Thursday Things

1. My summer of music fests continued last Saturday with a day at North Coast.

“But wait,” you say. “Saturday? For one thing, I thought Sunday was your day to go to festivals. For another thing, didn’t you run EIGHTEEN MILES on Saturday?!”

Yes, dear reader, I did. I will accept my badass points in the comments below. And I would have gone on Sunday, except my best friend (WHO IS FINALLY BACK!!), who is the only reason I went (story of my life), wanted me to come with on Saturday. So Saturday it was. Suddenly Pitchfork after Rock ‘n’ Roll doesn’t seem like quite as big of an accomplishment!


North Coast skews EDM, with a little bit of hip hop, but considering I went with my best friend, aka the entire reason I ever got into EDM in the first place, my day at North Coast was very EDM heavy. Such a burden. I think Porter Robinson was probably the highlight for me. Some of his songs were quite beautiful, which is not usually the word I use to describe EDM.


I wasn’t quite as into Steve Aoki as I wanted to be, though by that point (9 p.m. and beyond), I was pretty wiped out. I did, however, appreciate that he played remixes of Fall Out Boy, OneRepublic, and Coldplay, because I’ve seen all three of those groups live since moving to Chicago! He also played a remix of The Circle of Life, which I will be seeing live in December (!! Broadway in Chicago is doing Lion King this winter, and my family got tickets. I AM SO STOKED.).


I went to more festivals this summer than I had at any other point in my life combined, so I guess it’s safe to say this has been the year of festivals. I love the festival atmosphere, though, so it’s been fun. Lolla is still my #1, but Spring Awakening, Pitchfork, and North Coast were all good times as well. If you love live music (*raises hand*), you really can’t beat a festival.

And in case anyone is wondering, according to my Polar Loop, I took 58,111 steps on Saturday for 29.50 miles and accomplished 706% of my daily activity goal. Spoiler alert for next week’s marathon training recap: Sunday was a full rest day 😉

2. Who wants to see all the healthy food I ate this weekend? You do? Great!

If I have any major complaint against festivals produced by React (that is, Spring Awakening and North Coast, locally), it’s that the food they bring in is atrocious. Pitchfork and Lolla are foodie havens. You cannot go wrong at any of their food stands. Spring Awakening and North Coast, however, are like half a step down from your average street fest, which is a pretty low standard. I was DYING for ice cream after my 18 miler and really holding out for North Coast to have some, but alas: there was no ice cream to be found at the festival. So instead, I settled for Cheesie’s.


I’ve never had anything from Cheesie’s before, but I’ve always been intrigued, because grilled cheese is delicious. As it turns out, if you stuff a grilled cheese sandwich with macaroni and cheese, it becomes even more delicious. Carbs on carbs on carbs on cheese on cheese on cheese. Good thing everything is justifiable when you take 58,111 steps in one day.

Sunday, my craving for ice cream was still going strong, but I didn’t want to settle for any Baskins Robbins nonsense. Oh no. I wanted something local, something you can’t find at any ol’ Dunkin Donuts. I turned to Yelp and decided on Scooter’s in…Lakeview? Roscoe Village? I don’t really know where I was. I was at Belmont and Paulina, that’s where I was.


Regardless of what neighborhood Scooter’s is in, this was amazing. Scooter’s does frozen custard, which technically isn’t ice cream, but whatever. Close enough. I got a Chocoloreo concrete, which involved vanilla custard, chocolate syrup, and cookies & cream. My life will never be the same.

And THEN, because life is magical, I find out Uber was doing this thing called uberBAKESALE on Sunday from 1-5, where, if you went on Uber and selected “Eats,” you could order either a cupcake from Sprinkles, cake balls from West Town Bakery, or a chocolate chip cookie from Beatrix, and an Uber driver would bring it to you FOR FREE. My favorite price! Well, free-ish. Technically, you got charged $3, but that $3 went to support Jane A. Neil Elementary School on the souths side, which is trying to raise funds to reinstate its after school sports programs, which is a cause I can 100% get on board with. So, for the first time EVER (yes, ever), I used Uber on Sunday and got myself a chocolate chip cookie the size of my face.


I planned to eat half of it…and then half turned into three-quarters…and…yeah.



3. Speaking of my marathon “diet,” for the past four and a half weeks I’ve been faithfully logging my meals on Lose It!, a meal tracking app I’ve used on and off (strong emphasis on the “off”) since October 2012. I don’t know if it’s necessarily helped me, in the sense that I haven’t really altered my eating habits at all, but if nothing else it’s been a useful way to see patterns in my eating and try to make I’m eating an appropriate amount of calories for my activity level for the day.

Lose It! is free, but they have a premium option, and the app does everything it can to convince you need the premium option by showing you teaser insights into what you could learn about your diet for the low, low price of $40 (lolnope). On Monday, I went to log my breakfast and saw this helpful tidbit in the teaser insight section.


LULZ. Conclusion: I should eat pie every day.

(I’m also pretty sure this is not true at all, since the week when I was eating two slices of pie per day, my daily caloric intake was almost identical to every other day I’ve logged my food. But who am I to critique this app’s science, right?!)

What’s the best thing you’v had to eat recently?
Should I eat pie every day? Hahaha 😛

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Mmm, custard. And ice cream. And pie. And cookies. And now I’m hungry.

    When we got home (FINALLY) from Indiana on Sunday evening I made myself some leftovers for dinner and Jason made himself a quesadilla. I took a bite and, honestly, that was the best thing I’d tasted in a long time. So now I’m totally craving something with a ton of cheese.

    • Well, Cheesie’s could certainly more than take care of you in that department! I don’t think I’d ever feel okay about eating something like that if I *hadn’t* run 18 miles beforehand, but it certainly can quell the strongest cheese cravings! And they obviously have other grilled cheeses too that are slightly less over the top.

  2. UMMM GRILLED CHEESE STUFFED WITH MAC AND CHEESE?!?! WUT. Omg those are like two of my favorite foods combined in one. I need to try that. I wonder if I can find a place down in DC that has it…

    Also that uber thing is genius. I would have gotten cake balls. Actually, I probably would have tried it with every single location offered just because I need to “test” the service 😉

    I’m pretty sure I’m living on ice cream, burgers, and bagels right now. No shame. #marathondiet

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