Thursday Things

1. You are all terrible friends. Either that, or friends who don’t read Runner’s World. Or friends who don’t read the Letters to the Editor section of Runner’s World for comprehension.


Guys I’m FAMOUS! I know I’ve made that claim multiple times in the past, but never before have I been famous via Runner’s World! I’m a bit behind on my Runner’s World issues so I just started reading the December issue last week or so, and when I saw that my tweet made The Chosen Few, I about fell out of my chair.

For the record, I still maintain that a magic weather machine is the hero this running world needs, particularly on marathon days.

2. Speaking of the weather, I have no idea what I’m going to wear for my races this weekend. I thought I had seen it all at Jingle Bell–rainy/windy/low 40s, four inches of freshly fallen (and still falling) snow, perfectly brisk–but I was not prepared for this.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 6.19.28 PM

I honestly think I may have to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt at both of these races. Short sleeves for sure, and I can’t really fathom wearing crops if it’s going to be in the 50s.

I would also like to put it on the record that, despite the more or less ideal racing conditions forecasted for this weekend (aside from that rain business, at least), I loathe this weather. It is December, doggone it, and I want it to feel like December. You know when we should’ve had this weather? October, when I was out running a MARATHON. But oh no. We had to have June temperatures for the marathon. I want it to feel like winter and look like winter and right now, it feels like Halloween, but without the pretty leaves. Eff this noise, and every single person who’s championing this weather as if it’s the best thing that’s ever happened. If you hate Chicago winters so much, then leave. No one’s making you stay here. No one lied to you and said it would be sunny and 75 all the time in Chicago. Deal with it. If you can’t deal with it, then go somewhere else. And for goodness’ sake, the winter here is not that bad. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it snows. No, it’s not fun to stand outside in those conditions. But good heavens, people, it’s winter. That’s what happens in winter in the Midwest, whether you’re in Chicago or Milwaukee or Des Moines or Detroit or wherever. I HATE when people hate on Chicago winters, because it’s such a STUPID thing to hate on.

3. Life hack: when you’re not sure if you’re going to be exchanging gifts with someone, but don’t want to be caught off guard without anything for them in case you do decide to exchange gifts, buy something you wouldn’t mind keeping or using for yourself, just in case.


Kinda hoping I don’t exchange gifts with the friend I bought this for 😛

Fun plans for the weekend? Aside from my races, I have at least one, possibly two holiday parties, a probable dance rehearsal, and I’d like to go climbing at some point, ideally on Sunday. Oh, and maybe a concert, too. Yikes.

13 thoughts on “Thursday Things

    • I’m just afraid I’ll get too warm in crops! Granted, it’s not that long of a race, but if you add 20 degrees to account for warming up when running, we’re looking at like 70ish degrees, which is WAY too warm for crops for me. I don’t know what to do! Stress about it until race day, that’s what I’ll do 😛

  1. CONGRATS ON MAKING IT INTO RUNNER’S WORLD! Mine gets mailed to Goucher, then forwarded to my house in NH, then to my parent’s current house in Rhode Island, and then they ship it to me… needless to say, I usually get it a few months later haha I’m not going to complain about the weirdly warm weather this month but it does make it confusing to figure out what to wear for running. It’s a little too cold for my standard tank and shorts but also too warm for leggings. The struggle is real ha

    • Hahaha your Runner’s Worlds are very well traveled! Well, when you get your December issue, be sure to point out my tweet to everyone you know 😛

      I know I really *shouldn’t* complain, especially since these are such great running conditions…but I want my 30-degree temps that make me magically faster! Haha. Fortunately my Saturday race isn’t all that competitive, and my Sunday race is so competitive I don’t stand a chance at all, so it’s not the end of the world if I can’t be a speed demon this weekend.

  2. WOO HOO on your newfound fame in Runner’s World! Can I get your autograph now before the paparazzi gets too far out of control???

    I so agree with you on the frustration of folks complaining about Chicago winters. For what it’s worth, I literally know about 40 folks who have moved or will be moving to California. Would be interesting to see what folks out there find to complain about (the enormous drought is certainly an issue…)

  3. ha I am championing this weather for several reasons. 1. I like going outside without first donning every single winter item I own. 2. Snow and ice make my commute so so so much worse. 3. I know winter will be long anyways and I run out of reserve warmth around 1.5 months and spend the rest of winter absolutely freezing.
    It will probably snow in April again this year and I’ll be mad then. I don’t hate hate the midwest winter but I would be lying if I said by Feb. 15 every year I am so wishing it would go away.

    • 1. All right, I’ll give you that. I do prefer not having to take 10 extra minutes just to bundle up.
      2. Since I take the CTA, this is a nonissue for me, which probably impacts my feelings about winter.
      3. Hahaha fair enough. I feel the same way about summer by August, and when it’s still hot in September, I get so mad. The same feelings, just backwards!

  4. You know, I am almost positive I saw that in RW and my hindbrain was like, “Hey, you know her!” And then I promptly forgot it. I AM a bad friend.

    As for this weather, it’s supposed to be rainy and 60 at my half marathon on Saturday. I was kind of hoping for 40 and drizzly because that’s my PR weather. But, hey, whatever will be will be. Which two races are you doing this weekend? Jingle Bell and Rudolph Ramble?

    • Hahaha I’m willing to credit you with just not reading the Letters to the Editor for comprehension. That’s a much less critical judgment 😛

      Indeed, if there’s anything I’ve learned in running this year, it’s that you can’t control the weather on race day (or long run day)! And yep, Jingle Bell and Rudolph. Last year I would’ve won the 25-29 age group, so I’m hoping no one at all fast shows up and I can at least place in it this year. I have no illusions of doing well at Rudolph at all, as I imagine the field will be stacked with Fleet Feet runners, so that’s more just for fun. I’ve never run an 8K other than Shamrock, so I’m interested to see how I do in a smaller race not on city streets!

  5. Can you believe that I still have not read the whole magazine? When I received it, I immediately went to read about Sam Gardner, one of the finalists for the cover, and then put it away. I saw your post and looked for tweet in the magazine. So awesome!!

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