Thursday Things

1. The ongoing saga of my attempts at urban gardening took a sad turn a week or so ago.



Those used to be impatiens. Technically, I suppose, they still are impatiens, all be it dead ones. My poor flowers caught blight (Impatien Downey Mildew, officially), which spreads through airborne fungal spores and kills your plants within a week or so. Alas! You had a good run, impatiens. I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to spare you from such a fate 😦

To be honest, I was ready to get rid of my impatiens, anyway. Since we’re getting into fall, I’d really like to get some mums to bring some more seasonally appropriate colors to my porch. I just have to convince myself to go to Jewel and get some.

2. Have you heard of Nakd Bars? Originally a UK product, the company that makes them, Natural Balance Foods, is expanding to the U.S., and I had the chance to them out.


I always appreciate flattery in packaging 😛

I’m sometimes not the biggest fan of healthy snack bars, because in my experience, they tend to advertise one thing and taste like another (that “another” beings dates). I haven’t had the chance to try all of the flavors I’ve received yet, but I was particularly impressed by Cocoa Mint, which tasted much more mint chocolate-y than date-y, as one would hope a bar called Cocoa Mint would taste.

Beyond the snack bars, however, Natural Balance also has a lot of great general nutritional resources online, with tips and whatnot for following special diets, adding iron rich foods to your diet, understanding food labels, and the like. Lots of helpful information!

(*insert usual disclosure about how I got these for free, opinions are my own, etc. I don’t get anything if you click on the link, so there’s no hidden affiliating business going on around these parts*)

3. I had WAY too much going on yesterday: work breakfast meeting, work lunch meeting, kind of work but also kind of not work dinner meeting, and a 10 miler. Oof. I don’t know why everyone decided September 16 was the best day to schedule everything ever, but if I never need to run all around town to do that many things in one day again, that’ll be perfectly all right by me. And because of that, you’re getting a totally half-assed blog post. Sorry. You can read my marathon training recaps if you’re looking for long reads 😉

I’m too tired to think of any questions, so feel free to say whatever you want. I’ll be back to being a good blogger next week!

I’m too tired to come up with relevant questions, so feel free to tell me whatever you want in the comments. Or don’t. Whatever floats your boat.

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

    • My geraniums recently came out of a month if dormancy with a vengeance, and I’m so shocked at this turn of events. They’re flowering like mad after not even producing any buds for the entire month of August, and one of the plants which had been fairly small has exploded. I didn’t change anything I was doing with them, so I have no idea how to account for this. I’m glad I didn’t pull them out, though!

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