Tuesday Things

Hello-I’m-still-alive edition!

1. Dang, team. I really didn’t intend to take quite this much time off blogging, but life has been busy busy busy. My workload lately is OFF. THE. CHARTS. I’ve started to feel myself getting very overwhelmed by everything I have going on, but I think one of my major projects will wrap up this week (thus leaving me with only four major projects and one medium sized ongoing project instead of five major projects and one medium sized on going project…yay 😐 . Is it mid-February yet?), so hopefully that will help. Bits and pieces of last week were rough — my anxiety definitely got the best of me on Wednesday, which was not fun. The mental aspect of anxiety is frustrating and debilitating enough–the feeling that your mind is spiraling out of control and you are completely at its mercy, the sense of impending doom lurking on the edges–but I’ve learned over the past year + change that my anxiety also tends to manifest itself in physical sensations as well, and if you ever wanted to know what a positive feedback loop looks like, I’d like to direct you to a hypochondriac with anxiety. Anxiety –> physical discomfort (of all different varieties, at least in my case: nausea, digestive distress, muscular pain, headache, any combination of the above — never know what you’re gonna get!) –> fear that the physical symptom is NOT a result of anxiety but is an actual problem (blood clots are my concern of choice lately, because go dramatic or go home, eh?) –> increased anxiety –> more physical symptoms –> more fear, etc. YAY LIFE.

I’m hoping (hoping hoping hoping) that by remembering everything that I went through around this time last year (and, even more importantly, remembering that I survived this time last year and that nothing was actually physically wrong with me) will help me make it through this time this year with my sanity and dignity intact (even if I have already sent one 1:30 a.m. email to my doctor….). Check back with me in April and we’ll see how that turned out.

2. On an unrelated note, I made dinner last Thursday and was so proud of how everything looked that I took a picture.


I felt like such a grownup.

3. I had a snow day on Monday! In typical snow day fashion, I left most of my “homework” at “school” in my “locker” (aka did not save most of what I was working on/needed to do on Monday to a flash drive, thus meaning it was all stuck on my work computer), but I did the best I could with what I had. More than anything I was happy that I didn’t have to get up early Monday morning to work out before heading into the office and could instead workout whenever I darn well pleased on Monday.

4. I’m about to start base building before fully jumping into my 2015 running in March, but for the past month or so I’ve barely run at all. Needless to say I have not in any capacity joined my beloved CARA friends during winter marathon training (the farthest I’ve run since the Chicago Marathon is 3.75 miles. Look at me go! Hahaha.). However, when one of them put out a general call for birthday brunch on Saturday, I obviously took her up on that offer, because I will happily indulge in brunch regardless of how many miles I did or did not run pre-brunch. We went to Nookie’s Tree, which right now has this INSANE French toast made out of lemon poppyseed bread:


Yes. Please. omg. So indulgent (I ate that around 10:45 and wasn’t hungry at all again until…like 4:30. Haha.), but TO. DIE. FOR. Who came up with this genius idea? He/she deserves a medal.

5. Speaking of amazing things, this happened on Sunday:

Screen shot 2015-02-03 at 2.31.09 PM

And my social media life is basically now complete. As you may or may not know, I long ago declared myself the RedEye’s biggest fan, which is really less me trying to be a suck-up and more the honest truth. I’m obsessed with the RedEye, you guys. You know how some people see local news anchors and think of them as celebrities? Yeah. That’s how I feel about the RedEye staff. I think if I ever had the chance to actually meet one of them, I would legitimately be starstruck. I apply for basically every RedEye job I see unless I’m WOEFULLY unqualified (i.e., graphic designer. Homegirl can figure out her way around the most basic Photoshop functions, but usually resorts to PicMonkey for actual photo editing since that’s easier, and doesn’t have a clue how Illustrator works) (but have yet to be hired. Why don’t you love me back, RedEye?! *sobs*). As such, seeing that the RedEye followed me on Twitter (even if they are following like 11,500 other people…) was probably the greatest thing that has happened to me…ever <– slight exaggeration but only kind of.

6. Remember that one time last year when I wrote a big long post explaining why I thought it was totally fine that the Chicago Marathon went to a lottery system? Remember how in that post I wondered if they’d do something for CARA? WELL. CARA started a new eNewsletter last week focused on racing rather than general CARA news, and lo and behold, Ed (the new CARA director) and Carey Pinkowski (the Chicago Marathon race director) had a meeting, and one of the results was that CARA Circuit racers have access to guaranteed Chicago Marathon entires. They haven’t announced any of the details yet, and I imagine this will be geared MUCH more towards the people that are actually competitive CARA Circuit racers, not accidental CARA Circuit participants like I was last year (not that I did well in the Circuit by any means — it just so happened that four races I ran were on the Circuit), but I would just like to make it known that I SO called this, and I think I should get a guaranteed marathon entry for it being my idea in the first place 😛

7. So that’s the basic gist of things. I have, obviously, been extremely busy in my professional life, but I’ve also been quite busy in my personal life as well for the past month or so, and spending time with my laptop just has not been a priority. This certainly is not goodbye from me–not at all–just more of a two-times-a-week-may-be-a-bit-much-for-me-at-the-moment sort of thing. So don’t you worry: I’ll post again as soon as I have a chance!

What’s been going on with you?

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. So so so sorry to hear about your anxiety 😦 Despite this horrible struggle you’re going through, I think you have the right mindset to push through and make it out in one piece a few weeks from now. I’m rooting for you!!! It sucks when we bring work back with us after-hours, even if it’s just the constant thought of what needs to be done or pending deadlines. The other day I DREAMED about something I missed at work and literally hopped out of bed on Saturday morning to write it down. I mean…really?!? I think it’s unacceptable, but unavoidable I guess 😦

  2. I LOVE the redeye. Have you also noticed the lack of consistent whoville (second to last page, celebrity gossip) articles? I know they’ve been going through some staff changes, but DO NOT MESS WITH THE CELEB GOSSIP PAGES!

    • YES I totally noticed that. To be honest, I usually found the second-to-last page kind of boring (not the back cover — I like that), so I’m not *too* distraught over Whoville being one page instead of two, BUT I loved the Monday Whoville when they said which celebrities had been in town in the past week! I really wish they’d bring that back 😦

  3. Anxiety is the WORST. The best way I can describe it is this tiny tumbleweed on top of a really tall hill. Once it starts rolling it gets bigger and bigger REALLY fast and it spins downhill out of control in an instant. I’m sorry yours manifests so much physically — and on top of that having a fear of something actually being wrong with you is just cruel of your mind to do to you. Luckily exercise helps me and it seems like it helps you too — but I bet the combination of tons of stuff at work + no time to run = extra anxiety so that’s rough 😦

    Haha I like the RedEye when I pick it up but I haven’t read it in forever! apparently I’m missing out! Oh, and LEMON POPPYSEED french toast? Get at me!!

    • I think that’s a really great description of anxiety! I might start using that 🙂 I haven’t been doing much running lately, but I have been fairly ferocious about protecting my workout time (ESPECIALLY when I plan on working out in the afternoon), since those sweat sessions can sometimes do a lot to distract me, if nothing else.

  4. I know you’re swamped but CARA released the details of the guaranteed Chicago Marathon entries and, once again, you were right. They are definitely catering to faster runners. I emailed CARA, though, with some questions and am waiting to hear back 🙂

  5. I used to read The RedEye when I worked downtown. I picked it up at the Pulaski orange line stop and was done with it by the Clark stop. It was a quick way for me to quickly catch up on the news in a condensed format. I do miss reading it cause now I drive to work.

    Ugh, I am having mixed feelings about the Chicago Marathon. It is a great race but don’t really like the directing it is going to.

    • Now that I don’t watch TV anymore (in my old apartment the setup was really convenient to watch TV during breakfast, but it’s not anymore, so I don’t), the RedEye is pretty much my number one way of catching up on all the big headlines — and knowing what the coolest new restaurant that just opened up is haha.

      Yeah, ditto. I mean, I haven’t been around long enough to know what the marathon used to be like, but I do know that it’s become quite the corporate entity — which makes sense, since it’s owned by the Bank of America, which is pretty much always going to care more about profits than people, because duh: it’s the Bank of America.

  6. Oh my gosh that poppyseed french toast looks amazing!! I’m sorry you’ve been dealing with anxiety, that is the worst! I hope you can have a little more of a relaxing week this week!

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