Adulting and Easter

Over the years, Easter has become my absolute favorite holiday, but if I’m being honest, I really dreaded Easter this year. All of my roommates were leaving town for the holiday, most of my friends were leaving town as well, and the friends that were staying in Chicago either 1) do not care at all about Easter or 2) had plans. I tried to talk myself into believing the weekend would be fine when I was alone in my apartment on Thursday night, but it wasn’t going very well.

I had a to-do list filled with boring grown-up tasks a mile long for this weekend – so long, in fact, that I took Friday off work to make a dent in it. Adulting Task #1: my first dentist appointment in almost two years.

GOOD. HEAVENS, you guys. My dentist’s office in Michigan was in a renovated house with equipment and technology primarily from the…1980s? 1970s? It’s a pretty no-frills operation over there, but they got the job done. My dentist in Chicago could not have been more different from my old dentist in Michigan. Their chairs come with a massaging function. Whaaaaat?! It was magical. Of even greater importance, however, was that my dentist did not see any immediate reason to remove my wisdom teeth (Fear About Going to The Dentist #1), nor did she find a cavity in one of my molars (Fear About Going to The Dentist #2). All in all, it was a wildly successful appointment.

I took my phone out as I left the dentist to update my mother on my cavity-free status and was quite surprised to see a text from my best friend, asking if I wanted to go to a party on Saturday. Having been under the impression that my best friend had gone home for the weekend, I accepted the invitation on the condition that he’d go to church with me and/or hang out with me on Easter. Done and done. My mood about the weekend instantly improved by roughly 293847328%, and that good mood carried me through the remainder of my adulting for the day, which included Task #2 (the bank), Task #3 (voting), and Task #4: obtaining an Illinois driver’s license.

Theoretically, I probably should have taken care of this, oh, about two and a half years ago, but getting your first Illinois driver’s license is no walk in the park, so I dawdled (and my Michigan license didn’t expire until later this year, so I was in no rush). Only certain Secretary of State offices will issue your first Illinois license, and those offices, of course, are only open during normal business hours, when most of us are, you know, business-ing. You also need to bring just about every single important legal document you’ve ever obtained throughout your existence proving who you are and where you live, and let me tell you, nothing says nerve-wracking quite like carrying all of those things around with you on public transportation. I was pretty sad to surrender my Michigan license, though, especially because Illinois’ driver’s licenses are WAY ugly compared to Michigan’s pretty ones. Oh, the problems of my life 😛

Despite being SLAMMED (is the Secretary of State’s office ever not slammed, though?) I was in and out within just about an hour and had more than enough time to go grocery shopping, assemble my Easter decorations, and head to church for the Good Friday service.


(I did not intend to take such a Pinterest-y picture, but HOLY SMOKES. Can we discuss how basic b*tch lifestyle blogger that turned out to be? The lighting! The symmetry! The whiteness! The quasi-minimalism! If I ever want to fool anyone into thinking I lead a glamorous, perfect life, I shall refer them to this picture.)

I spent a good portion of Saturday prepping for Sunday, including baking key lime pie cookies


…and assembling the dry ingredients for orange lemon poppyseed muffins, which I baked Sunday morning before church. Delicious.


My best friend is currently Whole30-ing, so instead of coming over for a traditional-by-my-standards Easter meal, we went to his place and he prepped a bunch of food for the week while I watched. Haha. I realize that sounds incredibly anticlimactic, but let me tell you, when you had expected to spend your entire afternoon all by your lonesome, hanging out with your best friend while he makes kale chips suddenly becomes the most wonderful way to spend your day. (Also, kale chips are delicious. Things I learned on Sunday.)

Later that evening, I came home and made myself a completely unnecessary Easter dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes, and a vegetable dish involving corn, sugar snap peas, red peppers, and dill, despite the fact that I still was not hungry from way, way overindulging at breakfast. I called my family and went to bed way too late with a huge smile on my face. For expecting the weekend to be miserable, it turned out to be just perfect, and I was oh-so pleased 🙂

How was your weekend?

8 thoughts on “Adulting and Easter

  1. I’m chuckling at your Illinois drivers license delay. I had to turn over my Iowa drivers license soon after I moved to Illinois because it was expiring. I wasn’t too disappointed though because you could still smile in your Illinois drivers license photo. I have had like super luck when it comes to SOS offices and Social Security office wait times. Like I never have to wait. The key is going on weird days in remote places. I went to the Social Security office on Christmas eve.

    Matt just tried to get his Illinois drivers license and register his car in Illinois and he was there for 2.5 hours just to get his car registered. Then he found out there was no way he could get an IL license that day because he has to retake all the tests for his endorsements. Yeah. It’s a rant for another time.

    What fancy-pants dentists office do you go to? Mine is still in an old converted house with old equipment. But my hygienist is cool so I am still going there.

    • Yeah, going at noon on Good Friday in downtown Chicago was probably not the least busy time ever at the SoS, but I survived. Haha. I honestly expected to be there for like three hours, so getting in and out in about 1:15 was a wonderful surprise!

      I went to a dentist in River North, so I guess that explains the fanciness. My oh my was it something!

  2. Ahh so glad you had a great Easter after you were dreading it. And I hope you got some Easter candy still. I went to the store last night and ate my weight in Starburst jellybeans. Paying for it this morning, let me tell you.
    As for the dentist, I still haven’t found one here. I’ve been putting it off because my regular dentist at home told me i need to see a specialist about my wisdom teeth which I don’t want to do. Probably not the smartest and I’ll most likely regret it down the road, but for now, I’m getting by just fine. I wish I had put off getting a MD license. Not only is my picture reallyyyyy ugly (and I actually kind of liked my last one), it took 4 tries for me to get it. Plus my mom had to mail my social security card and birth certificate, which isn’t actually the safest thing you can do. But they insisted I switch my license over anyways. Because insurance. Being an adult is hard.

    • Oh trust me, I have more than enough Easter candy left over. Today is for sure going to have to be a detox day though. My stomach is NOT happy today – I suppose that’s what three straight days of overindulgence will do to you. No more! SO not worth it. Especially because moderation means it will last even longer 😉

      Not to sound like a total stalker, but I remembered you tweeting about having trouble getting your MD license, and it made me REALLY nervous about getting my IL one haha. I was worried my parents were going to have to mail me my birth certificate too, but fortunately I could get around that with other identifying documents…like legitimately everything important, other than my birth certificate. Haha.

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