of the world to be missing workouts at this point, but I feel like it sets a bad precedent, and I have a hard time not feeling guilty about it, even though I know I don’t need to.

Thursday, June 16: 3.21 miles in 33:46 for a 10:31 pace.
This was a hill workout that I did on my best friend for the week, the treadmill, because Chicago. For this run, I did a one-mile warmup at a 10:00 pace (at a 1% incline, which is what I always run on when I’m on the treadmill), then did four sets of the following: 30 seconds at a 7:15 effort (6.8, 6% incline), 30 second jogging recovery (5.5, 0% incline), 75 seconds at a 7:55 effort (6.1, 6% incline), 45 second walking recovery (3.0, 0% incline). I also cooled down after that with another 10:00 mile. I got my treadmill speeds from this table I found on the Interwebs.

loved this workout. Everything about it made me happy. It took very little time, which is what I’m all about when it comes to marathon training, and I never did the same thing for more than 10 minutes, which staved off the usual boredom and clock-staring I fight every time I step on the ‘mill. I wish I could do this workout every week, because that’s how much I liked it.

Friday, June 17: Rest.

Saturday, June 18: 10 miles in 1:43:47 for a 10:23 pace.
CARA did seven miles on Saturday, but my RunnersConnect plan called for 10. Since I had already completely skipped one of the workouts they had given me for the week (the one on Wednesday) and was behind five miles on my target mileage for the week going into Saturday, so I opted to add on a few extra miles on Saturday to follow the RunnersConnect plan. The weather Saturday morning was fabulous, so I probably could’ve done my extra three after the seven with CARA, but I had plans to meet one of my old friends for coffee after my run, so I did them before instead. I went out like a bat out of hell, dropping a 9:55 mile, which was WAY too fast, but settled in pretty soon after that and got to my group just a few minutes before we headed out for seven more miles.

This run was also my first run with my new-to-me FitBit! Look how embarrassingly packed my left arm is with technology!


I’m ridiculous.

But yeah, as of Thursday, I’m officially the proud owner of a FitBit Charge HR. One of my friends got the FitBit I’m now wearing last September, but the band blistered and broke just below the display screen. My friend complained to FitBit, and they sent over a new one. The old one, however, worked just fine, and was more or less good as new after a couple dabs of superglue. This means my Polar Loop, faithful fitness tracker of mine for the past two years, has now been retired, and now I feel like part of the in crowd, which is obviously the most important thing 😛

As you may or may not notice, I all but ignored all forms of strength training this week, less because I was feeling lazy, and more because I barely had time to get in the runs I did, never mind doing cross training on top of that. I do not at all like skipping all of my strength training, however, and really hope that this week I can work on finding time to incorporate it into my schedule. My mileage is lower this week, and my out-of-work life should be a little less hectic (although my work life looks to me more hectic, so who knows how much out-of-work life I’ll have this week, anyway), so hopefully that won’t be too tall of a challenge. Now, if only I could create some extra hours of free time so I could do yoga, too…

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

  1. The office Olympics sound like a fun event and LOL at the 10 half-hearted squats! How did you travel out to the burbs? I’ve heard some companies giving everyone Metra tickets and sending big herds onto the trains. =)

    You look bad-ass with all that technology on your arm! I’m probably one of the few health/fitness bloggers out there that doesn’t wear any kind of tracking technology, but I hear it is a huge motivation booster!

    I hear you on the challenges of getting all the miles in, PLUS the strength work, PLUS the yoga. When we have full-time jobs, it’s nearly impossible to do everything! It’s times like this that I think about what it’d be like to be a full-time athlete. Sigh!

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