Thursday Things

1. I am just about two months (it will be two months tomorrow) into my urban gardening experiment, and I must say, so far I’m very pleased with the results!


Look at that impressive growth!

My impatiens have also sprung up much more than I ever anticipated. I worried that I had overcrowded them, planting five plugs per pot, but up to this point they haven’t voiced any major complaints. I have found that the ones in my plastic pots seem to handle life better than the ones in my ceramic pot, which dries out quicker.


My biggest point of pride is my potted petunia. When I was planting, this petunia broke off from a different petunia plant. I put it in a pot, figuring I had nothing to lose, but I had absolutely no expectations for it whatsoever. WELL.



Admittedly, the weather has been on my side up to this point basically all summer. We’ve had a couple hot days, but no massive heat waves and it rained pretty much constantly from June 1 through June 30 (or at least it felt that way), so I didn’t have to do a whole lot to keep my flowers happy. Regardless, I’m so happy to see how things have grown and thrived, and I’m really proud of myself!

2. **Spoilers for The Bachelorette in case you haven’t seen this week’s episode yet**

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSS. I know I went on this big long tirade earlier this year about how The Bachelor is stupid and makes me dumber by watching it, but I have since fully embraced this ridiculousness as my not-at-all-guilty pleasure. THE DRAMA. Oh, how I love the drama! Anyway. I have become way too emotionally invested in this season, and let me tell you, I was BUMMED BEYOND WORDS when Kaitlyn sent Jared home on Monday. Realistically, I knew there was no chance she’d pick him. (For the record, I don’t think Ben H. stands a chance either. This is definitely between Nick and Shawn.) Now, obviously, I only know about any of these people what the producers on ABC want me to know about these people, but the way I see it, Kaitlyn knows she wants something real and authentic, but can’t quite convince herself to pull the trigger on it (fear of actual commitment?), and therefore is keeping around controlling jealous crazies (Shawn) in lieu of respectful, down to earth, genuine, boy next door gentlemen like Jared. I have been ALL about Jared ever since his first one-on-one with Kaitlyn. I would date that boy so hard. If I were Kaitlyn, err’one else would’ve been sent packing after that one-on-one. I suppose there are a few other guys on the show I would’ve been interested in dating as well (Nick and Shawn NOT among them), but I’ve looked forward to every episode for weeks partially due to all of the ~dRaMa~ (can we all agree that drama is so much more fun when it doesn’t involve you in any way?), but mostly for the sake of swooning over Jared and his A+ personality. And his jawline/face in general. But, really truly, mostly his personality. Is there a Jared in Chicago? If so, can we please direct him to me? That may be my new standard with online dating: “How much do you remind me of Jared from The Bachelorette?” It’s good to have goals, right?

The Bachelor is holding auditions in Chicago on Saturday, and, since Jared clearly doesn’t win The Bachelorette, technically there’s a chance he could be the bachelor next season. If I had it on 100% reliable authority that he is, I’m not gonna lie, I’d probably…at least consider auditioning. Maybe. Possibly. The issue with that, of course, is that even if Jared is the bachelor, I don’t actually want to *be* on The Bachelor in any capacity (see: drama is so much more fun when it doesn’t involve you in any way.). I would NOT thrive in that kind of environment in ANY capacity. I’m not into cattiness, I’m not into craziness, I’m not into games, I’m not into wine (lulz). I would be absolutely terrible on the show. Basically, what I really need is for Jared to read this, be charmed by my wit and way with the written word, fly himself to Chicago, and come knocking on my door, maybe with a rose in hand just to really go all in with The Bachelor(ette) theme, and say, “Bethany, you are the girl I’ve been looking for my whole life. Will you accept this rose?” OBVI, Jared. I would accept a dead dandelion.

I would also like to say, as I am still firmly #TeamBecca, that had Becca been The Bachelorette instead of Kaitlyn, I think Jared could have/would have won it all. I could see the two of them together for. sure. I suppose given my infatuation with Jared, it’s a little weird that I would cheer for him this hard, because him not winning = Bethany can date him, but we can just chalk this up to my overwhelming sense of altruism (right…), which is one of my many personality traits that makes me a real catch. Along with my humility, obviously 😛

3. Big news in the Chicago running world yesterday: Deena Kastor and Joan Benoit Samuelson are running the Chicago Marathon this year!! I can only assume this is because they both knew I was running and wanted the distinct honor of competing in the same race as me (really killing it in the humility department today, aren’t I? I promise I’m being sarcastic with all of this!). Aside from this being categorically awesome, I, in particular, am STOKED Deena is running Chicago, because I may or may not have named a pair of my shoes after her…


It may or may not be that pair 😛

Story time: back in March, I bought two new pairs of identical Asics Gel Nimbus 16s. (Fun fact: I believe they were the very last thing I talked about with my now-ex-boyfriend, right before he dumped me. Like, minutes before he dumped me. Somehow, I don’t resent these shoes as much as I would expect, given the circumstances.) I needed a way to differentiate between the two, but I didn’t want to assign any weird connotations to my shoes by calling them “Pair One” and “Pair Two” or “Pair A” and “Pair B.” I wanted something totally generic, so I did what any logical marathoner would do: I named them after marathoners who inspire me, specifically, Kathrine Switzer (the first registered female Boston Marathon runner and a driving force in getting women admitted into marathons) and Deena Kastor (arguably the best American marathoning woman to date). I’ve been trying to keep more or less equal mileage on both pairs, switching them out on a weekly basis, but I’ve now DEFINITELY decided to run the marathon in my Kastors. Maybe next year I’ll name my shoes “Goucher” and “Keflezighi” to see if that convinces Kara and Meb to come run Chicago in 2016 😛

Do you have a green thumb? I wouldn’t have said I do two months ago, and I still don’t know if I would necessarily say I do, but I’d say it’s greener than it was!
What are your TV guilty pleasures? I legitimately only watch The Bachelorette, but back in the day I used to be a huge fan of E! That was a guilty pleasure if ever there were one haha.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Beautiful plants!

    I just found out about Deena and Joan Benoit. I met Deena last year and ran into Joan Benoit on the lakefront (same day). Would love to see them again this year.

    As for The Bachelorette, I look forward to it every Monday. It is so stupid but I love the drama too. Yes, it is so much fun when it is someone else’s drama. I don’t understand why people hate Nick but I did miss the season with Andi and I guess that’s where he showed his true colors.

    • No way! How cool that you ran into Joan Benoit on the lakefront! I don’t know if I’d even recognize someone of that caliber on the trail – I’d think my mind was playing tricks on me.

      I actually didn’t see Andi’s season either (this is my first year watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette), so I don’t have any opinions on Nick from that. I just don’t like that he popped in mid-season and became a front runner, I guess. You already had your chance, buddy! Let it go! And I know editing has a lot to do with my perception of him, but it seems to me like he’s way more interested in sleeping with Kaitlyn than BEING with Kaitlyn, and if she’s truly looking for a husband…I mean, I’m sure it’d be hard to resist such a strong physical connection and having someone who wants to be all over you, but it seems super unlikely to me that that would spawn a long term, healthy marriage. Then again, I’m single, so what do I know! Haha.

      • I didn’t recognize her at first but then realized it was her. I tried to run with her but she said something along the lines of Don’t run with me or don’t follow me or something like that. Or maybe I just misunderstood her. Well, I left her alone and went my way.

        I like Ben and Nick. Shawn is very jealous and cannot imagine how he would be as a husband. Then again, I’m single too so what do I know.

  2. Awww I love Jared and Becca! But Becca wouldn’t be a good bachelorette because she isn’t going to fall in love in like six weeks and clearly isn’t going to get married at the end of it all. Wah wah.

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