Thursday Things

1. As a self-declared expert on all things Cookie Butter, I took it upon myself to sample Trader Joe’s newest offerings, Cookie Butter Ice Cream and Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter, so that I could report back to all of you with my reliable opinion. The sacrifices I make for my readership 😛

cookies and creme cookie butter, cookie butter, trader joes

I’m not gonna lie: I was nervous about Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter. I bought a jar of Cookie & Cocoa Swirl last year and was WOEFULLY underwhelmed. I feared Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter would disappoint me as well, but I’m happy to announce that that was not the case at all. I know this is a bold claim, but I think Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter just may be better than the original product. Though, to be fair, comparing Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter to regular Cookie Butter is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Nevertheless, this stuff is AMAZING, and I love it.

cookie butter ice cream, cookie butter, trader joes

I was also pleasantly surprised by Cookie Butter Ice Cream. Trader Joe was VERY generous with the cookie butter swirl, and since I think we can all agree that the quality of ice cream with add-ins hangs entirely on the ice cream:add-in ratio, I’m quite satisfied with this ice cream. It’s perfectly cookie butter-y while also retaining crucial ice cream flavor qualities. High fives all around.

Based on these tests, I’m happy to bring you, for the first time ever, Bethany’s Definitive Cookie Butter Ranking:

1. Cookie Butter AND Cookies & Creme Cookie Butter (see: apples and oranges)
2. Cookie Butter Ice Cream
3. Crunchy Cookie Butter
4. Cookie & Cocoa Swirl

You’re welcome 🙂

2. Last Friday, I went to Lincoln Hall with one of my good friends from college to see Noah Gundersen in concert.


Since we are now ~Lincoln Hall Veterans~ (i.e., this was my…fifth show at Lincoln Hall? I think? It was somewhere in that neighborhood for my friend, too), we knew to show up way late so as to avoid the openers. My phone ended up FREAKING THE EFF OUT right before I left home (I tell ya, this iPhone 6 is more trouble than it’s worth), which delayed my arrival and made us even later than we originally planned to be. It actually ended up working out great, because by the time we went in, the second opener only had one or two more songs to get through until Noah Gundersen came on.

As is almost always the case when I go to shows, I, personally, was not familiar with the artist prior to the show, but I had done my “research” (that is, I found full albums on YouTube and listened to them a couple of times) and really liked Noah Gundersen’s voice, so I figured it’d be a good show. And it was! Perhaps not the cheeriest music you’ve ever heard, but that’s probably why my indie friend invited me along, rather than my EDM friend 😛

BUT. The encore included on of the coolest concert moments I’ve experienced to date. With just one light shining on stage, Noah, along with his sister Abby and brother Ivan (who are both in the band), came out and sang Poor Man’s Son acapella while everyone in the audience sang along. It was an incredible moment.

3. It’s my least favorite day of the year tomorrow! Haha. Costumes are not my thing at all, and therefore Halloween is not my thing at all. Instead, I will be going to physical therapy, because that’s what I do on Halloween (true life, actually. I had my video gait analysis on Halloween last year, and I have a PT appointment tomorrow. Does this make PT my Halloween tradition? 😛 ). Plus they have good candy at PT, so I can take advantage of the only part of Halloween I like without worrying about any of the parts I don’t like. AND once Halloween’s over, we can finally move on to Thanksgiving, which I do like very much 🙂

Cookie butter opinions?
What are you going to be for Halloween? I’ll live vicariously through you 😛

15 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Seeing all these incredible Trader Joe’s products is making me so sad because I rarely go to TJ’s here in NYC! The lines are insane. INSANE. So I avoid it like the plague. Ugh I’m thinking I might need to make a trip just for that ice cream #sacrifices.

    Halloween is my least favorite day too!! And I mean that…I hate the holiday and am already convincing myself out of the plans I stupidly made for tomorrow night. At least then it’s November and that means Thanksgiving is so close ❤

    • Ugh, that’s tragic! The lines at TJ’s around here can be bad on weekends, but usually they’re all right on weekdays. I’ve also gone right after they open on occasion, and that’s a magical experience, especially on a weekday. I was practically the only one in the store and all the shelves were totally stoked! Bliss.

  2. We have a costume and cube decorating contest at work so I’m dressing up as Wonder Woman but am still undecided as to how to decorate my cube.

    In the evening, though, Jason has to work and I plan to go to the gym then go home, make dinner, and watch Nightmare Before Christmas which I’ve only seen once YEARS ago.

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