Thursday Things

1. I want to move back home.

Not really (not at all, honestly), but when my mom sends me pictures like this:


it’s hard to not wish I were home.

UGH, I am just unspeakably jealous. Bluebirds keep coming to visit my parents’ house, and while I appreciate the pictures, I want to see them in real life at MY house, too ūüė¶ But bluebirdies don’t come to visit me in Chicago. The best I’ve ever gotten is a robin (at least at my house. I did have that Black-crowned Night-Heron sighting back in August, but it’s¬†not the same.¬†And hearing/one time seeing a chickadee in my neighborhood is not the same, either.), and Chippy (the resident alley squirrel. I named him Chippy, because he’s very vocal and chip chip chips a lot, especially when he spies interlopers. Though sometime I call him Chipster, or Chip, depending on my mood. Also, oh my gosh, what even is my life, I’ve named the squirrel who lives in my alley, please send¬†me house pets immediately, as I am clearly EXTREMELY deprived of animal contact.), while¬†something, is not a birdie, and is most certainly not a bluebirdie. I mean, look at those beauties!! Aren’t they the prettiest birdies you’ve ever seen?! I saw two for a hot second when I was home for Christmas, but I don’t¬†live¬†at home. I live in¬†Chicago, and I want to see bluebirds¬†here.

I wish I could figure out a way to get some wildlife in my, uh, life. I grew up in the country, and while I love living in the city, I¬†desperately¬†miss having animals around. I want to put up a bird feeder, or even just a suet feeder, on my deck, but I’m very concerned Chippy would claim it as his own. Of course, at this point I wouldn’t be all that upset if I attracted Chippy, because at least it’d be something, but I don’t want him to think the deck is his once I plant my flowers and maybe herbs/vegetables out there next spring/summer.

Maybe I just need a dog. Or, more realistically and easily, a fish. Guys. I should totally get a fish. I don’t really know where I’d keep it, but at least then I’d have a fwend.

2. Speaking of animal fwends, I have a human friend whose roommate has a cat, and all of the residents of that apartment are convinced this cat is from Hell. They all hate her and¬†claim she’s the meanest cat to ever live. Personally, I operate from a place of believing that all animals are saints until proven otherwise, and that a little bit of love and respect can go a long way towards building a friendship with an animal (a domesticated animal, that is. I wouldn’t take this approach with, say, a coyote, which, incidentally, my parents have also had in their yard recently. #lifeintheboondocks). Even though I was warned time and time again that Kitty (I honestly don’t know what her real name is. Thumbelina, I think? Maybe? They only ever call her Kitty or Cat, so that’s what I call her as well. Or sweetie, because, well, you know how I do.) was a jerkface, I was bound and determined to befriend her. A few times when I was over at their place,¬†Kitty would come up to me when I was alone (say, coming back to hang out with everyone from the bathroom, or whatever) and rub against my legs, in the universal sign of feline affection. She’d let me scratch her head, and then would walk away for a second, and then come back to rub against my legs again. This would go on and on forever, and I was¬†really¬†starting to doubt the claims about Kitty’s direct connection to Satan. I was told she’d turn on me, but she kept this up, and I really felt like we were bonding.

Well! A couple weekends ago, I was over there hanging out, when Kitty wandered into the kitchen. We were all sitting at the table and acknowledged her presence, and then she came over, stood up on her back legs so her front paws were on my chair, and then hopped right up into my lap with her butt up in the air, another sign of kitty friendship, according to the interwebs.

Everyone else at the table stared at me, dumbfounded.

“Would you like to keep her?” her owner asked, only half-joking. I said I couldn’t (I can’t – one of my roommates is allergic, and besides, I’m firmly Team Dog anyway), but regardless, I was oh-so proud of myself. Just call me Snow White, y’all. All the fwends LOVE ME.

3. I have a banquet to attend in a couple of weeks, and I realized after agreeing to attend said banquet that I had nothing to wear (story of my life). I have plenty of dresses, of course, but all of them are far more appropriate for spring/summer, and I didn’t feel like I had any skirt/shirt combinations nice enough for the occasion (my closet: brought to you by cotton and Old Navy’s sale rack…from a handful of years ago.) For the umpteenth time in my life, I decided I needed to buy a dress specifically for this occasion (with the good intention of wearing it again, which will probably never happen, but one can dream), and oh baby did I win the dress lottery.


*heart eyed emoji x10*

I’m OBSESSED with this dress. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s basically a slinky black slip completely overlaid with lace (I have watched way too much Bachelor this winter, and am now obsessed with this sort of dress design.) It’s exactly what I was looking for, and when I came out of the fitting room at Akira to show it off to the salesperson helping me, the lady in the fitting room next to mine, who was also out consulting with the salesperson at the time, said, “See, that’s what I want. She looks HOT.” BOOM. I’ll take Major Compliments from a Total Stranger for $1,000, Alex.

I am a firm believer in Dress Destiny, and have been ever since high school when I’d go shopping for dresses for dances. Dress Destiny means that you were meant to own that particular dress — it’s like finding The One. When you’ve found your Dress Destiny,¬†you know. It’s that dress you put on and, regardless of how you normally feel about yourself and your body and your looks, go, “Oh, DAYUM do I look good in this!” This was Dress Destiny if ever I experienced it. Not only did I love how it looked, but it was on sale, in my size, and the LAST remaining dress of this style in the store. That, my friends, is the ultimate in Dress Destiny.

Please, someone, help me. How am I going to get my nature fix in this urban jungle?
Have you experienced Dress Destiny? Christmas dance junior year and junior year prom Рthose were some serious Dress Destiny dresses.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. If you looked that good in the dress that your dressing room stranger commented on it, you probably SHOULD wear it again! I really do like the lace style so you should probably share a picture with it on! I also have mostly summer dresses but now I own 2 long sleeve dresses and I really love the way they look.
    Also, I am going to get a dog and you can come visit. Or you can come visit our fox, but he is pretty boring. We did hear some coyotes last week at our old place!

    • I’ll just need to find another occasion to wear it! Hopefully lacy dresses like that one stay in style for quite some time, because I’d love to get some mileage out of this dress!

      A FOX!! We had foxes in our yard occasionally growing up. Given the choice between a fox and a coyote, I’d probably go with the fox. They seem less likely to kill me hahaha

  2. I’m so sorry that Chewie hates people. Otherwise you could come get your dog fix with him. Although, I suppose if you came around enough he MIGHT get used to you. Hmmm…I mean, if the jerkwad cat came around maybe there’s hope!

    Otherwise, uh, hangout in the bird sanctuary or whatever just south of McCormick place?

    And that dress is gorgeous! I hope you do share a picture of you wearing it.

    • Hahaha I am clearly an animal whisperer ūüėõ I know there’s supposed to be good birdwatching up by Montrose, but I’ve never actually gone. Maybe one of these days!

      Thanks! I’m really hoping to get a picture at the event, and if I do, I’ll be sure to share it!

  3. I LOVED hearing about you working your magic with Kitty!!! That is AWESOME, Bethany! You’re an animal whisperer. =)

    Will you share pics of yourself in the dress after you wear it? I’ve only had dress destiny a few times in my life, and unfortunately the dresses were often out of my price range, LOL. But it is such a great feeling when it happens!!!

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