Thursday Things

1. UPDATE: I do not know how to count. When I said last Thursday that my birthday was three weeks away, I really meant two. As in, it is now one week away. September 18. That’s what I was getting at. Now you know. Moving on…

2. Unless you’ve spent the past 48 hours or so hiding under every rock you can find and, for reasons I would never begin to pretend to understand, decided to return to the world via my blog, you probably know Apple announced its brand spankin’ new Apple Watch on Tuesday. (I, somehow, managed to tune into the livestream of the event right as Tim Cook got to the “One More Thing…” bit. I know, I know: my timing is impeccable). I have several thoughts related to the Apple Watch, and, since I imagine 99 percent of my readership comes here for my commentary on technology, you get to hear my thoughts! Lucky you!

Thought #1: My elementary school dreams have come true. I so clearly remember sitting on the school bus in elementary school and imagining a watch on which you could watch TV. I’m not totally sure that you can “watch TV,” as it were, on the Apple Watch, but since I believe all the apps on your iPhone show up on your Apple Watch, if you have Netflix, I’d imagine that app translates to the watch, right? ANYWAY, moral of the story: I envisioned this as a seven year old. Does that entitle me to a free Apple Watch? I think it should.

Thought #2: My six-month-ago dreams have come true. Or maybe more like my three-month-ago dreams. Earlier this year, I got an activity tracker, and when a coworker was asking me about it, I remember saying it was all right, but what I’d much prefer would be one device that could serve all of my fitness needs, so instead of having a Garmin and an activity tracker and a heart rate monitor, I could just have one thing that did it all. Boom. Apple Watch. And if you take those things into consideration, the $349 price point doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable. If you figure an entry level Garmin costs $130, a Fitbit costs $100, and a basic Polar heart rate sensor costs $70, that’s $300 right there. $49 more gets you all that, plus everything else the Apple Watch can do. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to go out an buy an Apple Watch, because I already have everything that can do all of those things, and I’m so poor I don’t even want to go out to dinner for my birthday, so obviously a $349 toy is a bit out of my price range. But taking that into account, I think $349 sounds like a pretty solid deal.

Thought #3: The whole tapping function is WEIRD. I mean, I *guess* it’s not totally skeevy that you can send a message from your Apple Watch to someone else’s Apple Watch to get their attention, even if it does seem unnecessary. But the sharing your heartbeat thing? Man, unless you think you’re having a heart attack, that’s just weird. Why would you EVER want to feel someone else’s heartbeat against your own wrist? That sounds like something gag-inducing lovers who call each other “Snookums” would do, and I personally try to avoid that kind of behavior.

3. So I went to the doctor yesterday re: my shoulder, and…idk. She told me I have a brachial plexus injury. Wikipedia and the Mayo Clinic say that you get these injuries playing football or by being in a car accident, and that symptoms include an “electric shock” feeling down your arm, numbness, and weakness. Incidentally, I have had exactly none of these feelings and have been in exactly none of these situations. Now, I know Wikipedia is not a doctor, butttttt…idk. IDK. Sometimes I feel like my doctor jumps to conclusions/prescriptions at an alarming rate, and it doesn’t do a whole lot for my confidence level :/ Granted, I’m also a hypochondriac and had talked myself into thinking I’d need an x-ray, MRI, and probably had a hidden heart condition and was on the brink of death, because that’s just where my mind goes in these situations. But if anyone in Chicago happens to have a GP that they know/love/trust, I’m all ears.

4. toast2


Thoughts on the new Apple Watch? Or iPhone 6?
Do you have a good doctor? And if so, can I steal them and make them my own?

13 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. My question is what’s next for Apple? The watch was on the horizon for so long and now it’s a reality. The bigger screen phone was a no-brainer for them since their screens were small compared to other brands. Are they gonna go the glasses route like google? Will be interesting to find out. I don’t have Apple stuff, I prefer devices that I can swap out with a fresh battery when the other one’s out of juice and add extra memory to with an SD card. Anyway, good luck with your shoulder diagnosis. I always jump to the worst-case scenario when I have any kind of ailment! 🙂

    • I, for one, hope the glasses thing never becomes much of a popular item, since I think it’s weird and a little too sci-fi for me. I think one of the interesting things about Apple is how they can take something that previously existed (like an MP3 player), put their own spin on it (the iPod), and even though they didn’t reinvent the wheel, it feels like they did. I guess we’ll find out!

      • If you go to Dr. Brown for your shoulder thing you’ll have to let me know if she gives you the same diagnosis that she gave me 🙂 Also, I need a new GP in Chicago (since my current one is out in Oak Park and while I like her I’m tired of having to go out there to go to the doctor) so maybe I’ll just ask Dr. Brown to be mine, too 🙂

        Also, what was the secret to toast success?

  2. Yikes, I know how you feel about your doctor jumping to a diagnosis. I’ve had several issues that weren’t clear on the surface, appearing to be heart problems, and ended up going through tons of invasive testing and some really scary consultations – only to find out years later that it’s actually a problem with my ears, and that my heart won’t actually explode. I felt like I was playing Medical Professional Pinball with the number of times I got bounced around to another specialist… But if I hadn’t kept pressing for answers, I never would have known! Get a second opinion – and if I hear about a great doc in the city, I’ll pass it on! Good luck!

  3. Okay that heartbeat thing on the watch is just creepy. I’m excited to get the iPhone 6 but I don’t think I’ll be getting the watch! I love my podiatrist because he knows not running is not an option for me and never tells me not to run!

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