Thursday Things

1. My brother was in town last week for a class he’s taking, and ended up going to see Gotta Dance on Tuesday night. He invited me along, but I declined, since I have my own dance classes on Tuesdays, and I felt a bit awkward about crashing a class outing with a bunch of 19 year olds. He really liked the show, though, and while I made a big to-do about pretending like I wanted to go, I didn’t particularly care all that much if I went or not. Well, my brother, bless his heart, knew that he would have free time on Wednesday between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., so he went to the Bank of America Theatre, bought a day-of, $25 ticket on my behalf, and called me while I was commuting home to tell me he had gotten me a ticket, oh, and that it was in the front row.


All right then!

The show is about group of senior citizens who end up being selected for a dance troupe to perform at half time during a professional basketball game. Only after auditioning do they realize the dancing they’re expected to do is hip hop. The show follows their training and rehearsing, with a few subplots (some…more useful to developing the show than others. Haha.) thrown in for good measure.

While I don’t exactly see this winning a Tony for Best Book (or, uh, anything), it was a fun show – one of those that leaves you smiling for the whole Uber ride home just because it was so enjoyable, if not perhaps particularly intellectually stimulating. And it was SUPER cool to experience it from the front row! I’ve never been in the front row for a play before, and though my view was technically “limited” (because my angle was weird), it was really awesome to be that close to the cast.

2. Last Thursday evening, I didn’t have anything to do after dinner, so I spent the better part of an hour playing on Duolingo, because I’m kind of obsessed with it. Having mentioned that I wondered how I’d do on Spanish Duolingo last week, I decided to take the placement test to see how I’d do.


BOOM BABY. Eight years of Spanish and a minor were not for naught! Admittedly, this probably isn’t the best judge of my actual fluency, but I was quite proud of myself nevertheless. Dutch continues to be my primary focus on Duolingo, but I’ve done a little bit of Spanish on most days as well (mostly because the app yells at me if I don’t, telling me I’ll lose my skills. If you say so, Duolingo. I think the fact that you declared me 50% fluent after 3.5 years away from using the language at all argues against that.). And by “done a little Spanish” I mean “have tested out of basically every lesson, because I’ve already learned these things.”

I did discover, though, that apparently once you get far enough along in Duolingo, it makes you talk to it, which I thought was a good idea. Though I can only wonder what my roommates think when they hear me speaking random Spanish sentences seemingly to myself!

I know I talked a little bit about how I wondered about the pedagogy behind Duolingo last week, but as I’ve progressed in these Dutch lessons, I’ve continued to wonder even more. Dutch, like any language, has a variety of rules about how to create plurals, and Duolingo hasn’t taught me any of them. Instead, on the lessons that involve plurals, it expects me to just figure it out. It’s been a couple decades since I learned to speak English, so I don’t remember if I learned how to make plurals organically, or if someone taught me, but even native speakers have to learn lessons about the rules of their languages (Language Arts, anyone?). English doesn’t always make sense–cows is plural of cow, but mouses is not plural of mouse, for example–and some of those irregularities you learn on your own, but you still learned the rules to help you out. It’s great that I know “ons” and “onze” both mean “our” in Dutch, but I don’t have a clue when to use which one, because Duolingo hasn’t sat me down to give me a lesson in that, and I’m certainly not surrounded by people constantly speaking Dutch (ah, one can dream!) to help my ear figure out what sounds right and what sounds wrong.

3. I am too incoherent to come up with a third thing. I’ve gone to bed late the past two nights and am dog tired right now, so this is all you’re getting from me, other than a confession: I have a physical today, and I’m supposed to fast for 6-8 hours ahead of time, because they’re probably going to want to do blood work. I had dinner at 7:30 last night and my appointment is at 10:00 this morning. Chances of me oops! forgetting that I was supposed to fast are extremely high. I’m secretly hoping this will also get me out of blood work, because needles are the enemy, and lab bills after blood work are even worse.

Tell me whatever! I’m too tired to think!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. That was very sweet of your brother!

    When Jason did IT stuff for Broadway in Chicago we got good seats to a lot of things. But the best were when we had front row to the final dress rehearsal for Adams Family. Nathan Lane looks exactly like you’d expect from 20 feet away 🙂

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