Thursday Things

1. Here’s my advanced apology: the next six weeks are the hands-down busiest time for me at work, and on top of the two major projects we always have in January and February, this year we also have another major project. In addition to that, I recently got a new “half job” at work, if you will, along with the job I already had (I asked for this half job, so it’s not like my boss just handed me a billion new responsibilities for funzies). While I love blogging, I primarily use it as a way to pass time at work, so if I’m more absent in the writing and commenting departments from now until mid-February, that’s why. I’ll be around when I can, and when I can’t, I won’t. I’m also accepting all productivity/sanity vibes/prayers/thoughts, since this season at work last year was a nightmare, and I’m really hoping to make it out this year with substantially less tearful phone calls to my mother.

2. GUESS WHO GRADUATED FROM PT?! 😀 After six full months of “official” therapy and six and a half months of making visits to my PT’s clinic, I finally, finally, finally broke up with my physical therapist last Wednesday. He seemed to be pretty happy with how everything looked/felt on me, which was great. Not that it makes much of a difference at this point: I’ve annihilated my medical budget, and with my deductible resetting on the first of the year, I was going to be done with PT whether my PT thought I was good to go or not. With more of a running off-season this year, I’m hoping to make it until, you know, at least the mid-point of marathon training next summer before needing to see my PT again. Or much longer than that. That’d be okay, too. In the mean time, I have my own nice little mini PT clinic in my room now.


Try not to be jealous of my Theraband collection. I realize it’s pretty impressive 😛

3. I watched The Bachelor for the first (and hopefully last) time in my life on Monday, and I think I lost at least a solid semester of education as a result. I mean, I appreciate mindless entertainment as much as the next girl, but my GOODNESS was I blown away by the idiocy of it all. Different strokes for different folks, I guess, so if The Bachelor is your jam, more power to you, but please don’t invite me to your viewing party. I already looked up season spoilers and know (at least according to the spoilers) who Chris is engaged to just to ensure I have zero reason to watch the rest of the show.

I do have a couple of things to say about the episode, however. (No spoilers at all, for those worried about such things.) Thing #1: Jade is the only girl I find at all tolerable. Also, she’s from Nebraska, apparently, which in and of itself should seal the deal for Chris as far as I’m concerned. Although I’m also rooting for Kelsey, since, though she lives in Austin, now, she’s originally from Hudsonville, which is in West Michigan, and I gotta give some love to my fellow West Michiganders. (Plus Hudsonville Ice Cream is the BOMB.)

Thing #2: Did we all catch the moment when Kaitlyn, the insufferable Canadian, tried to teach Chris to dance? Did we all catch how she tried to teach him how to BREAKDANCE? Now, not to get all up on my high horse or anything (I am absolutely getting up on my high horse right now, btw), but she was SO. BAD. This girl claims to be a dance instructor, but that was legitimately some of the worst breakdancing I’ve ever seen — and I’ve seen (and done) a lot of bad breakdancing since I started taking classes two years ago. could six step circles around this girl, and that is really saying something (though I do, admittedly, have a pretty mean six step. But a six step is THEE most basic move in breakdance. That is Day One material. Saying you have an impressive six step is like saying you have an impressive ability with pinning race bibs onto your shirt at a 5K, i.e.: it’s really not impressive at all.)

If you would like to see what a six step ACTUALLY looks like (and learn how to do it yourself!), please consult this video, NOT KAITLYN, BECAUSE SHE IS TERRIBLE:

This has been Bethany’s Breakdancing Public Service Announcement.

Do you watch The Bachelor?

14 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Congratulations on graduating from PT!!! That must have been an amazing feeling of freedom!!! I have a mini PT clinic at home, too, complete with fitness bands, foam roller, mats, etc., etc. =)

    Love the Breakdancing Public Service Announcement! Now, I’m off to watch that video to try to learn me some instant 6-stepping. (I should probably practice in private, LOL)

  2. It’s been a tradition since freshman year of college that my group of friends all watches together. So in the spirit of that, we all still watch it at the same time and group text 🙂 it’s so fun because that show is so, so, so bad. A bunch of my friends actually went to high school with the ballet instructor who didn’t like to pay bills/do it was 10x as funny.

    Also, I feel like you were JUST talking about how you’re going to be going to PT forever and now you’re graduated! So proud and so happy that you’re well on your way to a healthy body!

    • No. Way. That’s crazy! I can’t imagine what it’d be like to see someone you actually know on a show like that. Though I guess that’d give you some insight into how much of the show is manipulated and how much of it reflects the real personality of the people on the show.

      And thanks! I mostly graduated because my deductible reset and I refused to keep coming in, BUT I am feeling a lot better on the whole, which is even more important 🙂

  3. No more PT! Yay!!

    I also watched the bachelor last week. I was intrigued because he’s from Iowa. I’m very baffled at how these women (and men) can leave their jobs for weeks! I think that would get me fired! They seem so catty and crazy on that show.

    • Right?! I imagine for most people with “real” jobs, you’d pretty much have to quit to be on something like the Bachelor, and my goodness. Can you imagine telling your boss you were quitting to be on the BACHELOR?? Hahaha. Or explaining that gap on your resume to a future HR department? Though, based on the “careers” most of these girls named (“Sport fishing enthusiast,” for example — not actual sport fisher: she’s just into it. Whut.), that may not be so much of a problem for most of the show’s population 😛

  4. I will definitely send you good vibes for your crazy time at work because I’m also going through a super busy time at work! I love being busy, though, so I don’t mind. Except on Fridays when all I want to do is sleep and drink tea. Although not at the same time. That might lead to some spillage.

    Also, I refuse to EVER watch The Bachelor or similar. I also hate looking at Twitter when that show is on because way too many people I follow live tweet it. So irritating.

    • Thanks! I feel like so far I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my head on straight. I’m trying VERY hard to not complain, because I asked for this, so it seems silly of me to whine about something I wanted. Although if I could stop having to play catch-up on weekends, that would be nice.

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