Thursday Things

1. I’m running a half marathon on Sunday, and I am…concerned about it, to say the least. I’ve been keeping an eye on the forecast since it popped up on my AccuWeather app, and AccuWeather has, without fail, said that it’s going to either be 80 or awfully close to 80 all along. From my exhaustive pre-marathon forecast stalking, I know that forecasts 15 days out are almost always wrong, so I paid this no mind. Until the forecast started being 10 days out, then seven days out, then three days out, and still has not changed, except to get worse.

Screen shot 2015-05-13 at 10.39.08 AM


I am hoping with all the positivity I can muster that AccuWeather will be wrong. They were wrong last weekend, after all, so who’s to say they won’t be wrong this weekend…right? I once read a confessions-esque post on Thought Catalog that interviewed people in various careers, and the meteorologist quoted said anything more than 48 hours out is just a guess, and I am pinning all of my hopes on that claim. PLEASE. NO. THUNDERSTORMS. I’ll take rain. I will definitely take cloud cover. But no thunderstorms, kthx. In fact, I even promise to limit my whining about the heat to no more than two complaints if we can just not have thunderstorms in the city of Chicago from about 6:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. Or even 9:30 a.m. I’m asking for a three hour lightening-free window, and that’s it.

I’m also making an incredibly questionably life choice and have agreed to go to my best friend’s gala on Saturday night, because nothing says “half marathon prep” quite like a late night and heels, right? *facepalm* But a bunch of my other friends are going, and it’s important to him and the nonprofit for which he works, and this half marathon is…not really important to me, so here we are.

That being said, if my race recap on Tuesday/Wednesday/whenever I have time to write it for the half marathon includes me being all, “I’m SO disappointed in myself for running a 2:30. It’s embarrassing and terrible and awful and I’ll never qualify for Boston 😥 “, this is me giving you permission to grab me by the virtual shoulders and say, “You idiot! You did this to yourself!!”

(But seriously. I had better not run a 2:30.)

2. Look at what I’ve done!


I planted on Sunday and am happy to report that, four days later, everything remains alive. (I also met a dog who apparently had been let out in the backyard of my building by his owners to wander, and who trotted up to pay me a visit — and walk into my apartment. Hahaha. He was very friendly, though, so I didn’t mind. I have now added him to my list of Dogs That Live in My Building I Intend to Befriend. There’s another dog who lives above me that I try to say hello to when he and his owner happen to be going out/returning from walks when I’m leaving my apartment. So far I’ve gotten a couple of kissies, which is good progress in my opinion. LOVE ME PLZ.) I trekked to Home Depot last Thursday to purchase my flowers, and realized that I had vastly underestimated the logistical difficulty of urban gardening when you don’t have a car – like the fact that I can only buy as much as I can carry, and that flats of flowers are not, in fact, easy to carry.

I sent a picture of my flower troughs to my mom, who responded, “I didn’t realize you bought geraniums!” Yeah, funny story: I didn’t realize I bought geraniums either, until my mom pointed it out. I wanted pink and purple flowers, so I bought the pink flowers that were next to the purple petunias at Home Depot, figuring they were pink petunias. Oops. Clearly things are off to a really fantastic start 😛 This is why I’m starting my venture into keeping living things alive with plants, not animals!

3. I had a Lettuce Entertain You gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so on Saturday night one of my friends from college and I had dinner at Summer House Santa Monica.

‘Twas oh-so ~trendy~. As I said to my friend, “I definitely should’ve worn my chambray tonight instead of this cardigan.” Hahaha. (But really.) It was trendy in a Lincoln Park way more than trendy in a River North way: more preppy than urban chic, if you will. My entree was so-so, not necessarily from a quality standpoint but more from a Bethany’s-personal-taste standpoint, but my trifecta fudge cake that I had for dessert (a slice of seven-layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, generously drizzled with hot fudge, topped with fresh whipped cream, served with a square of peanut butter fudge on the side *insert heart-eyed emoji here*) was THE BEST.

Have you ever had a race rained/stormed out?

If anyone has any advice on how to run a half marathon in 80 degrees when you’ve been training in 50 degrees (other than “lower your expectations,” because trust me, I’ve got pretty low expectations for this race), I’m all ears.

22 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’m running the Schaumburg half on Sunday, and doing my typical weather watching. Everyone keeps saying, “it will change.” Hot, humid, and thunderstorms is sounding horrible right now!

    • Yeah, tell me about it! It’s one thing to do a race in hot and humid weather if you’ve been training in it, but quite another if you’ve been training through a Chicago winter/spring! Fingers crossed for the both of us that the weather will hold out on Sunday morning 🙂

  2. Ah fingers crossed the weather holds out for you! Weathermen have the best job… they can be wrong 100% of the time and still get paid. What a life. You kind of gave me the half marathon bug. Now I want to find one to do this weekend because I suddenly found myself with ZERO plans. Like nada. I haven’t had a weekend to myself in months, so I feel like I need to fill it with races.

    All that said, good luck this weekend! Maybe you’ll surprise yourself even with the late night pre-half!

    p.s. I’m dumb and told you I had to be at work by 9 next week when you come… except I forgot it’s Memorial Day and I don’t have work. #facepalm

    • Thanks! If you run a half this weekend and mine gets rained out, I’ll just adopt your time as my own 😛

      Hahahahaha my cousin actually made the same mistake! When I was texting him to figure out what train would be best for me to come to DC on, he was all, “Well, I have to work, but we’ll figure something out.” And I was like…don’t you work for the government? Shouldn’t you of ALL people not have to work on Memorial Day? Haha. But hooray! I’m glad you don’t have to work Memorial Day either 🙂

  3. Now, let’s be honest, when haven’t you been concerned about something to do with a race? 🙂

    Seriously, though, I have had a race rained out. It was the 2010 Xtreme 10 Miler out in Waterfall Glen.

    As for running in 80 when you’re used to 50, my swim coach told us that the key is making sure you eat a lot of salt in the days leading up to the race. He had some fancy equation but mainly I took it to mean eat a lot of French fries.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA touche. The voice of reason strikes! Panicking about race day weather is pretty much my middle name. Thank you for a much needed reality check 🙂

      I’ve already been carb loading, and now you’re telling me I get to salt load, too?! Best news ever!! Good thing we still have a ton of pretzels left in the office.

  4. My only advice is lots and lots of water and Gatorade!

    Boston this year was my rainiest race ever. I cannot tell you how much I needed to get out of those wet clothes ASAP after finishing lol.

  5. Oh no I’m crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates for you! What even happens if a race gets stormed out? Do they cancel and reschedule or just give you a free entry into next years race? I ran a half marathon in the pouring down rain and it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever done. As for running in 80 degrees, wear the coolest running clothes you own and make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the race! I made the mistake of not hydrating enough during a race and blacked out at the end- that was fun.

    • I have NO idea what they’ll do. I think in general, you just lose your money because there’s always an “act of God” clause in those Terms and Conditions no one reads, and that sort of thing falls under that. But this company offers race insurance so you can get your fee refunded if you end up not running (minus the price you paid for insurance, which was like $11 or something else totally insignificant), so I don’t know what they’d do for me in that case. Hopefully I won’t find out! I’d really be fine with just rain — just as long as it doesn’t storm and cancel the race!

  6. Pretty flowers! I need to go steal some gravel from the new houses in my neighborhood so I can line the bottom of my pots before I plant my flowers! Good luck in keeping them alive! I have managed to keep my basil plant alive for like 2 months and I am like impressed with myself.

    I’m hoping it doesn’t rain on you. And to the 80 degree weather. I have no idea. I rode my bike outside in like 75 degree weather ONE day and I thought it was so hot and my body was so confused. I just figure it should feel better by July.

    • Two months! That is impressive! Every time I’ve tried to keep basil alive it…has not gone all that well. Haha. It’s a nice thought, though. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain as well! Although more than anything I’m hoping it doesn’t storm and cancel the race. That’s what I’m most afraid of!

  7. I’ve been dying to try Summer House! I’d be so nervous of ordering the wrong dish though haha. I like running in the rain but dear god not for 13 miles…and in 80 degree heat! But yeah, meteorologists in Chicago are literally just guessing. You couldn’t pay me to be a meteorologist in Chicago haha — most hated people in the city. They’re never right! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Erin (Erin’s Inside Job–from Velvet Taco) is running too so I’ll be thinking of both of you!

    • The good thing about Summer House is that they have a wide variety of things, so there’s bound to be something you like on the menu! At this point I’m really most concerned about thunderstorms on Sunday morning, because those will cancel the race, and that is something I do NOT want to have happen!

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