Thursday Things

1. As anyone who has spent any amount of time reading this blog should know, I’m half Dutch, and I’m more than happy to discuss this at length with any poor soul forced to sit through my ramblings about Dutch food or my incredibly limited Dutch vocabulary. Additionally, I feel immense responsibility to educate the anglocentric barbarians of the United States–nay, the world–on the correct pronunciation of Dutch words as a result of my upbringing, which, mercifully, included built-in education on how to pronounce double vowels in Dutch and, perhaps more importantly, raised me to pronounce “gouda” correctly. I am on a one-woman mission to teach every American how to accurately pronounce “gouda,” as I have documented on this, my humble corner of the interwebs, on more than one occasion.

(I did, however, refrain from correcting my barista at Starbucks last Thursday when he presented me with the bacon and “goo-duh” sandwich I got for myself using my birthday reward…though just barely.)

As I’ve said before, and will say again, and will continue to say until the day I die: the correct pronunciation of “gouda” is “how-duh.” My BFFs at de Quay, a Dutch-Indonesian restaurant in Lincoln Park, will back me up.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.32.51 PM


Anyway. You can imagine my immense glee on Monday morning when my brother sent this article to my entire family. Not only did it confirm what anyone in West Michigan could’ve told you without any sort of research–that Dutch people are tall–but it also included this quote, which will perhaps go down as my favorite quote from any published article of all time:

In the Netherlands, milk became a popular drink at a time when clean water was in short supply. Any that wasn’t drunk was churned into butter or cheeses, often named after the towns where they were traded, such as Gouda (pronounced, to the confusion of cheese-lovers worldwide, “How-da”).



If the BBC says I’m right, I am, undeniably, correct. I was undeniably correct in the first place, because who do you think is a better authority on Dutch pronunciation: my great-grandfather, who immigrated from the Netherlands when he was 18, or your local Starbucks barista? RIGHT. My great-grandpa wins that fight every single time. But this further confirms my correctness, and I would like to make this article required reading for literally every single person who has ever, under any circumstance, consumed or wanted to consume gouda cheese. IT’S HOW-DUH, DANGIT, NOT GOO-DUH. It never has been and it never will be, so stop. calling. it. the. wrong. name. This will never not bother me.

2. It’s almost my favorite weekend in Chicago!! Not marathon weekend–though I do love marathon weekend–Open House Chicago weekend! I’m obsessed with Open House Chicago, and have gone for the past three years. I was reading through the buildings open this year and I’m already stressed. I want to go to ALL OF THE PLACES! And this year they have 200 options O.O Too many choices! I am pretty proud of myself, however, because when the Chicago Athletic Association hotel opened this year I was like, “That’s totally going to be part of OHC 2015,” and I was right! I did not, however, expect the Virgin Hotel, the Palmer House, and the W to be part of the lineup as well. There are also SO many churches this year! And, most excitingly, the Aon Center! Fun fact: when I did my internship in Chicago in 2011, I interviewed at a place in the Aon Center. I could’ve worked there! But they didn’t want me 😦 Oh well. Anyway, OHC will give you access to the 71st floor, and I’m super stoked. I know the line is going to be a nightmare, but whatever. I’ll put up with it for that, even if it is going to drastically cut into my time to see other buildings. I never seem to get very far out of downtown for OHC, so part of me wants to venture up to Edgewater and Rogers Park this year for it…but there are just so many buildings downtown. It’s a lot easier to get to a lot of venues when they’re all right by each other. Decisions, decisions.

3. I updated to iOS 9 a couple weeks ago, and now that I’ve gotten used to the different font and, even more so, the fact that apps now appear on the left when you want to quit them instead of the right, I’ve had time to actually learn to appreciate the new operating system. My favorite part? The News app. Holy smokes. Game. Changer. Technically, as a supporter of print journalism, I should probably be against the app, since it is nothing but oodles and oodles of free news, but I’m obsessed with it. It makes staying up-to-date on current events–current events that YOU care about–so easy. Big fan.

4. I need advice. Every single week of marathon training that I’ve attended CARA’s long run, two of my group leaders have given me a ride home. It’s not horribly out of their way, but it’s also not on their way home to drop me off, and I’m extremely grateful for their generosity. I know I absolutely need to get them a thank you of some sort, but I have NO clue what to get them. I’m a little intimidated, because they’re 10 years older (and 10 years cooler) than I am and approximately one gazillion and three quarters time richer than I am (like the Manolo Blahniks the girl wears? Yeah, you better believe those aren’t from Nordstrom Rack.), so I don’t want my thank you to seem lame, or like, “Oh, how adorable!” you know? I don’t want to feel like a kindergartener giving her teacher a handmade card at the end of the year. But I’m not sure what to get them that will 1) make me seem like a put together adult and 2) wouldn’t seem petty, so any suggestions at all are welcome and encouraged.

Can anyone clone me so I can go to all 200 OHC site? Please and thanks.
Do you use the News app on iOS 9?

10 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Dude. I’m 10 years older than you (although, I don’t own any Manolo Blahniks)! What would you get me as a thank you? Do you guys have a go-to brunch place? Do they drink coffee? I would say a nice greeting card and a gift card for brunch or coffee would suffice. Maybe tape a GU to the envelope, too 🙂

  2. I am so excited for open house Chicago!! I wasn’t able to attend the last few years :-/ Any must see places you would recommend?

    • The lineup changes almost every year, but some of my favorites from the past that are there again are Second Presbyterian Church and the Fine Arts Building. I was a little underwhelmed by the Clarke House, but normally they charge you to go in, and during OHC it’s free, if you want to see it! It’s right by Second Pres, too.

  3. I have been saying it wrong too. Now I know. Thanks. 🙂 I cannot believe I missed the Open House Chicago again.

    I like Erin’s suggestion about a thank you card. Or how about a Starbucks cards? I am definitely way more than 10 years older than you and still appreciate a Starbucks card.

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