Thursday Things

1. Well kids, I did it. I went to November Project yesterday.

Real talk: I have had Opinions on November Project for awhile, and they were primarily…negative. Not that I thought there was anything bad with the concept of November Project, and not that I thought there was anything bad with the execution of November Project. I just don’t like people or groups who give off a self-important vibe, and WHOA BABY was that the vibe that I got from November Project’s marketing. That kind of thing just rubs me the wrong way (see: several of my ClassPass experiences *coughPowerScupltFitnesscough*) and is not, not, not my scene.

But for some reason that I will not even pretend to understand, one of the first things that came to mind after getting dumped last week was, “I need to go to November Project next Wednesday. I am GOING to November Project next Wednesday.”

I mean, obviously. I assume that’s how most people react to a breakup, yes? Whatever. I’m rolling with it.

So I went to November Project.

It was pretty fun, to be honest. I’m not all NP IS EVERYTHING by any stretch of the imagination (yet), but it was fun to put myself out there and meet new people and strike up conversations with strangers and watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan (uh, yup. That alone is pretty much enough reason to go in my mind) and get in a solid workout before going to work. I’ve whined for quite some time about how I have no venue for meeting new people, but November Project seems like a good solution to that problem. So many new people! And I even made a friend! It was her first day at November Project, too, so we figured out the ropes together, and it was a lot of fun. Plus she just went through a breakup, too. #solidarity

I plan to keep going, at least for the next few weeks. Things will get much trickier once it starts getting really warm outside (I have to go straight to work from November Project, so no time for showering…sorry coworkers. Haha 😛 ), and it will get much trickier if I start doing breakdance again in a few weeks (I dropped it this session because I was just SUPER over it and needed time off, but since that’s the most reliable way for me to see my friends, I doubt I’ll stay out of it forever), and it will get much trickier during marathon season, when Wednesdays are my midweek long run day…but all of that is far away in the future, so I shall cross that bridge when I come to it, and in the mean time focus my efforts on making new friends 🙂

2. Do you ever have one of those blog days where your site stats just EXPLODE for no obvious reason? When I put up a big post (like my marathon recaps) or when someone with a bigger following than I have links to one of my posts, yeah, I get it. It makes perfectly good sense to me why I get substantially more hits on those days. But on Tuesday I got three times my normal traffic, and I have no idea why, and it’s driving me crazy. Where did all you people come from? Or, perhaps more likely, where did one person who combed through a fair portion of my blog come from? Who are you? Why are you here? IDENTIFY YOURSELF, DARN IT! Hahaha. (But really. I am dying of curiosity over here, because when this happens, I assume someone I know in real life found my blog and was like, “OMG JACKPOT,” because that is without question how I would react if I came across the semi-secret blog of someone I knew in real life. So if you, Accidental Intentions reader, are someone I do know in real life, this is me calling you out, and I really don’t mind that you’re here, but I’d love to know who you are…pretty please? I promise to not be weird about it at all. I just wanna knowwwwwwww *whines*.)

3. I finally worked up the motivation to go to Fleet Feet to replace my running shoes: a venture long overdue, given that I’ve been running in the same pair since last May, including the entirety of marathon season last year (oops). My beloved Asics Gel-Cumulus 15s have long since been discontinued, and the 16s did not agree with my feet, so we started back at square one. I ended up in…



Haha. I’ve had primarily good experiences in Asics (the Cumulus 16s being the one glaring exception), and according to the sales associate fitting me, Asics fit the shape of my foot well, so there you have it. These are Gel-Nimbus 16s, which are the cooler (more expensive…) sibling to the Cumulus. I ❤ cushioning, and these shoes are SUPER soft, which makes me oh-so happy. AND because Asics has already released the Nimbus 17s, these were on sale! Holla! I actually did try on the 17s and liked them a lot as well, but they kept slipping off my foot, which seemed like it’d be a problem…pretty much always. Haha. So I ponied up $$$ and bought two pairs of the Nimbus 16s in hopes that I will fall unabashedly in love with them and wear them through marathon season this year.

I’ve run in them a couple of times since I bought them and my old friend, inexplicable toe numbness, has made a return. I’m starting to wonder if this is just a new shoe thing for me, since it happened every time I wore a new pair of shoes last year as well, but then eventually went away. Though I no longer have a real boyfriend, I’m not in any particular hurry to get back together with my fake boyfriend, my physical therapist, wonderful as he is, so I plan to ride this out for a few weeks and see what happens.

4. Speaking of my fake boyfriends, I threw my name in the lottery hat for the Chicago Marathon yesterday. Not gonna lie, I’m actually pretty nervous about this. Word on the street is Chicago hopes to get two to three times more lottery entrants this year than last (now that New York’s lottery is over, that’s a much more reasonable goal), which means instead of everyone getting in, only half to one third of the people will get in this year (if, of course, the marathon gets as many entrants as it hopes to get). Those odds are still WAY better than New York, but they’re also WAY worse than last year, when everyone got in. I have a couple backup plans just in case, but I’m still a bit on edge. I do not want to go the charity route this year. Raising $1,000 stressed. me. out. last year, and I don’t want to deal with that again. I also really want to have the option to defer, just in case. I seriously cannot wait until I’ve got five of these under my belt (only three more to go…) so I can have a legacy entry and the peace of mind that comes with it. If YOU are on the fence about entering the lottery, this is my plea to you to not tempt fate, and to let those of us who actually want to run the marathon this year have a better chance of getting in, please and thanks.

5. An important followup to my 8+2 post from last week: CARA has now clarified its participation and long distance rules, and they are the bomb. For participation, all you have to do is run 10 races, at least five of which must be on the CARA Circuit, and the others of which must be CARA certified (which is practically every race around, it seems, except for the gimmicky, huge, for-profit, zillion dollar entry fee 5Ks), and for long distance, you just have to run four CARA certified races 10 miles or longer, one of which must be a marathon. Easy peasy, and much more attainable for someone like me than 8+2. You still have to volunteer at two Bank of America race-related things, which for me is FAR more likely to be a challenge than getting my races in…so we’ll see. But at least now us middle-of-the-pack-ers have an option. (And my well-researched, highly thought out post is basically useless. Haha. Curse you, CARA! 😛 )

Do you enter the Chicago Marathon lottery?
Does anyone else have weird foot issues when they change shoes? 
Or am I just insane? (HAHAHAHA like we don’t all know the answer to that question.)

17 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I’m not entering the Chicago lottery, I’m fairly certain I’ll do Grandma’s full again in June, but I’m not even registering for that until May just make sure my body is going to agree with the decision. I’m saving chicago and NYC for when I feel like I can legit “run a marathon” vs. put my body through 26.2 miles of something. This feeling may never come, but who knows.

    • Oh nice! I’ve heard good things about Grandma’s. I also SO wish I could sign up for a marathon last minute! I mean, I could, I suppose, but since I’m still totally gung-ho about Chicago, obviously that’s not an option. Someday I’ll have to take my marathoning elsewhere, though, and then maybe I can put off registering until late.

  2. So glad you gave NP a shot despite giving it the side eye for awhile! It’s hard to understand what it’s really like until you go, and I agree that it definitely gives off a weird vibe which is why I shied away from it. But I went back for a few weeks and then became hooked (clearly… now it’s my entire social life). Hopefully the same thing happens to you!
    And yes, I have major foot issues when I change shoes. I don’t know why they can’t keep the models I wear the same forever and ever so I never have to worry about them changing and causing my injuries/aches/pains- I’m looking at you, Mizuno.

    • Oh good, this makes me feel much better about my weirdo body! Hahaha. Seriously, I will never understand why shoe companies HAVE to update their models every. single. year. I feel like the only time you hear people complain about a shoe is when they update it and make major changes that no one wanted or asked for. Why can’t we just leave a good thing alone, you know?! Life is hard 😛

  3. I had to laugh at CARA’s update to the 8+2 program since it’s basically what they should have said from the beginning. I do wonder if what they changed it to was what they meant all along or if all the backlash made them go back to BoA and say, look, this isn’t working.

    I suppose I COULD ask my CARA contacts but it’s much more fun to speculate 🙂

    • Hahaha oh yes, speculating is way more fun 🙂 Maybe they just didn’t have the details all hammered out? This is SUCH a big change from what they originally said (or didn’t say, really, since it was so vague), but since the Circuit hasn’t even started yet, you’d think they could’ve held off on announcing everything until they had ALL the details sorted out. Whatever. At least now we have clarification!

  4. Woof marathon season is stressful. It’s my first year and I’m SO OVERWHELMED. I think I’m going to charity route which should be fun because asking people for money isn’t awkward at all! I also had no idea about those requirements for CARA lol I seriously learn something new about the running community in Chicago every day that I had NO IDEA about. Teach me everything!!

    • Hahaha just you wait! It only gets worse from here! Haha. But it’s all worth it in the end 🙂 Charity is definitely a great way to go if you want to make sure you get in. I’ve found people tend to be pretty generous, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. As long as you believe in your cause, you can usually convince those who love you to support you, at least in my experience 🙂

  5. I did not enter the lottery this year but am hoping for a guaranteed entry next year. Thanks to your twitter post I was able to get more information and will make sure to volunteer and get my races in for this year. 🙂

  6. I have a pair of the Nimbus shoes – love them even though they are several years old. (I mostly wear Mizuno.)
    I’ve never hear of the November Project – I guess I’m just old:)

    • So far I’ve enjoyed them! I really like my shoes to be cushioned, so Nimbus work nicely for me.

      Haha don’t feel bad! I had never heard of November Project until an article in Runner’s World awhile back, and if you’re not super plugged in to social media, it can be easy to miss.

  7. So I read this post right when you initially published it, and have been meaning to comment on it for DAYS! I’ve never heard of the November Project either, but it sounds intriguing. That is awesome that you had such a great time there, and found #solidarity, too! I am excited to hear more about your experiences there in the future.

    YES on wondering where sudden random spikes in traffic come from on our blogs. Sometimes mine just come from spambots, but other times I can’t quite identify the source – and it does make me curious! Incidentally, the keyword searches that have lead to my blog are hilarious. I’ve got things like “balaclava” and “fartlekking” and “chocolate for breakfast.” LOL

    Ooooh on the new ASICS! I’ve been wanting to try out the Nimbus shoes for a long time – I hear great things about them! The color is fabulous, too!

    • Hahaha I’ve definitely gotten some traffic from weird search terms as well! These days most of my search traffic comes from people interested in ClassPass, though.

      So far so good on the Nimbus! Aside from the feelings of numbness, that is, but I really think that just may be how my feet react to new shoes, since this is the third time in as many pairs of shoes that I’ve had that kind of situation.

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