Thursday Things

1. I haven’t been to Grant Park since Lollapalooza, since I don’t often find myself with a need (or the time) to just laze around the park, so seeing this on Sunday at the half made me smile:


Even though you can’t read the whole sign, it’s referencing clean-up/renovation paid for by Lolla. This field was Perry’s, and I (and my Mizunos) can certainly attest to and take partial blame for the reason Lolla needed to renovate the field.


Looks so clean and grassy and not-mudpit-y!

2. My birthday is three weeks from today (calendars marked? Excellent.), so last week my mom e-mailed me to ask if I had a birthday list. In a sure sign that I’ve turned into an adult, I could come up with…nothing. Haha. How lame! When I was little, I couldn’t comprehend how people could not have long birthday and/or Christmas lists, when there were so many toys to be had! Then I became a grown up with 1) very limited storage space and 2) my own income (not that any of it sticks around long these days…thank you, physical therapy), which means if I need/want something, I can generally buy it myself, but I have to find a place to put said something. That challenge alone is enough to keep me from wanting many (…any) new things.

So instead I told my mom I wanted a new, not-broken body and a general idea of what on earth I want to do with my life. Hopefully they sell those at Target.

3. Or maybe I should ask for a toaster-whisperer .


Sigh. The struggle is real.

Do you make birthday lists?
Toaster advice from the peanut gallery? Seriously, team. 4.5 does NOTHING. It basically gives me dry bread. But this is what I keep getting with 5, and I’m at a loss for what my toaster wants from me.

17 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I tend to think of things a few months in advance. Sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t. I’m hoping Christmas brings me a biker trainer so I can ride over the winter. But there’s a chance I’ll be gifting that to myself, as it may be out of the price range.

  2. Hahaha I’m so intense when it comes to food I always put my toaster up to the highest level thinking it’s going to be fine and I’ll get to it before it burns, but then 8 out of 10 times it burns. My parents still ask for a Christmas list but you’re right, at this point it feels really weird to do it and now I’ve just come to expect (and really appreciate) one or two thoughtful gifts for Christmas or my bday.

  3. Jason recently bought us a new toaster (that also cooks eggs and warms meat. It’s the most guy-gadget toaster I’ve ever seen) and the first time I used it I burned the crap out of a hamburger bun. Now I’m a bit afraid to go near it.

    But maybe for yours you need to do two sets at a lower setting? Like, put it in at 2 and then when it pops up but it back in again.

    • That sounds like the most intense toaster EVER (also I just wrote “moast” instead of “most,” since I now have toast and its spelling on the brain 😛 ). I don’t know if toaster even does it justice! It sounds like a breakfast making machine! I like that two cycles on low idea, though. That’s what I’ve been trying to do when 4.5 doesn’t satisfy me, but clearly cranking it up to 5 for cycle #2 is a bad idea. It worked on the toaster in my old place so I assumed it’d work on this one, but clearly that’s not the case.

  4. Bahahahaha I love what you asked for almost bday twin. You need to send me your new address so I can send you your card please and thank you. It’s funny that you don’t have a bday list this year because for the first time ever I do and it doesn’t involve anything running (although I certainly won’t turn down a gift certificate to my store). Gift cards to jcrew and sephora are on my list this year as I continue to try and at least look like an adult. We’ll see what happens come the 27!

    • Oh, but of course! Anything to receive birthday cards 😀 Actually, come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind an iTunes gift card… Hooray! Now I have a birthday list to send to my mom 😛 I thought about asking for store gift cards, too, but I honestly have NO place to put any more clothes (downsizing closets was rough haha), so it seemed silly to ask for something I wanted but ultimately knew I wouldn’t use.

  5. Happy birthday in advance! My calendar is marked. =)

    It’s funny – as a child I always used to have an enormous birthday list, too. But now, I am with you in that my perspectives have changed a lot as an adult. However, when people ask me what I’d want, I honestly tell them that anything running-related is usually a very safe bet!!! E.g. shoes, gear, nutrition, race registrations, beverages, etc., etc., etc…

  6. Happy birthday in advance! My birthday was this week and I had absolutely zero things on my list.. but my friends and family were able to find a few things I liked :0)

    And what I do with in-betweeny toasters is set it to a lower setting and toast it TWICE. Yep, so maybe try it at 2, let it toast, and when it pops up, push it right back down again. It takes some tampering to get it perfect, but it should do the trick!

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