Friday Things

In which Bethany throws together a blog post in 20 minutes.

1. Good.ness. gracious. This week, you guys. I’m sorry, I’ve been so complain-y about how busy I’ve been lately, but this week has just been a NIGHTMARE. I’ve been working my behind off at work, and then I usually have all of 10 minutes at home before running off to take care of some commitment I have after work, before running home and going straight to bed. I need a vacation. Oh wait! I get one TOMORROW. Hooray!

2. On top of the insanity that is my job right now, due to circumstances far beyond my control, my daily commute has been extended by 20 minutes each way for the foreseeable future. That means getting up 20 minutes earlier, getting home 20 minutes later, and having a whole lot less time to do things like…anything other than sleep. Haha. Packing? Yeah. Definitely has not even come close to happening yet. (Though I do at least have a packing list, so that’s something.) I’m an eternally indebted to one of my coworkers for picking up my packet for tomorrow’s race for me, saving me the time I would have had to take to go to Fleet Feet (again) to pick up my packet. Now I just need to convince someone to pack my suitcase for me and go to Walgreens on my behalf to buy all my carry-on sized toiletries. Then they can reel in horror at the highway robbery that is travel sized contact solution instead of me having to do it 😛

3. On Sunday, one of my friends hosted a jewelry party (speaking of highway robbery…), and after the party suggested we go up to her rooftop deck to check out her view. It was absolutely terrible.


Now I can check “Friend with a killer rooftop from which you can basically see all of Chicago” off my bucket list. She wants to have some of our other friends over later this summer to have a party on her rooftop, which I am ALL for.

4. I finished planting on Monday. I’m a little worried I put too many impatiens in each pot, but I suppose time will tell.

I went to Menards on Saturday to buy impatiens and was not at all pleased to discover Menards only sells hanging baskets, not flats of flowers, so then I made my way over to an independent garden store where there were more than enough flowers to go around. They also had more of the brand of flowers I had looked for when I bought my full sun flowers at Home Depot, so from here on out I think I’m only going to shop at this cute little independent place. Even more so, all of their impatiens were from a greenhouse in my hometown that was actually right next to my elementary school! Incidentally, my family never actually liked that greenhouse (or its owner), but it was still nice to feel like I was supporting my hometown all the way from Chicago.

5. Catch you all next week! I may get a race recap up from Saturday sometime next week…maybe. Hopefully. We’ll see. Otherwise, I’ll be back in June for sure. Have a great Memorial Day!

6 thoughts on “Friday Things

  1. It’s crazy how some weeks are just SO much more stressful than others. I used to commute in and out of NYC every day, and anything that through my schedule off was almost too much to handle! The extra 20 minutes is super lame – sorry girl! Hope you get some good rest and relaxation this weekend!! Enjoy! : )

  2. That view! Get outta town. I’m excited because I know some of my friends have views like that so I just have to start casually dropping little hints about hanging out there……

    Is the CTA your issue? An extra 40 minutes total is actually a huge chunk of your day — woof!

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