Too Old for This

If I had to pick a theme for this weekend, that ^^ would be it.

I kicked things off Friday night with a “party” at my best friend’s place. To my understanding, multiple people had been invited originally, but nearly everyone bailed, so this party ended up being me, my best friend, and one of our other friends. As you can imagine, it was a rip-roarin’ good time. Haha. (Actually, I did enjoy myself just fine. I always enjoy spending time with my friends, even if it’s just a low key sort of thing.) I intended to leave NO LATER than 10:00, because I needed to get up early Saturday morning to run. Then I left at 11:15. Oops.

I drug my sleep-deprived self out of bed Saturday morning and got my act together so I could meet up with my CARA friends for a run. Last Saturday, one of my group leaders invited me to come run with them, but in a tragic turn of events I didn’t see the message until hours after I (and they) had finished running, so I ended up doing five solo miles. BUT not to be thwarted from miles with friends this week, I made sure to get to Waveland well before CARA groups take off. Originally I planned to do all six of my miles with CARA, but they took a different route than normal, so I ended up just doing two with them before finishing the rest on my own. Regardless, it was WONDERFUL to run with company, even if only for a little bit 🙂

Saturday, of course, was St. Patrick’s Day (Observed) in Chicago, and having no desire to associate myself with that madness, I would’ve been quite content to spend all day holed up in my apartment, far, far away from the outside, green-clad, drunken world. However, Saturday was also 1) Macy’s One Day Sale day, 2) dance day and 3) Pi Day, so I steeled myself and headed out around noon. While the CTA was substantially busier than normal for a Saturday, fortunately most of my fellow travelers were not totally gone, with one girl who found it necessary to broadcast her various sexual exploits in disturbing detail to all of the train being the one glaring exception.

Macy’s proved to be a safe haven, because surprisingly, not that many people felt compelled to buy new bedding during the parade downtown. Weird, right? For the first time in my entire life, I’m actually making more money than I need to simply survive in Chicago, and I have decided that it is high time for me to grow the heck up. My bedroom, as it stood, was decorated in what I would describe as “Target ’08 College Line Chic,” which was all well and good when it was, you know, 2008 and I was, you know, entering my first year of college. As you may have noticed, it has not been 2008 for quite some time, and I’ve been out of college for so long that after graduation this May, everyone who attended college at the same time I attended college with be done. Also, my comforter was benzoyl peroxide bleached, sun faded, and literally falling apart at the seams. Time to upgrade.

Purchasing bedding turned out to be WAY more difficult than I anticipated. ALL OF THE CHOICES. After consulting with my mother (let’s not kid ourselves into thinking I’m actually grown up. I’m just trying to give off that appearance.), I settled on this scheme:


which, courtesy of Macy’s One Day Sale doorbusters, was all of $32 including tax. Heyo! Normally it retails for $100, so I was quite pleased with myself. AND I had a gift card from Christmas…so even though I’m now richer than God (or at least it feels that way), I still didn’t actually spend my own money on this. Haha. Good work, self. However, I do plan on buying a new rug to fit my new color scheme (everything I owned previous was teal/green/brown), so I will eventually spend money. My current apartment also has a lot of outdoor living space opportunities that we have taken no advantage of whatsoever, so I’m hoping to put together a bit of an urban flower garden and buy some outdoor furniture sometime this spring. Breakfast and reading on the porch: coming soon to my apartment.

I foolishly left Macy’s RIGHT as the parade ended, and proceeded to curse the sea of drunken out-of-towners trying to understand how to walk on State Street. But I survived (#blessed) and made it to dance unscathed.

Blaze, also known as THE BEST deal on food in all of Chicago/the universe, was having THE BEST promotion of all time on Saturday: $3.14 pizzas in honor of Pi Day. Blaze, for the uninitiated, is a Chipotle/Subway-style place where you can build your own pizza putting on as many toppings as you want (and they have a lot of toppings available) for a flat rate of less than $8 — except on Saturday, when that flat rate was $3.14. Even though I got there around 3:30 in the afternoon, the place was absolutely swamped.


It only took about 30 minutes from the time I got in line until the time I got my pizza, however, which I brought home with me and then immediately demolished, because I was STARVING.


I chilled for most of the evening, and then mustered up my courage again and met with my best friend so we could at long last see Big Gigantic live. As I mentioned when this show was announced, I’ve waited about a year and a half for this to happen, so I was pretty stoked.


O.M.G. Now, I’ve been to a pretty good amount of shows over the past couple of years, and I’d estimate that at least half of them have been EDM, so I’m no stranger to loud music. But MY GOSH. Never before have a left a show with noticeably impaired hearing, but I definitely did on Saturday night. My friend assured me it would go away, but I nevertheless was pretty freaked out and am seriously considering investing in a good pair of ear plugs for future shows, because man, once you lose that business, it’s gone forever. While I may feel too old for St. Patrick’s Day, my college bedroom decor, and loud music, I am definitely WAY too young to lose my hearing.

I was an absolute zombie on Sunday as a result of my Friday and Saturday night shenanigans. “Functional” would’ve been generous. I met one of my good friends from college at Sugar Fixe in Lincoln Park that afternoon, which woke me up a bit (though I did TOTALLY blow my one legit chance in Lent to eat sweets. Sunday was relaxation Sunday, which, according to my aspiring seminarian sister, means it’s okay to break your fast. was not aware of this, however [the fast breaking, that is. I knew it was relaxation Sunday per the sermon in church that morning], so I just got tea. ALAS.

Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this weekend?

16 thoughts on “Too Old for This

  1. I did not celebrate Patty’s day this year, and am not wearing green today. But I’m fine with it. Super jealous of your bedding purchase! I’m currently living at home but that time is drawing to a close and I’m already slightly stressing about finding a job where I can afford to pay rent and car insurance…ugh.

  2. Okayyyyy first of all, that pizza. Why does Baltimore not have a place like that? That is my version of heaven since I’m not a fan of Chipotle. But a build-your-own-pizza fast food place? That I could do. And it looks like the perfect crust (I’m a pizza critic on the side…).

    Also– Reading this made me super jealous of your outdoor space. That’s the only thing I wish we had at my apartment. I usually just go sit on the benches on the docks outside of it, but then I look really strange because that’s where a lot of homeless people hang out. And, well, I’m not homeless. I just made a lot of homeless friends. I don’t even care though because I’d still rather be sitting outside when it’s nice out reading!

    • There’s one opening in Annapolis later this year according to their website, so maybe you have hope! They also currently have locations in Bethesda, College Park, and Laurel, so maybe you could go on an adventure and experience the amazingness that is Blaze 🙂 I will say that it’s a pretty thin crust — not quite cracker thin, but fairly thin. Normally I prefer a little heft to my crust, but I have no complaints about Blaze’s.

      I used to live on the 18th floor of my old building, and while it was cool, it was also a bit stifling. I’m not always a huge sit outdoors sort of person, but when the weather’s perfect, it’s such a shame to be cooped up inside. Hopefully that won’t be as much of an issue later this year!

  3. Wow, that is quite the weekend!!! I was bummed to miss the $3.14 promo at Blaze this weekend. Their pizza is the best (and I usually load up on so many toppings that I get the side-eye from the staff, LOL). Love the new choice for your bedspread – it looks very spring! And yay for outdoor living space!!! Are you thinking of just growing flowers, or maybe some edible stuff, too!?!?!?

    • I’m kind of tempted to try to put all of the toppings on a pizza just once to see what happens. It’s probably be REALLY overwhelming. I put everything I really like on this one, though, so maybe it’s best to just stick to that for me 😛

      I’ve thought about trying to grow some herbs/vegetables! I’m just a little nervous because the sunshine situation isn’t super duper great — they’ll either get all morning sun and no afternoon sun or all afternoon sun and no morning sun. But man, I’d LOVE to grow my own food. Maybe I’ll start with something small and simple…

  4. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to go out with all of the drunks. I didn’t go out this past weekend and I wasn’t planning on going out last night either until a friend I hadn’t seen in a while texted me and asked me to meet him at a bar. It was fun until the bar was so full we couldn’t hear each other or move a muscle. That is when my roommate and I decided we had, had enough fun and headed home haha! I just can’t hang anymore.

  5. Just remember to plant your stuff after Mother’s Day 🙂 That’s always my rule of thumb. And most plants really do like some sun, some shade so just getting afternoon sun is probably just fine. Start with herbs and maybe a tomato plant. Those seem to be the easiest 🙂

    • Excellent advice! Last weekend got me all motivated, but obviously planting anything then would’ve been a bad move in the long term. Pretty much anywhere I’d plant will get sun half the day and shade the other half, so hopefully I’ll have some success. Fingers crossed!

  6. Hahaha you ALMOST made it without seeing the throngs of drunken people! So close! I love that Macy’s was your “Safe haven” haha. How have I still never been to Blaze?! I think it’s because there isn’t really one that conveniently located by my apartment or where I work. That looks so good — and for less than $4? Give me a break. Next year for St. Patty’s Day I’m not going to act like I’m a fun 24 year old…I’m going to celebrate Pi day instead. Even though it won’t fall on the same day haha. I’d rather get drunk on pie, let’s be real.

    • You’ve never been to Blaze?!?! Oh, girl, it is worth going out of your way. TRUST ME. It’s a magical place, and there’s one literally steps off the Brown/Red/Purple Lines at Belmont, so there’s really no excuse 😛 And yes to getting drunk on pie — sugar over alcohol any day, please and thanks.

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