Thursday Things

1. At long last, I had time to get around to my gardening for the year this past weekend. Last year, I split my planting between my porch and my deck, but, for reasons completely beyond my comprehension, the condo board of my building has decided that the building’s decks are no longer sufficient and should be replaced in their entirety this summer. The decks come down next month. *insert weeping emoji here*

Not one to be deterred by the condo boards whims, I decided to focus exclusively on my porch this year. I feel like our porch is extremely underutilized, anyway, and while this won’t force my roommates to go out onto it, at least it’s a bit more inviting now than it ever has been while I’ve lived here. Behold, my masterpiece!


Not gonna lie, I’m kinda obsessed with this. While I liked having the bistro set on the deck last year, keeping it in an enclosed porch will protect it a bit more from the elements and makes it easier to use, since the porch is right off our dining room, while getting to the deck requires going through my bedroom.

Our porch gets a LOT less sun than our deck, so I chose my flowers accordingly and planted a couple different varieties of begonias, impatiens, and pentas, since all of them advertised themselves as part-sun friendly. I had impatiens on the porch last year and they did quite well (until they caught blight, that is. Then they started doing very poorly. As in, they all died. Womp 😦 ), so we’ll see how everyone does this year. I dropped $100 on everything, which is as good of incentive as anything to try my hardest to keep everything alive as long as possible. Almost all of the flowers got their own pot, but I planted regular impatiens with New Guinea impatiens in larger pots, which hopefully wasn’t a terrible idea. The New Guinea impatiens are MUCH bigger than regular impatiens, and I’m hoping it’s not too crowded. To be on the safe side, however, if you’d like to see my handiwork, I suggest coming over sometime in the next couple of weeks, before anything has had the chance to die 😛

2. Speaking of flowers, the Chicago Spring 10K had an AWESOME selection of flowers at the DIY Flower Building Station this year. Of course, my deck situation meant that I was stuck getting another begonia, to add to the eleventy zillion (or, you know, six) I had bought on Saturday. But at least it has good company!


3. My hair had gotten too long, so I played haircut roulette at Hair Cuttery on Sunday. I really wanted shoulder-length hair, because I think that length looks best on me, and I swear to you, that’s exactly how my hair looked when the stylist finished. When I got home, though, my hair had shrunk from hitting my shoulders to falling about halfway between my chin and shoulders. Sigh. Realistically, I prefer too-short haircuts to too-long haircuts, because in probably a month or so my hair will be as long as I want it to be, and I won’t need to get another haircut for a long time, which is nice. But just ONCE I would like to walk out of a haircut with the length I actually requested, which seems to be an impossible demand.

Have you planted any flowers or done other outdoor decorating this year?
Am I just ridiculously unlucky with haircuts, or does everyone else have the same problems I have with not getting what you asked for?

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Of course the hair never looks as good as when it gets styled. Every time I get a hair cut I resist having to wash my hair for the first time. Do you straighten your hair at all? That will help elongate it, and I imagine that’s what the stylist did when she cut your hair which is probably why it seemed right at the time.

    I typically get what I requested with hair cuts, but I’ve definitely had some that were pretty underwhelming.

    • Ahh yes, me too! I try to push it as long as I can before washing my hair for the first time after a haircut. I don’t usually straighten my hair (it’s a pretty big occasion when I even blow-dry my hair haha), but I might try that out. It’d be nice if straightening it could make it grow faster – I have to use so many bobby pins to keep it in a ponytail with it this length!

  2. I’m super boring with my hair cuts. Mostly because I’ve been trying for years to grow my hair back out and I’m finally getting happy with it. I try to get my hair trimmed every 8-10 weeks to keep it healthy. But yeah I’m always so scared when I sit in that chair because I never know if they’re going to do what I want or not.

    • I grew my hair out for most of college, and I always worried when I went in for a haircut that all my “hard” work (more like patient work) would be undone in one appointment. I’ve never gone anywhere fancy to get my hair cut (I went to a family friend growing up, and now I just do Hair Cuttery since it’s cheap and convenient haha), and maybe if I did, I’d have more faith that I’d get what I had hoped for…but I’m also not interested in shelling out $$$ for a haircut, so I suppose I’ll take what I can get haha.

    • The last time this happened, it took MONTHS to get my hair to where I actually wanted it – I got it cut the weekend of Lollapalooza, so first weekend in August, and it wasn’t to the length I had originally hoped for until after the marathon. On the bright side, I didn’t need another haircut after that until like the following March, so that was nice! Haha.

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