Thursday Things

1. Is it January again? Because I feel like it’s Janurary again. January (and February) is my busiest time at work where I am OMGOVERWHELMED, and even though the calendar says I shouldn’t be this busy, holy smokes. I’m dyin. This is basically my excuse for why blogging may be on the light side from now until…like mid-June. 

Though the real reason work is so busy is because I’m going on vacation!! Woohoo! I’m headed out to Baltimore (to hang with Sarah!) and DC in a couple of weeks, and I. Am. Stoked. My cousin who lives in DC gets a sweet hotel deal as part of his job, so I’ll be living in the lap of luxury for…two days. Haha. But whatever! I’m still super excited, because I’m pretty sure my hotel situation is going to be the best hotel situation of my entire life (king size bed all for meeeeeee! And a great location, and apparently a rooftop bar?? There are plenty of those in Chicago, but I’ve never actually been to one.). With my job, there isn’t really anyone to cover for me while I’m gone, so I have to get ahead on a zillion things before I leave. I have a feeling it’s going to be more than worth it, though 🙂

2. My parents’s house has apparently turned into a bird sanctuary. Just this week, they’ve had a rose breasted grosbeak, indigo buntings (unpictured, but beautiful) an oriele, and a white crowned sparrow in the yard. Behold:



 I am unspeakably jealous. I get excited–like, irrationally excited–when I see cardinals in Chicago. Heck, I get irrationally excited when I see squirrels in Chicago, and they aren’t even pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in the city, but man do I miss the wildlife we had a home. 

3. If all goes according to plan, I hope to go flower shopping this weekend so I can get a start on my attempt to cultivate a little garden on my porch. I went to Home Depot last weekend to get some necessary materials (like, you know, a place to plant flowers) and found myself turned into a puddle of indecision as I stared at the shockingly high number of fertilizer options, so I can only imagine how actual flower shopping will go (pretties! Colors! Nature!). If anyone has any suggestions on hardy flowers that will be generous with my inexperience and utter lack of knowledge when it comes to gardening in any capacity, I’m all ears. 

Flower suggestions?

Do pretty birds exist in Chicago? And if so, where can I find them?

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. So excited to see youuuu!!!! Ahhhh can’t believe this is real life. It always pays to know people with hotel connections. I got so spoiled growing up going on trips with my aunt who has basically unlimited Hilton points and now nothing else comes close. We’re going to have so much time for activities!

  2. Yay for an upcoming vacation with a sweet hotel to stay at!!! Have a fantastic time and do not think about work at ALL while you are there. =)

    Awww, such adorable birds! Incidentally, your comment about the squirrels reminds me of a colleague I worked with who was on exchange from Australia. He said they don’t have squirrels down under. So when he first saw a squirrel in the States, he was terrified and began backing away slowly… only for the squirrel to keep running towards him! He said he tried to back away more quickly but ended up falling down. He was relieved when the squirrel just went on its way. So thankfully, no attack of the Killer Squirrel. =)

    • That’s the plan! When I go on vacation, I like to go COMPLETELY on vacation. Work can stay where it belongs – at the office! Also, that squirrel story is one of the funniest things…ever. I’m dying. I mean, I’m sure it was scary in the moment, but the idea of a squirrel actually posing a threat is so funny. They’re so little! Hahahaha.

  3. I find that impatiens are pretty hardy, as are petunias. Don’t get fuchsia (the flower, not the color) because they are finicky. As are roses. I, personally, don’t like marigolds or geraniums but those are also popular.

    • Thank you!! I bought some petunias today — there wasn’t room for impatiens in my flat (the whole carless thing makes flower shopping a bit of a production, since I can’t buy more than I can carry in one shot), but I’m hoping to get some this weekend!

  4. One of the important parts for flowers is to look at whether you want partial sun or full sun plants. I just bought some pretty flowers this weekend so I am hoping I can get my only-semi-green thumb to keep them alive this summer!

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