Thursday Things

1. I get the most homesick when I feel like I can’t handle my life anymore, and last Thursday I was dying to go home. Between peak week, all my events last Wednesday, a bunch of unbloggable ~life stuff~, and the crushing dread of my impending birthday, I was done. After talking to my petunias and geraniums on my deck about how I was upset that the following day was my birthday (this…this is my life. I talk to my flowers. Judge away. I’d talk to my dog, if I had one, but I don’t, so the flowers will have to do in the mean time), I was putting together my work bag for the day when I heard a really familiar bird call. I can’t identify most birds by their song alone, but that bird instantly reminded me of home in the middle of nowhere, where nature sounds are the only sounds you hear. Whatever it was, I knew I knew it from home, but I didn’t know what it was. I’m sure there’s a Shazam for bird calls, but I don’t have it, so when I got to work I Googled “two tone bird song” and found:

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! It was a CHICKADEE!!!!! Probably a boy chickadee trying to court a lady chickadee, according to the interwebs. I was so excited. Out of all the birdies, chickadees (and bluebirds) are my favorite. Well, realistically, I love most birdies and like all birdies, even gross ones like pigeons and seagulls, except geese, because they don’t count as birdies because they’re Satan incarnate, but chickadees have been my favorite kind of birdies since I was really little. I have never, in three years and three months of living in Chicago, seen a chickadee in this city, but apparently they exist, and in my neighborhood!! I kind of want to put bird seed on my deck to see if I can attract them and befriend them, but I’m pretty sure the alley squirrel (who earlier this year brazenly stole and/or broke one of my terra cotta pots and pooped on my deck rail in the process AND didn’t even say sorry when I confronted him about it, and now passes his time chattering at and chasing away the other squirrel who wants to live in the alley) would eat it all, because he’s a territorial, scavenging jerkface (albeit a cute one). I should give that squirrel a name, other than “squirrel who lives in the alley.”

2. In my office, standard birthday operating procedure states that if you expect office treats on your birthday, you must supply them. In the past, I’ve taken a variety of approaches to this. Once I collaborated with another coworker whose birthday is two days after mine to jointly supply Dunkin Donuts (I think? I don’t remember) to the rest of the office. Last year I was poor, so I baked a coffee cake instead of buying something. I originally planned to bake something this year as well, until, while scrolling through Twitter, I remembered that Glazed and Infused makes jumbo donuts.


The picture doesn’t do it justice, though hopefully the pencil I used for scale will help a little. This donut is 16 inches: that’s the size of a large pizza. It’s not a cake that looks like a donut: it’s an actual, made-to-order donut. A very, very, very big donut. If I had to guess, I’d estimate that there are at least 1.5 dozen, if not two dozen, donut servings in this jumbo donut. It’s mind boggling. AND AWESOME.

3. Two weekends ago, my best friend from when I was growing up texted me checking to see if she had my correct address, since I had a birthday coming up. I figured she planned on sending me a card, which I thought was a very sweet gesture, considering that we don’t see each other all that often any more these days. I was quite surprised, then, when a package arrived at my apartment last weekend.


Isn’t that so cute? My friend made it, too! She makes a bunch of cute decor things in her spare time, and even has an Etsy shop with the things she makes. I was so touched, and my little reminder of home is now proudly hanging on my bedroom wall 🙂

Favorite birthday treat? I have to say, I’m much more of a cake person than a donut person…mostly because donuts don’t usually come drowning in frosting, and I am all about frosting.
Are you crafty? I like to pretend I’m crafty…and I suppose I can make a mean friendship bracelet…but for the most part I’m all good intentions, no actual effort when it comes to crafts haha 😛

17 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Mmmm, doughnut. As I believe we’ve discussed on several Wisconsin Marathon mornings, I much prefer cake donuts but certainly won’t turn down another one if that’s my only option. In fact, I walk by a Glazed and Infused outpost every morning and keep meaning to go in and bring some into work. Although, to be honest, Beaver’s is my favorite. You HAVE to have their donut milkshake if you haven’t already.

    As for crafts, I am NOT very crafty. Although, I can cross-stitch which came in handy the year I was really poor and decided to make a bunch of Christmas gifts for people.

  2. THAT DONUT IS AMAZING!!!!! (yes, I spell doughnuts the New England way ha). If I ever make it to Chicago, I’m totally getting one of those. That is freaking amazing. I’d probably eat the whole thing on my own. Also, I need that donut milkshake that Erin talked about above ^^

    I totally get homesick when life is overwhelming too. Or when it’s close to a time I go home (aka right now). I think it’s only natural and peak weeks definitely have our emotions running wild. We’re almost to the finish though!

  3. Ahh, I want to try Glazed and Infused so badly – and that doughnut cake is now officially what I want for my birthday this year. Happy birthday to you!

  4. I love birds, I feed them everyday. I know all the sounds I am a dork oh well. Geese are really misunderstood, I love them too. That was so sweet of your friend to send a package!!!! I love cake frosting especially chocolate…

  5. Sorry to hear you had such a rough patch over the last week! I hope things all work out VERY soon. You must be loving the start of your taper, yes!?!?!?

    That doughnut cake looks too delicious for words! I bet I could eat the entire thing all by myself! (Incidentally, I wonder how they make it? Do they dump the entire thing into the fryer!?!!?)

    Your friend is so sweet to send you something so wonderful for your birthday!!! Homemade items are the best!!!

    • Thanks Emily 🙂 I LOVE all the free time I have from taper, but the mental aspect, per usual, is a bit of a struggle. Soon, though. Only a couple more weeks…

      That was actually the same thing my brother asked about the cake: how on earth do they make it?? I have no idea. Magic, maybe? It is pretty magical… hahaha 😛

  6. In 8th grade science class we had to learn to identify birds by their calls and appearance so I still remember some. Especially the kildeer, chickadee, mourning dove (or morning?, I can’t remember) and a few other. I remember the chickadee for the sound “chicka-dee-dee-dee” which you can hear in this video

    That sign that your friend made is awesome! I just finished my Iowa craft and I am super proud of it. And really excited to have it hanging up at home.

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