Thursday Things

1. I went to my first Cubs game in nearly four years on Sunday, and oh baby did I pick the right day to go!


Expectations are fairly high for the Cubs this year, to say the least–a bit different than when I went in 2012, and because I’m not above jumping on the bandwagon, I really, really wanted to make it to a game this season. (Though in my defense, I’ve been a Cubs fan since the late ’90s when the whole Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa home run thing was going on. I arbitrarily decided I liked Sammy Sosa more, and have been a Cubs fan ever since, albeit a pretty casual one.) Jake Arrieta’s no-hitter on April 22 convinced me to pull the trigger on going to a game, so after watching the forecast, I decided May 8 looked promising and bought myself a ticket.

The Cubs played the Nationals, who, unbeknownst to me (see: casual fan), happen to be one of the best teams in baseball this year. Also unbeknownst to me was the fact that Daniel Murphy, a player Cubs fans have absolutely not forgiven for being one of the primary reasons the Cubs lost the NLCS last year, had switched from the Mets to the Nationals in the off-season. Again, being the casual fan I am, I had totally forgotten about this guy until he came up for his first at-bat and was greeted by around 40,000 boos from Wrigley Field. That jogged my memory pretty quickly.

I didn’t know it when I originally decided to attend on May 8, but learned last week that Arrieta would be pitching on Sunday, which made me even more excited for the game, since he’s definitely one of the Cubs’ brightest stars. Cubs vs. Nationals, Arrieta on the mound. Yes. Please.


Well, Arrieta ended up having a pretty lousy (by his standards) day, giving up three runs before being pulled after the 5th inning. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Kris Bryant’s RBI in the seventh tied things up, though, and we had ourselves a game!

OH MAN did we have ourselves a game. When no one scored by the end of the ninth, the game went to extra innings, making it my first baseball game ever to go past nine (while I’ve only been to one Cubs game in the past, I went to a few Tigers games growing up). And then no one scored in the 10th. Or 11th. Or 12th.

FINALLY at the bottom of the 13th, Javier Baez homered, ending the game with a walk-off home run (and the only home run of the whole marathon of a game). Let me tell you, even though this wasn’t a championship game by any stretch of the imagination, or really that important of a game in the grand scheme of things at all, I don’t think I’ll ever forget being in Wrigley Field for that. It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever experienced, and man, singing Go Cubs Go and seeing all the W flags was cool beyond describing.


All told, I was at Wrigley Field for just shy of six hours on Sunday, which was close to three hours more than I expected to be there. But I saw a game and a half of baseball for the price of one game, saw a walk-off home run, saw a win in Wrigley, and had the time of my life. Baseball is SUCH a slow game, and I thought I’d be bored out of my mind being there by myself, but I really enjoyed flying solo. It let me actually watch the game, which wouldn’t happen in nearly the same way if I were there with friends talking to them. 10/10, would do again.


2. I’m all stressed out about my gardening this season. I have yet to do anything beyond buying the liners for my planters, and the clock is tickin’ on prime planting time, especially considering the fact that, as far as I know, my deck is still going away for a month (though, let’s be real, it’ll probably take longer than a month) on June 1. I really want to get some flowers in soil before then so they have time to get themselves established before I ask full-sun plants to survive for awhile in part-sun conditions on my porch, but I haven’t bought a single plant yet, nor do I expect to have time to do so this weekend. Part of me wonders if it’s even worth the investment, given the deck situation, or if I should just focus my efforts exclusively on part-sun plants on my porch. Alas, the plight of the urban gardener 😛

3. So this happened on Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.23.39 PM


That’s kind of terrifying, to be honest. I cannot believe I’ve spent almost a decade of my life on Facebook. I suppose, though, it’s also a pretty remarkable testament to Facebook’s staying power. I can’t think of many other things in my life that I cared about in 2007 that I still care about and/or use today. I was wrapping up my junior year of high school at the time–goodness gracious, I was only 16 at the time–and my priorities, interests, and expectations for the future were VASTLY different at the time than they are now. Who would’ve thought that some silly website would be one of the few constants through all of that?

Have you ever been to a Cubs game? Or a MLB game in general, I suppose, for you non-Chicagoans
When did you join Facebook? I honestly wouldn’t have remembered if it hadn’t been for Facebook’s reminder. I know I first really found out about it on a class trip in the spring of 2006, but it clearly took me awhile to pull the trigger on actually getting on Facebook. I believe my best friend told me to, though, and that was enough to convince me.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Facebook didn’t go public (at the beginning you really did need a college email address) until sometime late 2006. I was a freshman in college 06-07 and remember waiting not so patiently summer of 2006 to be issued my email address so I can get on Facebook already! And then a few months later they switched it to allow anyone. I didn’t go to a Twin’s game last year, and I don’t know if I will since they aren’t any good right now. However we have an independent team, the St. Paul Saints and I will be going to a game there next weekend.

    • Hahaha Mark Zuckerberg was totally trolling you! What a jerk! 😛 I actually completely forgot until you mentioned your independent team, but my hometown had a non-MLB team when I was growing up (they don’t anymore), and we went to a few of their games when I was younger. That was always a lot of fun!

  2. A fellow casual Cubs fan here. I was much more into baseball when the whole break the homerun record thing was going on. But then I didn’t have anything going on during the summer and could sit around and watch baseball so I am blaming my lame-fan-ness on work. The last Cubs game I went to was in 2014 but Matt and I have talked about trying to get to a game this summer!

      • Hahaha I think I texted my mom more about flower related stuff last year than anything else (and she, in turn, asks her mom all of my questions and then reports back). I’m starting to think I may just not plant any on my deck at all, which makes me really sad (or maybe try to do a late plant? Can you even plant in July? I have no idea. More questions to ask my mom) and just focus on shade plants on my porch this year instead. I want to have flowers on my deck to make the deck pretty, but if the deck isn’t even going to exist for like half the summer anyway, then what’s the point?

  3. I think that is awesome you went to a game by yourself and had such a great time! (And what a game!) Why does the stadium look so empty? Did people get frustrated and leave?!

    • TONS of people left before the game was over. I was really surprised! After all, the only way the Cubs could possibly win would be in at least a somewhat dramatic/exciting fashion once we got to extra innings, and I certainly didn’t want to miss that! But it also isn’t that hard of a commute for me to get to Wrigley. I can see why people would’ve left before it ended if they had a long trip home (after all, the game lasted for nearly five full hours). There were like 41,000+ people there, though, I believe, so it was a LOT fuller during the first nine innings!

  4. Listen to all of your hardhitting baseball commentary!!! You are a true fan!!! I agree, expectations are ENORMOUS this year. Isn’t it crazy that the White Sox are doing so well right now, too? My coworkers and I have talked at length about the ramifications of a potential Cubs-White Sox World Series, and our conclusion was that many lives would be lost. =D But hey, it’s a long season, right? I just went to the Cubs game this past Tuesday night. There were a lot of fears it would get rained out, so the stadium was pretty empty for the first few innings. When I go to sports games live, I do like being able to focus on the game instead of having to socialize. Especially at Blackhawks games where the tickets are too expensive to waste on socializing! It’s all about FOCUS!!!!!!! =D

    • Hahaha oh, you know, just preparing for my inevitable future career as a Cubs beat writer 😛 I’ve been wondering what would happen if the White Sox and Cubs ended up in the World Series, too. Like you said, way too early to plan on that happening, but my gosh…what if it did?!?! I think I might want to run away from the city for that series haha. I’m glad you got to go on Tuesday and didn’t get rained out! That would’ve been a bummer (and that you saw them win, unlike yesterday 😦 ). I DESPERATELY want to go to a Blackhawks game, but man oh man, those prices…they kill me! The Cubs game was expensive enough, and I can’t fathom that you could even come within a mile of the UC for what I paid to see the Cubs haha.

  5. I had a similar freak out last year when I realized I had been on Facebook for an entire 10 years. I joined in the summer of 2005, a month before I started my freshman year of college and I had finally gotten the long awaited .edu email address. I still remember all the controversy when they decided to open it up to high schoolers and then to anyone with an email address. Like you, I’m amazed it has been part of my life for a friggin DECADE now. That’s such a long time! And to see how much it’s changed since I first got one, and how younger generations now consider it passe and for “old people”. What a world we live in.

    • Isn’t it crazy?? Even when I got on Facebook, I assumed it’d be like every other social media-y website I had been on before that (Xanga, MySpace), and would last for maybe a year, and that’d be the end of it. I didn’t expect it to completely revolutionize basically social interaction as we know it. I’m sure some day it’ll go away, but right now, it’s really hard to imagine a world with no Facebook!

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