Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

Sunday, June 14: Dance.
You know what’s a lot of fun after Ragnar? A 90-minute dance rehearsal. And by “lots of fun” I mean “I have no brain and have forgotten all of this choreography and feel like an idiot, so please ignore me.” Yeah. One of my friends in class couldn’t believe I managed to get through rehearsal after running 16.6 miles during Ragnar, but I don’t know…it didn’t feel like I actually did anything that earth-shattering in Ragnar, especially since all of my individual runs were less than six miles. Whatever. Dancing and running have been two separate things for me for a long time, so this wasn’t all that out of character for me.

Monday, June 15: 3 miles in 31:00 for a 10:22 pace.
OMG THE HUMIDITY. I worked from home on Monday because there was no WAY I was going to be able to handle going to the office Monday morning after going to Spring Awakening Sunday night (more on that later this week), so I squeezed in this run between rain/thunderstorms. The dew point (which is what really matters when it comes to comfort, not humidity percentage) was 71 degrees on this run. For those of you who aren’t armchair meteorologists like myself, any dew point above 70 degrees is generally labeled “extremely uncomfortable” or “oppressive,” so yes, 71 degrees was absolutely terrible. I stuck to shady areas and took my sweet time with zero guilt.

Tuesday, June 16: Dance.
I graduated for the 2034823th time, and had rehearsal before graduation, per usual. Rehearsal this session looked like running through our choreography 10 times straight through with no breaks, followed by breakdance. Graduation went well. There was a cute guy from another class in the audience so I did by best to GO FOR IT 😉 Hahaha.

Wednesday, June 17: Rest.
I had every intention of doing a tempo run on Wednesday, but I was unbelievably exhausted all day on Wednesday. I logged somewhere in the area of six hours of sleep Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, and by Wednesday it had caught up with my HARD. I had plans Wednesday night, so I took a nap as soon as I got home instead. I never take naps, but boy oh boy did I need one.

Thursday, June 18: 4 miles (tempo) in 38:58 (8:52 and 9:25 tempo miles) for a 9:44 overall pace + climbing.
I worked from home again on Thursday (so as to attend the Blackhawks parade! More things you can look forward to reading about later this week), so I did my tempo run before going to the parade. Let it be known that this was the first time ever in my life that I have done anything but an easy run during marathon training. I’ll accept your gushing praise and gratuitous back-patting in the comments below.

Later that night, I went climbing. I originally planned to go climbing on Wednesday and just do a tempo run on Thursday, but I had a friend who wanted to go climbing with me and could only make it on Thursday. I then planned to do my tempo run on Wednesday and go climbing on Thursday, until that whole nap situation 😉

Friday, June 19: Rest.

Saturday, June 20: 7.1 miles in 1:13:17 for a 10:19 pace + dance.
Reunited with my summer marathon training group ❤ We actually ran out of Foster instead of Montrose this week, due to the Mumford & Sons concert at Cricket Hill on Friday night. I had no idea how long it would take to get there and ended up showing up way too early, so I killed time and admired the scenery.


It was pretty cool temperature-wise on this run, but wowza was it humid. I wore arm sleeves to start because I was actually shivering (teeth chattering and all) before we took off, but I ditched them (“tucked them into my shorts,” more accurately) probably within half a mile due to the humidity. My marathon training BFF wasn’t there, so I chatted with a new-to-our-group girl. It’s always weird this early in the season, because people float between groups, drop out of training, etc., as time goes on. The group likely won’t stabilize until late July/early August, making those first few weeks a little weird in the relationship-building department, at least to me. On the other hand, probably two-thirds of our group are returners from last year, so there’s more than enough familiarity to go around.


As for the run itself, it was fine. My HR stayed where it should for a long run, which makes me happy. Running with a group that forces me to go slower than I would on my own at the beginning certainly helps with that, and keeps me from bonking. Win win.

I went to breakdance in the afternoon as well, per usual.

I was absolutely TERRIBLE about doing my PT exercises this week. I did a couple of them once, and that was it. I really hope to commit to doing more of them this week, and doing them more regularly. The longer I can stay out of PT, the better, and I have a feeling doing my exercises will be the best way to accomplish that.

8 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

  1. Great job for your week of workouts! The humidity is so killer in the summer… I always feel like I start sweating the second I step outside! Hope you have a great day : )

  2. Hmmm I didn’t know that about the dew point vs. humidity % …guess I’ll have to do more meteorology studying lol

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