Thursday Things

1. Whoa, baby! How ’bout that Tuesday we had here in Chicago, huh? I had spin at 6 a.m., which meant I had put my phone away before news of Chicago breaking in just about every capacity had hit Twitter, but my oh my did I have all sorts of news to catch up on on my (exceptionally delayed) commute. To recap, for those of you not from around here:

– A plane (a small one, but a plane nevertheless) crashed into a house by Midway
– A bus caught fire and subsequently shut down Lake Shore Drive, which is, you know, only the primary road people use to travel from the north side to downtown during rush hour.
– An old school, currently under renovations to turn the structure into condos, also caught fire. This school, by the way, backed up to the El tracks — and not just any El tracks. Oh no. This school backed up to and caused the closure of the Brown/Purple Line tracks: two of the three train lines people use to get from the north side to downtown during rush hour.

I’m normally all for hating on the CTA, but man, I felt way too bad for them to complain at all, even when I ended up having to walk a mile after spin to get to on a train. That’s a lot of bum luck for one morning, especially a morning when the wind chill is -12. Oh, did I mention that? Yeah. Wind chill was -12 through all of this.

2. Is there a trick to keeping water bottles from growing mold? I finally had to toss the one I’ve been using for the past year because even with regular washing the mold situation was OUT. OF. CONTROL. and it grossed me out. I’ve become a bit of an accidental water bottle hoarder (they seem to be a popular swag bag item as of late), so I had a large stash to choose from for my next water bottle, and I’ve got to say, this Hydro Flask monstrosity is becoming my new best friend.


I’m a princess when it comes to water bottles and demand insulation, but I was genuinely surprised by just how effectively this water bottle keeps my water cold. Though I imagine commuting in this weather has helped out the cause a bit 😛

3. Shoutout to BuzzFeed for alerting me that S Club 7 reunited last week.

They…may not quite be at the same level I remember when I was like 10. Haha. BUT STILL. I loved S Club 7 in elementary school. Miami 7 was one of my favorite shows.

Any commuting horror stories, from Tuesday or otherwise?
If you have tips on how to keep a water bottle from turning into a petri dish, I’m all ears.

16 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Whoa! That is some craziness in Chicago! I only heard about the small plane crash, which I think is strange since I try to pay more attention to news there since my brother now lives there with his girlfriend. Apparently my observation skills have lacked this week! I’ve wondered about the water bottle thing myself but have yet to come up with a solution. If you find one, please share it with us 😉

  2. Woah Chicago. Calm down! As for the water bottles, I tend to replace mine every 4 months or so (I typically use the aluminum ones too) because they get so gross. I’m currently using a camelbak and I like it, but it’s not the same. I think the top thing has to get replaced more often though which is annoying. I guess that’s how they get your money… by making sure their products get moldy fast. Gross.

  3. I’ve…..never noticed mold in my water bottles. So, either I’m totally unobservant or my water has magical non-mold growing properties.

    As for Tuesday, since I live on the west side and take the Green or Blue line (it was the Green that morning since I had PT and my PT’s office is closer to the Green) I had zero commute problems. I keep telling people the north side isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 🙂

    • I should get some of your water! Haha. I usually have the most trouble in spots that are hard to clean. The water bottle now in the trash had this plastic seam along the top that you couldn’t clean out, and oh. my. gosh. The seam came loose over the weekend and there was mold EVERYWHERE. It was SO disgusting, and the reason that water bottle is now in the trash.

      Lucky you! And you got to start your day with PT! Doubly lucky. Although maybe not everyone enjoys going to PT quite as much as I do 😛 I will say, though, I wondered what the media/people in general would have reacted like if this had all happened on the South or West Sides instead of the North Side.

  4. Thank god I wasn’t affected by that chaos but wasn’t that nuts?! So many bad things happening all at once in one city – I sat down to watch the news that night and the bad news just kept rolling in. Crazy day! Hey you got a literal cool down after spin, right? haha

  5. I have had a few water bottles with mold problems but it has been mostly solved by only putting water in them and/or if any juice or anything with a flavor etc. gets put in them washing right away. This seemed to save most of my bike bottles this summer that had Powerbar Perform in them. Also if they start to get smelly at all or you see spots of mold scrub them and wash them with vinegar. I’ve used a little bleach before too but I try to avoid that. Then rinse with clean water a bunch of times.

    I don’t feel bad about throwing away the free cheapie water bottles but the double insulated nice ones I love! Good luck!

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