Thursday Things

1. Hooray!

Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 1.37.12 PM

I *almost* bought a three day pass this year, but in the end I just couldn’t convince myself to pull the trigger. One day of Lolla has always been PLENTY exhausting for me, and obviously Lolla and marathon training coincide, which makes the whole Friday thing a bit of a challenge. Part of me wanted to see if I could do it, but not knowing the lineup ahead of time made me too nervous to drop $275 on something that may or may not pan out. To be honest, I’m not DYING over the lineup like I was last year, so I’m fine with just going one day.

I did have a really hard time deciding between Saturday and Sunday, though. RL Grime (<3) is playing Saturday, as is Ryn Weaver, my newest musical obsession. I even pre-ordered her album on iTunes, which is something I’ve never done before. On the other hand, Florence + the Machine and Of Monsters and Men are playing Sunday (though I think they’re both headlining, which means I’ll have some decisions to make and will likely split my time between the two). Saturday’s an easier day to go, but I’ve already seen RL Grime three times…but I’ve never seen Ryn Weaver, and I haven’t heard that she has any plans to play Chicago any time soon. As Tuesday’s post should’ve shown, I obviously like Florence + the Machine, and I’m still kicking myself over missing Of Monsters and Men when they played Chicago in 2013 because I really like them, BUT they’re playing the Aragon in May, BUT it’s $40, which is more than I usually pay for a show and it’s on a Tuesday, which isn’t great because I’d have to skip dance, but at least I’d have the option of seeing them, which it doesn’t seem like I have with Ryn Weaver. WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOOOO.

Well, the rabid teenagers/scalpers scooping up Lolla tickets made my decision for me, as by the time I got past the standby page, all of the Saturday tickets were sold out. So that solved that problem. I’ll be going on Sunday this year, and FOR SURE want to see:

– Florence + the Machine
– Of Monsters and Men
– Kygo
– George Ezra
– and Halsey because apparently everyone at SXSW loved her, and if you can’t trust the trendsetters at SXSW, who CAN you trust, you know? On an unrelated note, attending SXSW is pretty much one of my biggest life goals/dreams.

(Please don’t mind me and my extremely eclectic music taste. I’m that person who when you ask me, “So what kind of music are you into?” and I say, “Everything,” I’m not being difficult: I’m being honest. I mostly rotate between EDM, indie, and pop, depending on my mood, though I also listen to country every day when I wake up. Soo…yeah. It’s pretty hard to do wrong by me when it comes to music haha.)

After they release the actual schedule, I’ll start doing my research (i.e.: tireless YouTubing) to figure out who else I want to see. But having six in mind isn’t so bad to start with. I saw seven acts in some capacity last year and five the year before, so six should be good.

Also, I am ABSOLUTELY taking the Monday after Lolla off work this year. Made that mistake last year, WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. Lolla hangovers (induced by too much concerting, not too much drinking — I’ve never had anything but water at Lolla) are no. joke.

2. Once upon two times, I passed out as a result of getting poked (when I got my ears pierced in fifth grade and when I got a flu shot in college). Since The Great Flu Shot Incident of 2010, I’ve kindly requested/demanded to any and all nurses who come at me with needles that they allow me to lie down prior to stabbing me. Fortunately, they’ve all been accommodating, and I’ve found my needle anxiety has greatly decreased as a result. In fact, when I got the first in a series of three shots at my doctor’s appointment in January, I didn’t have any problems whatsoever! Hallelujah — I was cured!

Last Monday, I went to the doctor for shot #2 in the series, and I felt cool as a cucumber…right up until the point where they brought me to the back and the nurse directed me to one of those padded chairs they put you in to draw your blood. I got a bit nervous, but figured that I’m a big girl and not wanting to put the nurse out of her way, I merely told her I’m not very good with shots. She assured me that she used to work in pediatrics, so I would be just fine. She swapped my arm, poked me (not really at all painful), and then offered me a juice box, which of course I took because hello, juice box. She brought me some crackers, too, and then briefly walked away to do whatever nurse-y things she had to do in regards to my shot. I wouldn’t know what these nurse-y things are, because seconds after she left, I passed out cold.


Passed out hot is actually probably the better way of putting it, because when I came to I was 1) sweating bullets 2) nauseous as hell 3) experiencing tingling hands 4) FREAKING THE EFF OUT. I don’t know what passing out is like for everyone, but when I pass out, I’m in a very realistic feeling dream, then hear someone saying my name but feel so tired that I don’t want to wake up (this has happened every single time I’ve passed out), then come to. Let me tell you, it is EXTREMELY jarring to wake up like that and realize all at once what happened. The nurse was very nice about things, placing an ice pack on my face and neck to cool me off (didn’t help), getting me a wheelchair to move me to a room so I could lie down, and consistently reassuring me that I was okay (while I continued alternating between saying, “Oh God, I feel SO SICK,” and “WHY ARE MY HANDS TINGLING?!?!?!?” [she didn’t answer my question, but a different nurse told me it was because of the adrenaline my body released, which made me feel better about things, because I thought I was having a reaction to the shot itself, since I’ve never had tingly hands after passing out before]). Eventually she coaxed me into the wheelchair, after which I promptly threw up. So that was fun.

All told, what should’ve been a five minute doctor’s appointment turned out to be an hour-long stay at the doctor’s office, because it took me to recover enough from fainting to feel like I could actually, you know, stand using my own power. I still have to get round three of this immunization, obviously, but you better believe I will INSIST on lying down next time. No more chairs for me!

3. It’s almost Easter (!!), which means I’ve now dedicated much of my free time to figuring out what I want to bake. Easter is my favorite day of the whole entire year for many reasons–primarily religious reasons–but also because Easter means Lent is over, which means I can stop turning people down when the offer to take me out for ice cream/frozen yogurt/macarons/to buy me a cookie at Whole Foods (though all of those situations occurred because of the whole breakup/dead dog thing, so hopefully I won’t have too many more occasions where people offer that anyway!). I’ve been MUCH more thorough in my Lenten fast this year and have strictly refrained from my prior forms of “this isn’t really cheating, is it?” cheats, including (but not limited to), granola, sweetened cereal, graham crackers, pancakes, plain frozen yogurt, and any form of sweetener (honey or brown sugar) in my oatmeal. None of it! I set my limit at 4g of sugar in a serving (excluding juice and fruit), and only broke that (thus far) with three Chobani Simply 100s (which only had 6g of sugar, so whatever. Close enough.), and half of a protein bar yesterday, because it was an EMERGENCY (I had forgotten my morning snack, and I needed to save my afternoon snack for afternoon since I went climbing after work and wanted some pre-climb fuel). I’ve lost a whopping zero pounds and zero inches, despite drastically decreasing my usual sugar consumption AND running more, for those curious what kind of effect that has had on my overall health, but since that’s not really the point of Lent, I’m fine with it.

ANYWAY. What I wanted to get to in all of this rambling was that I can start baking again, but as I don’t plan to have any company on Easter, I don’t want to make *too* much. And thus I am at a loss for what I should make. So this is me soliciting suggestions, and/or inviting you over for Easter so you can eat what I bake 🙂

Have you ever fainted?
Easter plans?

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I fainted once when I got blood drawn before my foot surgery in 2010. I was walking down the hallway after towards my mom and all of a sudden everything went black and then I couldn’t hear and suddenly I was on the ground. Otherwise I’m terrified of needles and would cry every time up until the past year or so but I don’t generally faint.

    My mom texted me the other day and said “you should probably figure out what to do for easter” aka find out which one of my 2nd cousins that live near me is hosting because I’m not going home. Awesome. Thanks mom. I better be getting a giant Easter basket to make it up to me. Luckily if I do go to my cousins’ house I’m treated like I’m still a kid and I get a giant Easter basket from them too.

    p.s. Super jealous you’re seeing Of Monsters and Men AND Florence and the Machine. Two of my favorites. Now I have “Dog Days are Over” stuck in my head. So thanks for that 🙂

    • Hahaha always happy to get songs stuck in people’s heads 😛

      We never got big Easter baskets growing up, but we did have little ones that my parents would fill with candy. I, of course, now buy my own candy for Easter (because I’m certainly not going to miss out on jelly beans and Robin’s Eggs and Cadbury Eggs and Peeps — pretty sure Easter has the best candy out of all the holidays), but it’s not the saaaaaaaame. Haha 😛

  2. I’m the same way with music — country is a summer staple, but I love indie/indie pop (seeing Bleachers next week and can’t wait!), AND Katy Perry and Taylor Swift can do no wrong in my eyes, AND when Avicii comes on at the bar I’m all OVER the dance floor haha so yeah I feel ya.

    That fainting story is SCARY. I used to scream and cry getting shots as a child but I can’t imagine my body going into a reaction like that! That’s so scary!!!

    PS You are a Lenten inspiration. And I love Easter too — it’s usually brunch-themed, there are flowers everywhere, I have an excuse to wear a girly dress for the first time in five months, and I get to spend time with my family.

    • You know, funnily enough I was generally fine with shots as a kid. I mean, I certainly didn’t enjoy them, but I distinctly remember trying very hard to be a big girl and not make a scene when I got shots when I was little. Now I make a scene without even being conscious of it 😛

      I really hope it’s nice on Easter! I don’t put much stock in long range forecasts, so I’m refusing to get bent out of shape until at LEAST this time next week, but right now AccuWeather says “Rather cloudy, rain possible” and a HIGH of 44. Noooooooo! I will not accept it. But it’s so far away things could totally change. I wanna wear spring clothes and not need to wear tights!

  3. I…don’t even know what day Easter is. But I’m always down for eating stuff you bake Especially if it’s that gouda and apple thing.

    I’ve never full-on passed out but I’ve come close a few times. All have been when I’ve cut myself. Apparently the site of myself bleeding because of a sharp blade is enough to give me tunnel vision, hot flashes, and cold sweats. Thankfully every time I’ve had enough warning that I was able to lie down or put my head between my legs to get blood to head back there!

  4. Oh my gosh you poor thing! I’ve never been scared of needles and didn’t mind shots as a kid. I have passed out twice though. Once when I broke my femur, I was in the hospital laying down for 4 straight days and then when it was time to get up and leave the nurses literally just put me into a upright position so fast that everything went black and I passed out. The second time was after I got my wisdom teeth out. I’m really stubborn and refuse to take pain meds so I was in too much pain to eat. Well after 3 days of not eating I got up to take a shower and passed out in the shower. I’m not sure how long I was out but it was scary!!

  5. I’ve only passed out once–combination of standing with locked knees, not eating enough for breakfast, and being too hot–but I remember feeling like I was asleep forever and I was probably only down for a few seconds. It was really uncomfortable. I still get light headed often if I stand up too fast but now I can recognize the feeling and know to sit down or get my head below my heart immediately. It is freaky to start losing the edges of my vision!
    Matt is a repeat offender with passing out. He recently got some blood drawn and told the nurse he wasn’t very good with it. She tried to tell him she was really good at it, but it didn’t matter. As she was taking the blood he was like “yup, I’m going to pass out” then slumped over in his chair. lol.
    Definitely insist on lying down next time! It will save you and them a lot of time in the long run! I kind of get the feeling that you are already doing this, but make sure you eat something before hand and that you are well hydrated. It will just help to keep your blood sugar up! Juice is definitely a good choice.

    And I am glad Lent is almost over. I gave myself permission to have desserts on vacation but coming back to real life with no sweets sucks! I have probably lost 0 pounds and inches too but I like the feeling of not being addicted to dessert. I think it actually gets easier to say no after 2 weeks. But I really want a cup of ice cream.

    • Yeah, I think every time I’ve told a nurse I’m bad with shots/needles, they’ve always reassured me that they’re great…which I do appreciate, of course (hahaha can you imagine if a nurse was like, “OMG ME TOO! I never poke people well at all!” Ha!), but it really doesn’t matter how good you are at sticking me with a needle – my body still doesn’t like it.

      I spent an obscene amount of money on candy for Easter at Target over the weekend. Because I absolutely DO. NOT. need to eat like eight full bags of candy by myself (…yeah. I have no self control. Haha.), I arranged a bunch of it nicely in these little cutesy pails I bought at Target as well so I could share with my roommates, and let me tell you, putting out all that candy and not eating any of it was a STRUGGLE. Only six more days…

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