Thursday Things

1. On Tuesday, my best friend gchatted me with the absolute worst news of all time: Danny’s, hands down one of our favorite bars in the entire city of Chicago–nay, the entire world–is closing.

*sobs uncontrollably*

Danny’s, for those of you who have that the extreme misfortune to not experience its fantasticness, is a divey, down to earth, super chill bar in Bucktown, basically at Dickens and Damen. It’s not on Damen, though, like you’d expect: it’s straight up in the middle of a bunch of homes on Dickens. When you walk in–once you get in, because unless you show up early, you can expect to wait outside in line for this, the most low key of venues–you immediately encounter the bar, and as you head towards the back, you walk up one or two stairs and end up in the “living room” of this bar-that-feels-like-a-house. That’s where the dancing happens. There are plenty of other little nooks and crannies farther back as well if you just want to sit around and talk. But it’s the vibe of this place that makes it. This ain’t Wrigleyville, overrun by intoxicated brosephs grinding with equally intoxicated basics to whatever Top 40 hit of the moment the DJ plays. This ain’t River North, overrun by intoxicated finance brosephs (not to be confused with actual brosephs – this is what the actual brosephs will be once they graduate from U of I and get a job) grinding with equally intoxicated PR/marketing basics (which has got to be the female equivalent to a finance bro), all dressed to the nines and oozing pretension. Danny’s is a bunch of people uninterested in impressing those around them who just want to dance and have a good time, aka, exactly what I want in a night out. I HATE putting on airs and HATE feeling like I need to be oh-so impressive, so Danny’s fits my personality perfectly (as does aliveOne, so if aliveOne ever closes, I’m calling it a day here in Chicago and moving to Seattle.).

So anyway. Back to my story. My best friend sent me a Facebook event that insinuated that Danny’s demise was coming, but we couldn’t find any other information, aside from a Reddit thread that, at the time, didn’t have any answers. To get to the bottom of this, I did what any social media-savvy twentysomething would do: I tweeted the event at the Chicago Reader, who earlier this year published a story on Danny’s, and Alisa Hauser, the Wicker Park/Bucktown beat writer for DNAInfo Chicago, to see if they had the scoop. Both replied to me in short order, but neither had an answer, until about two hours later:

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 9.46.30 AM


And then:

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 9.46.59 AM

Boom x2.

Which then led to additional coverage in Time Out Chicago and Eater Chicago.

Can I put this on my resume?

Anyway, the good(ish) news from all the coverage is that it sounds like Danny’s closing isn’t an entirely done deal at this point…just a mostly done deal. So we’ll wait and see what happens, I suppose. But man, it will go down as one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t go there for my birthday this year like I wanted to if they do, indeed, close at the end of November.

2. Oh my gosh, these things, you guys.

Can’t stop won’t stop. I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to bake pea pods, cover them in salt and grease, and label them as healthy, but I am OBSESSED. I think my favorite aspect of races over the past couple of years has been the fact that Harvest Snaps is usually there with little bags of Snapeas, which are basically the same thing as these – I just shop at Trader Joe’s more frequently than “regular” grocery stores, so I’m buy Inner Peas. But MAN are they delicious. Pretty sure I could eat an entire full size bag in one day.

3. Obligatory movie clip of the day:

(Because it’s the fifth of November.)

Let’s not discuss how this movie is now almost 10 years old, because that’ll make ME feel old, and I don’t want to feel old πŸ˜›

4. And just as a heads up: a combination of some planned events and some distinctly unplanned changed circumstances have made it so my free time for the next little while here may be significantly reduced. I’m hoping to keep up with blogging on my normal schedule, but just in case I can’t: don’t say I didn’t warn you πŸ˜‰

What’s your favorite snack food? I’m a HUGE pretzel person, but man, these pea things might surpass pretzels as my favorite.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Count me in on the addictiveness of the Harvest Snaps!!! I didn’t know Trader Joe’s had a similar snack – will have to check those out, too! I am loving how Harvest Snaps has now come out with a whole variety of flavors. I was at a race expo once (can’t remember which one) where they were giving out samples in about 5 different flavors. I made sure to try every single flavor twice! =D

    • Yes! “Trader Joe’s Contemplates Inner Peas” I believe is the full name of them, but that’s really long to type out over and over again hahaha. I haven’t tried any of the other flavors, though I really should! If they’re anything like Snapeas, I can only imagine that I’d be totally in love haha.

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