Thursday Things

1. Oh man, team. I (via BuzzFeed, I think?) discovered THE BEST Instagram account earlier this week: Chef Jacques La Merde. I feel like this whole account was designed just for pretension haters like myself, so if you, too, are a pretension hater 1) let’s be besties 2) you need to check out this account. The basic jist of things is that whoever’s behind this account takes everyday junk food and/or food of the masses (i.e. people like me), plates it, and then describes it as if he were a chef at a fancy pants full of itself ~tReNdY~ dining establishment (“Gusher crudo,” for instance). It. Is. Hilarious. Can I get one of these for full-of-themselves studio fitness joints as well, and/or for people of the belief that their way of exercising/eating is THE ONLY way of exercising/eating? Because that would just make me burst with glee.

2. I don’t know WHAT is happening in my life, but I think I stepped into a slightly defunct time machine. HOLY SMOKES. This week has been one insane blast from the past after another, and while it started off as being cutesy and fun, now it’s just weird. Behold:

– The subjects of my dreams for several nights running have either been people that went to high school with me or people that worked at camp with me. I haven’t had any interaction with any of these people in months at best, but far more often, in years. Like, since-I-graduated-in-2008 years. I’m not even Facebook friends with some of them! And yet they are now hanging out in my subconscious.

– On Monday, I was headed to work, minding my own business, when the person sitting next to me on the train needed to get out. I stood up to let him pass, and happened to look up as I sat down, and there, standing by the door of the train and conversing with someone else, was a guy who had been in several of my college classes. WHUT. I didn’t even know he LIVED in Chicago, never mind that we took the same train in the morning. I was so jarred by the whole experience that I immediately LinkedIn stalked him (as one does) once I got to work, and lo and behold: he lives in Chicago. I occasionally run into former classmates on the train, but that’s literally happened three times in my entire Chicago life, which is about 2.75 years old at this point. GAH it was just nuts.

– Monday evening, I was on Facebook, minding my own business, when I got a message. Waaaay back in the day (primarily during high school and my first couple of years of college), I was really active on this one forum, and while I still go by there every once in awhile, most of my friends from that forum stopped posting a long time ago. Well, this message came from one of those friends–I don’t think I’ve said anything beyond “Happy birthday!” to her in at least four years–since she is apparently considering moving to Chicago and wanted the lowdown on where people live in the city. It was an absolutely wonderful surprise, but nevertheless it was an ENORMOUS surprise.

– Wednesday morning, I was November Project-ing, minding my own business, when I saw these two girls running down the Lakefront Trail — two girls who, I kid you not, went to my college. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. In all my Lakefront Trail-ing–of which there has been PLENTY, let me tell you–I have seen people from college exactly twice. And then I saw TWO girls I knew from college (they probably don’t know/remember me, though I am Facebook friends with one of them…) in the SAME WEEK that I saw this other guy on the train. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I mean, I went to a relatively small college, so if we went to school at the same time, chances are I’ll at least recognize you, if not know you by name, if not had some sort of interaction with you in college (one of the girls running had been in my orientation leader training group in…2011, I believe? 2011 or 2010, I can’t remember.) but at the same time, it was a relatively small college, so it’s not like there are that many of us in Chicago. Outside of events organized by the alumni association, I usually bump into people from my college maybe–MAYBE–once every six months. At best. To bump into THREE people in less than 48 hours was just insane. Hilariously, I actually skipped the annual alumni networking event my alma mater schedules every April that took place last night because I was sick of going and feeling way too college-y, so I long ago decided to not go this year. I enjoyed my time in college, but I’m very much the type of person who likes to close down and totally move on from a chapter in life when it ends, so to see TONS of people from my “college life” inside of my “Chicago life” always makes me feel uncomfortable: like, “What are all of you people doing here? Why aren’t you back in West Michigan where I left you?” I went to an alumni event in January and it was real weird, so I’ve kind of sworn those off for a little while. And goodness gracious, apparently I don’t even NEED alumni events anymore, since I’m running into all sorts of former classmates without even trying o.O

– And to top this all off, I cannot stop listening to My Konstantine by Something Corporate, because apparently it’s 2006 in my mind and I am ALL about that angsty emo music right now. Whhyyyyyyy??

All of this nostalgia, to be honest, has been quite overwhelming, and it’s just a very, very weird feeling. I mean, I get nostalgic every once in awhile, just like everyone else I presume, but this has been like a crushing feeling of nostalgia – this deep desire to go back to high school and college, which is so strange, because I didn’t even LIKE high school! I liked the last two months of high school, but the rest of it, honestly, was terrible, because being a teenager is the literal worst. AND I hated my first two years of college (though the last two were pretty great). And even if I were to go back to West Michigan, it’s not like I could actually relive the “glory days” (LOLOLOLOL those are the last two words I would EVER use to describe my high school experience), because surprise! It’s not 2008 anymore! Even if I did go home, I couldn’t possibly actually relive those experiences–and I don’t even really want to! Those experiences were by and large full of ANGST (and way, way too much homework)…but yet here I am, pining for 2007 like it’s going out of style.

Growing up is strange.

3. Crap. This has gotten way too long and once again is way too void of pictures. UGH blogging is hard. Here: have a totally irrelevant skyline shot from my eight miler two weeks ago, because it’s late and I’m tired and I don’t want to take the time to import the picture I took of Lake Michigan at November Project yesterday…which I meant to blog about today and then didn’t because I ran out of time/words, and yet I’m still rambling. STOP WRITING BETHANY. MORE PRETTIES, LESS TALKY.


I’m a mess. I apologize.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Not that *I* have an Instagram account, but you know. For future reference.
Is there a cure for nostalgia? Or rambliness? Because I think I need to look into both like…yesterday. Hahaha.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I rarely run into people from school and I live 15 minutes away from where I went to college, but when I do, it’s REAL awkward because I’m not friends with the people I do randomly see when I’m out and about running and things. I haven’t hit that point of nostalgia yet though, probably because I’m less than a year out of school still and like you, HATED my college for at least 2 of those years. And for the record, I didn’t like most of high school either. I still get bouts of that same nostalgia you’re referring to, but it’s not often because I’m loving the post-grad life 10300405405x more than I did high school and college.

    • Just about everyone I see from school in Chicago is someone I only casually knew (or, even worse, I knew them, but they didn’t know me), so there’s always this super weird do I/don’t I? thing. Every now and again I’m wearing gear from my college, and that makes things simple, because then usually someone will say something. Otherwise I just awkwardly try to decide what to do, and usually settle on “do nothing.” Haha.

  2. The second college I went to was pretty large and although I know quite a few people who were in the engineering college there was a huge number of people I didn’t know. But because every MWF, I walked the same routes from class to class or class to work, I came to recognize a lot of people even though I know nothing about them. And every once in a great while, I will see someone I “know” like this. It’s really weird because I could never ever talk to them.

    My favorite ‘gram account is Natgeo. They have some baller photos. Okay now I feel hip for using those words.

    • Yes! I definitely had the same sort of situation. I found Facebook made this really problematic too – the same people would show up in friends’ photos, so I’d start to “know” all these people I didn’t know at all. Actually, one of the girls I saw running on Wednesday fell into this category!

  3. My first “love” (aka the guy I dated off and on in high school and who I always thought I would end up with) got married last weekend and when I saw all the photos on Facebook it was…strangely upsetting. I don’t even know why! It’s been almost 20 years since we last dated (man, I’m old) and I’m happily married but, dang, did that hit me in a weird spot.

  4. That’s a crazy amount of coincidences…although I’m surprised you haven’t had more awkward run-ins like that. I have them all the time! I mean I guess I grew up in the burbs AND went to the state school so that’s to be expected, but Chicago is the city of awkward run-ins haha. Kinda crazy about your dreams, though!

    Haha Something Corporate…it is 2006! Let’s get some Boys Like Girls up in here! Maybe a little Hellogoodbye?

    • SERIOUSLY, though. You think it’s a big city with 2+ million people, but not. at. all. Especially if you spend time in the same sort of worlds (like running or fitness or whatever), this city becomes SUPER small SUPER fast.

      Oh my gosh, yes. That sounds amazing. Basically I just need to pull up one of those BuzzFeed posts that’s all “46 songs you listened to as a teenager in the 2000s” and work my way through it…since this week at least, I am apparently a teenager in the 2000s 😛

  5. All I have to say is YES to My Konstantine by Something Corporate. This song….is everything. I still occasionally play it on repeat. It reminds me of freshman year of college (b/c that’s when I discovered it).

    I battle with nostalgia quite often and I still can’t figure out exactly why it occasionally pops up with full force (actually, exactly as you described it…as an extreme and crushing longing, and it’s been happening for years already). I personally believe it’s a symptom of some sort of unhappiness or dissatisfaction in my current life, making me long for happier and easier days perhaps?

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