Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

Sunday, July 5: Rest.
To make up for the rest day I skipped Friday. Also, laziness. Haha.

Monday, July 6: Yoga.
I’ve had the Yoga Pocket app (it was one of the apps I had on my iPod Touch) and like to pull it up every now and again, especially when I’m looking for a shorter practice. I followed the 30 minute intermediate Ocean practice (which allegedly is “cardio,” though I would hardly call it a cardio workout) and then spent some time doing my PT exercises (!!).

Tuesday, July 7: Dance.
I got beat. up. in dance this week. One of our hip hop routines has us on the floor a lot, which finally convinced me to buy knee pads (which, admittedly, I should have done…two and a half years ago. Oops.). My knee was so bruised it was a little painful to walk on Wednesday, so hopefully knee pads will keep that from happening again. We also spent far more time on the floor in break than I usually like to spend, with a lot of backwards somersaults/shoulder rolls that left my left shoulder nice and bruised. And, to top off the pain train, my pesky right shoulder/chest/pec area that hated me from September through December of last year decided to protest everything I had done. It was a rough night!

Wednesday, July 8: 5 miles in 49:23 for a 9:52 pace.
The weather was fab.u.lous. Wednesday evening: mid-60s and overcast with a bit of a breeze that kept things even cooler. I was in love. AccuWeather told me it was going to rain for my entire run, so I put on my lightweight rain jacket, and of course it didn’t rain at all. Womp womp. Fortunately, with it being so cool, I didn’t get overheated wearing the jacket, so no love lost. I do have two things to note from this run, however:

Thing #1: On the Lakefront Trail, one of those cyclists (the spandex-clad road bike Tour de France wannabe cyclists) passed me, and in so doing, hit a bump that caused something to fly off his bike. Fortunately, he noticed it and stopped so I didn’t have to try to chase him down. I picked up whatever it was, handed it to him, exchanged pleasantries, and continued on my merry way. At face value, this doesn’t really mean much, but I think there is SO much animosity between cyclists and runners on the Trail, especially those cyclists and runners. I think we’ve all mutually agreed to hate each other and each other’s presence on the Trail, and I won’t try to pretend that I’m above this. Even though I know cyclists have as much right to be on the Trail as I have, I still wish they would all scram. I even get nervous when I go out on a date with a guy who reveals that he’s into cycling in any capacity, because I really have no use for cyclists whatsoever. But having this exchange, to me, felt like a step forward in runner/cyclist relations, at least if that runner in question is me. I certainly didn’t do anything outstanding here–I just acted like a decent person–but there’s obviously something very humanizing about, you know, actually speaking to “the enemy,” instead of silently judging them and making assumptions based on their…hobby. Haha.

Thing #2: When I was leaving the Lakefront Trail, I was waiting at a light, when I heard someone yell, “How many miles you running today?” I looked and saw a car full of brosephs, one of which (the one who had yelled) was hanging out of the passenger’s side window, and another of which in the back seat was clearly recording the exchange. I *almost* said “Five,” and carried on with my life, but instead chose to say, “More than you can,” right as the light changed (thank goodness), allowing me to leave them in my fluorescent pink dust. As far as catcalls go, this one was fairly innocuous–I don’t know if it even really counts as a catcall, to be honest–but it still grated on me. The words themselves aren’t offensive–if someone standing next to me had asked the same question conversationally, I would’ve answered honestly–but the delivery and circumstances made it feel disrespectful. I’m not usually good at thinking of witty or snarky responses on my feet, so I was kind of (okay, fine, I was really insanely) proud of myself for thinking to say that right away. And shoutout to the light for changing when it did so I didn’t have to hang around there any longer.

Thursday, July 9: 4 miles in 37:49 for a 9:27 pace (.5-mile warmup, 6x.25-mile intervals with .25-mile recovery, .5-mile cooldown)

I *almost* went to a track to do this workout, but the thought of getting to a track, and, even more, fighting with the CTA to get back home after running at the track, was so unappealing, so I just did this on sidewalks. The problem with doing intervals on sidewalks is that I don’t want to get stopped by a light during a hard interval (I’m more than happy to get stopped by a light during a recovery interval 😉 ), so it often throws off whatever route I wanted to run. I’m really, really happy with the effort I put in on this run. I felt like I got in a great and effective workout, and man, these runs end so much faster when you spend 1.5 miles of them at hard effort!

Friday, July 10: Rest.

Saturday, July 11: 10.26 miles in 1:45:57 for a 10:19 pace.

Humility, thy name is humidity.

I made my way to my group run with an outfit inspired by the Sharpie Highlighter collection, because if you’re going to wear neon, you may as well wear neon, amirite?

Screen shot 2015-07-12 at 10.33.38 PM

I actually, full disclosure, did this almost entirely just for the blog, because I had no pictures to show for the week and figure I needed something if I stood a prayer at having anyone read this. Judge away.

Anyway. This. Was. Terrible. After two consecutive runs where I didn’t even touch a 10:00 mile, I rode the struggle bus HARD on Saturday. It was SO HOT (it wasn’t actually that hot) and SO HUMID (it wasn’t actually that humid) and I was SO DEAD. I lost my ability to hang with the group somewhere in the neighborhood of mile five, and it was, as it always is, a humbling experience.

TO BE FAIR, I really think at least some of the blame for this falls squarely on the shoulders of one of my new-to-group-leading group leaders. This girl (who, fine, I don’t really like in the first place), has substitute-led us on runs in years past, and whenever she does, she ALWAYS pushes the pace. When she’s in front, we do more like 10:15s/10:00s rather than 10:30s, which would be fine if I, you know, wanted to train at a 10:00 pace. But if I wanted to train at a 10:00 pace, I would run with the 10:00 pace group, not the 10:30 pace group, and while that sort of speed change isn’t all that significant for a short run, or a run in nice weather, it makes A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE when it’s hot and humid and sunny and you’re doing your first double digit run of marathon training. Also, our good pacer recently traded in his Garmin for an Apple Watch, and man, I just do not trust Apple when it comes to GPS/athletic things like I trust Garmin (I don’t even trust Polar like I trust Garmin — I can’t imagine we actually ran a whole extra quarter mile on Saturday, though if we did, that certainly drives my pacing argument home), so I’m not sure if I can really rely on him anymore, either.

Soo yeah. I finished the run, and, if I may brag, maintained a fairly good attitude throughout. Historically I’ve beat myself up for losing the group and/or spent all my time internally complaining about the weather, but I managed to stay more or less positive and accepting of my abilities in those conditions than I have in the past (I imagine the fact that I had two speedy runs earlier in the week helped in that department).

I also went to breakdance on Saturday, because I’m a glutton for punishment…and I had already told someone I was going, so. Haha. In breakdance I made my arms too sore and hurt my hip flexor, hooray! I’m pretending it doesn’t feel just like it felt when I strained my hip flexor in 2013 and forcing myself to give it a week before contacting my boyfriend physical therapist.

My nutrition was a nightmare this past week, and it made my tummy grumpy and my self-esteem even grumpier. I have three (yikes) races coming up in the next two weeks, so I’d really like to dial in my excessive chocolate consumption and focus more on eating foods that make my whole body happy, not just my taste buds. My knee, for those of you dying for updates, was fine on Wednesday and Thursday, but not so hot on Saturday. I was MUCH better about doing my PT exercises this week and hope to keep that momentum going this week as well.

7 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

  1. I always try to focus on nutrition after a tough week of running. I find that it’s either due to food weighing me down, or a lack of essential nutrients that are making me tired/lethargic. And humidity NEVER helps anything! : ) Hope you have a great day!

  2. I love your exchange with the “brosephs” that is totally something I would do and say! There is nothing I hate more than being yelled at, honked at, or catcalled at while I’m running. I just don’t understand the point?! Do the guys think we’re going to run after them after being so attracted by their yelling. Ummm no.

  3. I did laugh at your exchange with the guys in the car. I agree that the situation made a difference in your response to them. At least you kept your cool. 🙂

    Not cool on the pacer going faster. I hate it when that happens too. Plus, if it is HOT, then one must slow down.

    Hang in there! Cannot believe it is less than 3 months till the Chicago Marathon.

    • Haha, kept my cool on the outside, at least, but my heart rate stats from that run say otherwise! There’s a pretty noticeable increase in my heart rate right when it happened, which I thought was super interesting (though not surprising, because my adrenaline was pumpin’!)

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