Ravenswood Run 5K Race Recap

Oh, 5K. How I loathe thee.

I ran the Ravenswood Run for the third time on Sunday, and to be honest, I’m not entirely sure why I continue to put myself through this. Maybe for the same reason that I put myself through the marathon – I can’t imagine not running the race, so I choose to run the race, knowing full well that it’s going to hurt and be one long mental battle. I even have a tendency to say this is one of my favorite races, which is even more absurd, since I enjoy very little about it, except for it being over. I guess you could say Ravenswood and I have a complicated relationship.

Regardless, because I enjoy torturing myself, I signed up once again for Ravenswood. I picked up my bare-bones packet at Fleet Feet on Southport, as that is now the most CTA friendly running store in the city (and also, I would argue, the smallest running store in the city. It made Universal Sole look enormous, which is really saying something.)


Just a shirt and a mini Clif Bar this year, which is a-ok with me. Do not be fooled: there is no Clif Bar inside that wrapper. I was STARVING on Friday afternoon when I picked up my packet, and that Clif Bar was gone before I got back on the Brown Line. Actually, they did include a nice sheet full of course information, which I really appreciated.


As always, I had thoughts of PRing at Ravenswood, but I knew that was a bit of a stretch given my whole lack-of-speed-training thing this year. I ran two 5Ks last December in the low 25:00s with very little training at all, so I figured a 25:xx would be a more attainable goal. If nothing else, this would be my first 5K of 2015, so I’d at least get an automatic yearly PR 😉

I got to the race site a little late for me–about 30 minutes before the race began–but still had plenty of time to check my gear and do a little bit of a warmup around a couple blocks in the neighborhood. I lined up near the start of the 8:00 pace sign, figuring that was probably a bit ambitious but also knowing that the best way for me to run fast is to surround myself with fast people and that I could most likely manage to hang on to a bit-ambitious pace over the course of 3.1 miles.

The start was CROWDED. Thinking back on it, I’m pretty sure this always happens at Ravenswood, but I nevertheless panicked that it would ruin my chances at…finishing? I don’t know. It’s not like I was actually gunning for a PR. But it was still annoying. Fleet Feet does everything they can to organize this race well, but there’s nothing you can do about people who are all, “LOLYUP, totes gonna line up at the front of the race!” and then proceed to take off at like a 10:00 pace. Which is not to knock people who run a 10:00 pace, but if you’re going to run a 10:00 pace, then gosh darn it, line up by the sign that says 10:00 pace! And if you don’t have any clue at all what you’re going to run, maybe don’t assume you’re going to be fast enough to be at the front of the race! /endrant

My legs felt dead…oh, maybe all of .25 miles into the race. I probably should’ve skipped breakdance on Saturday, or skipped running on Saturday, or both, but whatever. No use having regrets at that point! I chugged along and hit the first mile at 8:01 while trying to come up with positive things to think about other than how much 5Ks hurt, like the fact that I chose to run this race, the fact that the weather was PERFECT, the fact that I only had to maintain this pace for three miles instead of, say, 26.2 (5Ks are always great for crushing my Boston hopes and dreams), etc. But man, that mental game on race day is REAL. Is anyone able to turn their brain off during a race, and if so, can you teach me your ways? I think I’d run faster if I didn’t spend so much energy trying to get my mental game in place.

I split 8:18 for mile two, which was a little bit of a bummer, since it meant I wouldn’t negative split the race. However, it was just about at this point, where my mind finally started believing the lies I was telling it (“This is fun! You’re almost finished!”), and my legs responded in kind. I wasn’t flying like I flew at the end of the Lakefront 10 last week, but I was doing pretty great, and ran a 7:47 third mile. Heeeey! By that point it was too late to PR, but I did have a *little* bit left to give for that last .1, and I finished in 24:50 for my second fastest 5K ever.


True life: I switched from my on-its-last-legs Garmin to a Polar M400 in February when I began this training cycle, and so far, I LOVE it. Granted, my Garmin’s old (2012), and I never really took the time to figure out how to use it as more than a very, very expensive stopwatch, but in my opinion, the M400 is far superior to my Garmin 210, except for one glaring design flaw. The start and stop buttons on the M400 are not one in the same, like they are on every other stopwatch in the history of stopwatches. There’s a red button on the right side that you use to start and lap, but a silver button on the left side that you use to actually stop your timer. I’ve worn this watch for literally every single workout, running or otherwise, I’ve done since February 25, and I STILL mix these buttons up, particularly when I’m not paying attention, like, say, at the end of 5Ks when I had just given it everything I had. FAIL. Thank goodness for chip times!

I stumbled through the finish chute, panting like a dog, and was much dismayed to find an ENORMOUS line to retrieve my checked gear. Once I did finally get my bag, I immediately proceeded to what, realistically, is probably the actual reason I continue to run Ravenswood:



All in all, I’m really happy with how things went at Ravenswood. I did not at all expect to break 25:00, so that in and of itself makes me happy. Add to that the fact that I finished within the top 15 of my age group, thus earning myself even more CARA Runners Choice Circuit points to add to the ones I earned at the Lakefront 10, and I’m one happy camper 🙂 (One happy camper who DOES NOT want to turn 25 in September and graduate to the 25-29 age group, where my 24:50 would’ve earned me a solid…31st place. OUCH.)

12 thoughts on “Ravenswood Run 5K Race Recap

  1. Great job!!

    As for turning off your mind during a race, I’ve found that not looking at my watch and just, well, running, seems to be working for me. Of course, I haven’t tried that at a 5K yet but it worked at my most recent half and it DEFINITELY worked at the Lakefront 10.

    • I’ll have to give that a shot at my half in a few weeks. I don’t have any goals for that half, and unless I wake up to about 40 degrees, no sun, and no wind, I think PRing is unlikely. That’d be a good time to try out this whole not thinking thing 🙂

  2. Nice race! I haven’t raced a 5k in forever…so now I kinda want to. And I’m sure I’ll regret that decision shortly into the race.

  3. I feel like those races where you don’t think you’re going to do well are the ones you do the best in (at least for me). So congrats on a great and totally unexpected race! I actually love the 5K for some reason. Probably because it’s so short that you’re only in pain temporarily. I’d run that race purely for the cinnamon rolls. Favorite breakfast food ever. Besides bagels, probably.

    • I hope so, because if that holds true, then maybe I’ll PR my half in a few weeks 😛 My mom actually asked me why I run the race when I don’t like 5Ks, and I listed the cinnamon rolls as my #1 reason for continuing to do it. I’m very food motivated hahaha

  4. Congrats on the top 15 finish and the CARA points. If I had been 4 seconds faster I would have earned an additional 2 points! 🙂 Wonder why the bag check line was so long? Maybe they need to look into that. Next year I need to finally try the post-race cinnamon rolls! 🙂

  5. Great job, Bethany!!! Way to push through! 5Ks are my NEMESIS. I think they are way harder than half marathons or other longer distances. I’ll take the slower paces over extended time-periods over running at puke speed during 5Ks anyday. There is SO little room for error. I had no idea that they served cinnamon rolls at Ravenswood – how awesome!

    It was so great to see you at Maggie’s clothing swap this past Sunday!!!

    • I 100% agree. I think I’m completely incapable of running 5Ks uncompetitively, whereas at any other distance, I’m only really competing with myself (okay, fine, I’m also competing with everyone around me, but I have much more realistic expectations and know I’m don’t stand a chance at AG placement haha). And even though it’s over quickly, I’m on the pain train for the duration of the race, which is just no fun. However, it is absolutely worth it for cinnamon rolls – Ann Sather cinnamon rolls, no less! The best ❤ Great seeing you on Sunday, too!

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