Thursday Things

1. Most of my family was in town this past weekend, and on Saturday, my mom and I avoided the drunken madness that is Chicago on St. Patrick’s Day by heading to Navy Pier (of all places to go to avoid tourists! Haha) for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show.


I had never attended the Flower & Garden Show before, but since I got into flower gardening last year (and am hoping to expand into edible things this year), I was certainly interested in going. And I absolutely loved it! There were so many gorgeous displays that got my mind churning about what I’d like to do with my gardening this year.


My favorite garden at the show, of course, was Tulip Splendor. Give my Dutch heart tulips and I will be the happiest of campers.


I also loved the Brookfield Zoo garden, however. They had awesome flower sculptures and really interesting information on pollinators and bees, which sounds kind of boring, I suppose, but I found fascinating.


I definitely hope to go back again next year!

2. Speaking of flowers, have you seen the field daffodils at Trader Joe’s – the ones that are all closed up tight and aren’t stored in water? (And are stupid cheap at $1.49 for 10 flowers?) I bought two bunches of them last year for Easter and was most unimpressed. They never opened up for me, and did not enhance my Easter decorating at all like I hoped they would.


See? All closed up tight and generally not-daffodil-y. Well, they have those same daffodils at Trader Joe’s right now, and my mom wanted to buy some, which meant I ended up with some, too. And look!


It’s an (almost) Easter miracle!

My mom sent me a reference page from Teleflora on how to keep fresh flowers, so I followed its daffodil instructions (cutting the stems, peeling away the husks, adding a pinch of sugar to the water), and voila! Open daffodils! Trader Joe’s flowers are already extremely affordable, but at $1.49/bunch, I have a feeling I’m going to have a very hard time saying no to buying bunches of these every week until they stop selling them.

3. Since my family was in town, that meant I had access to additional hands (and power tools), so at long last, I finally got my medal hanger up on my wall.



I didn’t put all my medals on here (I kept my marathon medals off, and hung them on my cork board in a place of honor, along with my lone cross country medal from middle school), but this is most of them. I was hesitant to put up that insane Chicago Half Marathon medal because I worried it’d be too heavy (and would cover up all my other medals), but for the more reasonably sized medals, this is just the solution I needed to my medal display woes. This is an Allied Medal Hangers hanger, in case you want one. (No one paid me or asked me to say that. Just offering up that information for those interested.)

Have you ever been to a garden show? My parents used to drag us to one in my hometown when I was kids and I hated it. There were not nearly enough things to play with in my opinion. But now that I’m a grownup too, I don’t mind it so much 😛
How do you display your race medals? I used to pin them on my cork board, but I ran out of space! So now we have this situation instead.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I have a similar race medal hanger, but it is more makeshift. I got a black hanging rod and hooks from Ikea. Then wooden letters spelling RUN from Michael’s (or maybe Joann’s, same diff) and painted them black and hung that up above it. But this was all in my old place, I have yet to hang it up again in my new place yet. Need to do that soon! But yeah, I think I might be reaching the heaviness limit. And I also like to make sure I keep my PR medals and my Boston medal front and center!!

  2. I went to the Flower & Garden show on Saturday with my mom, too! As a child, I would have hated it, but as an adult I also found it to be a good time. I was pleasantly surprised by how much there was to see and do! Did you see the insect petting zoo and the tablescapes? Who would have thought they’d have displays like that at the show, right? But they were really fun!

  3. I should take a picture of my medal hangers. I have three. And one of them is the exact same one as yours except it only has one row and it’s, well, it’s covered. Like, I’m hanging things from the letters and the little runner figure at this point.

    • When I was ordering mine, I was debating whether to get a long one with one row, or a shorter one with multiple rows, and I figured a shorter one with multiple rows would last longer (and keep me from having to hang my medals off the letters and runner!). I’m thinking when I run out of space, I’ll buy their blank bars and add those on…although that will require more drilling and whatnot. But I think I have enough space to last me at least through this year, and probably part of next year, so I’ll worry about that more later 😛

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