Thursday Things

1. Every now and again, I volunteer with at a local animal shelter to get my dog fix. (And by “every now and again” I mean “like maybe a couple of times per year, because I kind of suck.” I used to be a lot better about volunteering regularly, and then…I stopped being good about volunteering regularly.) This past weekend, the shelter was having an event, and since I couldn’t come up with any viable excuse to not volunteer, I signed up to help. Normally when you volunteer, you wander around the shelter, tending to the needs of various dogs (and people interested in adopting said dogs) throughout your shift, but this event was a little different, and instead of helping out with everyone, each volunteer was assigned one dog to handle for the duration of the event.

This was my dog:



Unsurprisingly, she got adopted, because DUH. How could you say no to those wrinkles?! I have never in my entire life felt more popular than I did while handling this puppy. Everyone wanted to hang out with me. Okay, fine. They wanted to hang out with the puppy. But since the puppy couldn’t go anywhere without me, I got to experience the delight of secondhand popularity. I have now concluded that I need to get a puppy and carry it around everywhere with me, specifically everywhere where I could potentially run into cute boys, because WHOA BABY to cute boys respond well to adorable puppies. Date bait! Hahaha.

Oh, and did I mention she fell asleep on my lap?


Life is ruff. Teeheehee.

2. I am ob.sessed. with the weather this week. Mid-60s? Yes please. AND overcast?! Well! What more could a summer-weary runner hope for?

Our fall-like weather has gotten me thinking about, you know, fall. Specifically, it’s gotten me thinking about mums, which I’ll probably purchase this year and attempt to keep alive on my porch. The fall weather has also made me feel SUPER over my summer flowers, though I’ve resisted prematurely killing them just because it feels like October, when it is distinctly not October (and is supposed to get warm again next week, just in time for 18 miler week. Yay. 😐 )

Speaking of my summer flowers, however, my impatiens appear to be the most friendzoned flowers of all time. They have abundant buds, but these buds almost never flower, and usually die and fall off without realizing their full potential.


Get it? Buds? Friends…?

Teeheehee x2.

3. Oh no, it appears I’ve run out of thyme!


Teeheehee x3.

I’ll be here all night, folks! Dad jokes 4 dayz!

I’m so sorry. Once I got started, I just couldn’t stop, and here we are. I will do my very best to keep puns to a minimum in the future.

10 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I don’t know how you can work at a dog shelter. I would bring home haha. My boyfriend would totally break up with me haha. I did volunteer at UPenn Vet School at their working dog clinic and worked to train search and rescue dogs. Again, I would have loved to take every single one of them home, but they all already had owners 😦

    • Hahaha I really don’t have the time for a dog right now, so that makes it fairly easy to say no. I also very much like seeing the puppies and playing with the puppies and not getting up at 2 a.m. to let the puppies outside because they are no longer my responsibility at that time of day haha.

  2. That dog is so adorable that I could cry. So glad to hear that she got adopted!!! It is true about how cute puppies really open up the doors to people coming to talk to you. I think having one makes you seem much more approachable, since it shows that you are obviously caring. It’s also an instant conversation starter! Although, one guy friend of mine commented that it might seem weird for a dude to be walking around with any of those tiny little toy puppies. Apparently “guy code” dictates that they are supposed to stick with more “manly” dogs like German shepherds. LOL.

    • Isn’t she just the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?? Those wrinkles! Gah. What a cutie. Now that you mention it, most of the guys I’ve seen walking dogs in my neighborhood usually have somewhat manly dogs – though I have seen plenty of pugs walked by guys, too! No Yorkies or anything, though.

  3. Lol dad jokes for dayssssssss. I love this weather too! It’s my favorite, and not just for running reasons (because who doesn’t love a good oversized sweater + leggings + boots look?). THAT PUP! I love second-hand popularity. All the perks but none of the pressure to act cool 🙂

    • Isn’t she just the cutest?? Fortunately my work schedule makes it impossible to have a puppy (or grown up dog, for that matter) right now, so it’s easy enough to say no for the moment. If my schedule were different, though, I may have walked home with a puppy! Haha.

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