Thursday Things

1. As I mentioned last week, I’ve been busy and stressed lately, mostly thanks to work (but one big project wraps up tomorrow and another big project wraps up on Monday! Woohoo!). On Friday, I went grocery shopping on my way home from work, as I am apt to do, and I almost burst into happy tears right in the middle of Trader Joe’s.



This made my day/week/month/life. I love tulips. Being Dutch, I think I’m genetically wired to have an affinity for tulips (I don’t actually think that, btw, I’m just using it as a cutesy turn of phrase. It drives me INSANE when people talk about things that are quite obviously and inarguably a result of nurture and treat it as if it were nature — like when someone says a child inherited his mother’s love for country music or her father’s passion for the Blackhawks. No. I’m one billion percent sure that’s not coded into anyone’s DNA and one billion percent sure that’s a result of how the child was raised. /endtangent), and they just make me so happy. They make me think of home and spring and I get so giddy every time I see tulips. When I moved to Chicago two and a half years ago, I told myself I would buy myself a bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s every time I wrapped up a major project at work, and I never once followed through on that until last Friday. Best $5 I’ve spent in quite some time.

2. You know how iOS 8 came with Health Kit, which aggregates information from all sorts of apps if you let it, but also does its own tracking of your movement and whatnot? Well. I’ve never put a *whole* lot of stock into the 100% accuracy of my iPhone (or any other device’s) activity tracking, but last Monday took my skepticism to a whole new level.


In case you’re not super familiar with this interface, according to my iPhone, I walked/ran 35.76 miles on Monday. (What? You slackers didn’t go out and run an ultramarathon post-blizzard? You’re all a bunch of lazy couch potatoes!). For the record, I worked from home that day, which means I moved FAR less than normal. According to my Polar Loop (which has its own inaccuracies, of course, but tends to be more or less accurate-ish), I traveled 2.94 miles last Monday. I think that makes a LOT more sense 😛

3. Every now and again over the past couple of months, I’ve been in situations that have required me to get up much earlier than usual on weekdays and led to me needing to kill a fair amount of time before actually starting my commute. On these mornings, I’m always right by a Starbucks (though, really, when are you ever not right by a Starbucks in Chicago?), so I’ve gotten into the habit of buying myself a tea (and, on very rare occasions, a pastry as well), and slowly enjoying it while I check my email/Twitter and/or read the RedEye.


I’m not about to start getting up 30 minutes early so I can do this every morning (unless someone wants to donate to the Bethany Likes Starbucks Mornings Fund 😉 ), but on the mornings when this does happen, I have to say that I enjoy it so much. My mornings are usually frenetic (homegirl likes her sleep, thanks, and will sleep in absolutely as late as possible on weekday mornings), so these Starbucks mornings are such a nice contrast to my normal days.

Do you ever buy yourself flowers?
How do you start your days?

10 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I love buying flowers, my new thing when I go to visit friends is to wander around trader joes and bring them treats before I arrive. I also like to sleep as long as possible. Unless I have something big going on and feel like doing my hair and makeup (which I usually don’t).

    • Oh boy, well, if that’s the case, you’re welcome to come visit me any time! Haha. For whatever reason the cost of flowers always prevented me from buying them, but I realized I often will spend about that amount of money on some sort of treat I don’t really need at Trader Joe’s (cookie butter…), and I imagine from a health standpoint this is definitely a better way to spend my money! (Not to mention that they last longer than cookie butter, since I have zero self control :P)

  2. I wish I was a flowers person, but I’m not. I never really got the point of them (I’ve also been living in my apartment for 7 months now and it still looks like I haven’t unpacked… so there’s that). But those tulips are gorgeous and it is a great way to treat yourself especially after a stressful project at work! I’ve never tried that app on my iPhone but i was thinking I might the other day… I didn’t expect it to be that accurate but I didn’t think it would be THAT far off either. Wow. Now I’m curious…

    • For the longest time (by which I mean “forever up until last Friday” haha) I was so anti-buying myself flowers, but now that I’ve done it all week I’ve been like, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?!?!” Doing something nice for myself usually looks like buying a bunch of sweets I don’t need, then eating said sweets in like, two days, then having a terrible stomachache from being an idiot. Flowers are much nicer! Hahaha. Usually my HealthKit app isn’t *that* insane, although once it did tell me I took 564,065 steps in one day LOL. It also said for that same day I traveled 4.73 miles. Okay, iPhone. Pretty sure those two things do not go together 😛

  3. I love buying myself flowers. I almost did somersaults in TJ’s as well when I saw they had tulips — and not just a few, but they have TONS of gorgeous tulips. Spring is coming spring is coming!

    Fun fact: where I work, there are FOUR Starbucks within a four block radius. It’s absurd.

    Have a great weekend!

    • I know! Isn’t it the most wonderful thing to see at Trader Joe’s?! Oh my gosh, I was just over the moon.

      Four Starbucks!! That seems like overkill. Also, how sad of a reflection on us as humans is that, that we would need four Starbucks that close to each other because HEAVEN HELP US if we have to go two blocks out of our way to get coffee 😛 Hahaha

  4. How am I JUST NOW learning about this fascinating new Health Kit app on my iPhone?! Of course I immediately checked it out and it doesn’t really make too much sense to me haha. But it did seem to capture my 3 mile run from the other day fairly accurately. So interesting! What else can you teach me about my iPhone huh? Share your wisdom 😉

    Wishing you the best of luck on this final stretch at work! You’re so close, and then it’s time to celebrate your much-deserved rest and freedom.

    • Yeah, the only real “new” information I get from Health Kit is the flights of stairs climbed thing (which I will admit is pretty interesting!). I think to make it the most useful, you have to have a bunch of *other* apps on your phone (like dieting apps, fitness tracking apps, etc.), because then they’ll import the data you put in on those apps and aggregate it all in one spot. That’s kind of interesting, but you also have to be pretty meticulous about your tracking, which can get tiring.

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