Chicago Marathon Training Week 15

Sunday, September 13: Rest.
Very rarely do I truly not have time to work out in any capacity, but I just did not have time at all on Sunday. I was running around all day, with a lot going on at church, dinner plans, and then out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I was home for all of about two hours on Sunday, and those two hours were spent doing chores that could not wait.

Monday, September 14: Strength/HIIT.
NTC Transformer. This left me as a sweaty mess once again. During one of the (seemingly infinite) squat sequences during this, I felt a weird sensation in my right hip flexor, which I, of course, freaked out about for the following 48 hours, until it miraculously healed. Taper crazies came early this year, it appears. The sole of my left (injured) foot was SO sore on Monday, too. I wore sneakers to work during the day but sandals later on, and I could barely walk at all it hurt so bad. I was a little worried about this too, naturally, but was pretty sure I had just been a bit overenthusiastic in the foot-rolling department, so I decided to switch exclusively to icing and see what kind of difference that made.

Tuesday, September 15: Dance.
Still obsessed with our hip hop routine. My foot and hip flexor were both feeling a bit touchy on Tuesday, but for the first time in weeks, my shin finally didn’t act up at all during dance! Hooray! And breakdance wasn’t categorically terrible! Of course, the fact that I knew I was going to quit breakdance for all of taper, thus making Tuesday my last breakdance class until after the marathon, probably helped out a bit. My teacher assigned us “homework” and I was like, “Ha-HA! I’ll show you! I’m not even going to come to class anymore!” I’m so mature.

Wednesday, September 16: 10 miles in 1:49:03 for a 10:54 pace.
OMGSOHOT. Perhaps not compared to July or August (or, fine, even Labor Day weekend), but GAH. It was 82 when I went out, which is a bit toastier than I like it to be for 10 milers (or anything-milers, but especially something that long). As I kind of mentioned last Thursday, Wednesday was totally insane for me, and trying to find time to just do this run was a huge challenge, never mind prepare for it appropriately by, you know, eating well and hydrating. Neither of those things happened during the day on Wednesday, so I went into this at a bit of a disadvantage. I was SO dehydrated. I ended up refilling my handheld water bottle three times. In general, I don’t have to refill my water bottle at all. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this run was from a mental standpoint, however. Historically, the really long weekday runs (8, 9, 10 miles) have felt like insurmountable tasks, but this year none of them have felt all that difficult at all, at least from a sheer mileage standpoint. It’s been a nice change of pace.

Thursday, September 17: Rest.
This was a scheduled rest day. My Achilles had also started bugging me again Wednesday night, and I thought about trying to ignore it and squeezing in five miles so I wouldn’t have to do them on Friday, but then this happened:


So a run did not happen. I could’ve done something else, I suppose, but I opted to treat it as the rest day it was intended to be.

Friday, September 18: Rest.
This was not a scheduled rest day. My Achilles was still not great, but I was going to try to do my five anyway, until this happened:



I probably should have found an alternative way to exercise on Friday. I don’t really know what happened, but my stomach revolted BIG TIME Friday afternoon against only God knows what, or my stress from the week caught up to me, or my hormones caught up to me, or something. I don’t know what happened for sure. All that I do know is that my digestive system was NOT in order, and it not only ruined my hopes of working out, but also my dinner plans. It ended up being a fairly lousy day overall. Happy birthday to me 😐

Saturday, September 19: Yoga.
This one:

I didn’t want to do anything stupid the day before the 20, but four rest days in one week? NO thank you. Two in a row made me feel like enough of a slug; I needed to do something. Yin yoga hardly counts as anything, but at least it gave me an excuse to put my heart rate monitor on. While I’ve been good about doing a couple PT exercises regularly, over the past several weeks I’ve slacked on doing my full PT routine big time, so I took my free time on Saturday as a chance to get through at least one round of all my PT exercises.

Lamest. Peak week. Ever. I felt pretty bad about skipping out on so many workouts, to be honest. I suppose I don’t really have a reason to beat myself up about missing one run–so far this season, I’ve only missed two runs total–but ugh. I expected peak week to turn out way differently than it did, and to take all those rest days…. Not my finest hour. On the bright side, my Achilles felt much better after a little bit of rest. On Friday, I emailed my PT a wall of text requesting 1) a levelheaded opinion on how to proceed with training in light of my Achilles pain and 2) an injury screen, pretty much. I finally told him everything–about the Achilles pain I had had from mid-July to mid-August, about the shin pain I had from mid-August to mid-September–and how, given the fact that all of these things, coupled with my foot pain and my returned Achilles pain, were happening in the exact same area of the exact same foot, I was beginning to suspect that this was…not a coincidence. He was going to have me come in to take a look at things this week, but then I saw him after the 20 miler ( ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ) and, since everything felt fine, he decided I didn’t need to come in. Worst boyfriend ever 😛

You’ll have to wait until next week to read about my 20 miler in the excruciating detail I know you all so desperately desire, but *spoiler alert* it went FANTASTICALLY. It appears I have finally learned from my previous 20 miler mistakes and now have a decent grasp on how to effectively run long distances. Only took, you know, almost three full marathon seasons to come to figure that out haha. Anyway, I’m feeling pretty solid post-20, aside from my TFL, which has continued to bother me on and off since I mentioned it five weeks ago. I haven’t mentioned that to my PT yet, because it doesn’t bug me all that much when I’m running – it just hurts/burns when I sit for a long time (usually). So I may save that until after the marathon to bring up, unless it gets worse, I suppose, or doesn’t go away like usual.

6 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 15

  1. Man. I think getting in a 10 miler mid-week is pretty impressive even if you did take two rest days. And, if you think about it, the run that you missed was a short run in the grand scheme of things and won’t really affect anything. But that storm could not have come at a worse time.

    Also, I’m sorry your GI tract decided to interfere with your birthday! I hope you got to make up for it on Saturday.

  2. I feel like this close to the race, it’s more important to be careful of those little pains now! Or at least I think so… you’re the marathon expert since you’ve done them before haha I’m glad to hear that the 20-miler went well though!!!

  3. What up!! I’m so glad we both feel so confident after that 20 miler. I definitely took 2 full rest days before Sunday in order to be fully strong and ready to go. Now it’s all about the running — sometimes other workouts just can’t fit in!

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