Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

Sunday, August 24: Rest.

Monday, August 25: Personal Training + Physical Therapy.
Oof. Personal training was rough. We primarily did supersets (though for my last “set” of the day, my trainer only had me do one exercise, probably because we were running out of time since it took me a bit longer to recover/do the exercises than usual). Monday’s session included slow and controlled push-ups (which DESTROYED my arms. Weakling over here.), ViPR lunges (oh, how I loathe the ViPR), and medicine ball squat/slams, among other things. Ouchie. My arms were ridiculously sore on Tuesday thanks to all of this.

Since I’m no longer fighting a head cold, my PT made sure to make me do a bunch of exercises, including cones, which I think he does just to torture me, since I hate cones and he knows it 😛 . He also decided my calves were tight, which was nice for my IT band because it avoided getting new bruises, but not so nice for my calves. My heel also needed to be loosened up. Did you know heels have mobility? I sure didn’t. But apparently they do, based both on what my PT said and the demo he did on my left heel vs. right heel. Look how educated I’ve become! Haha.

Tuesday, August 26: 5.01 miles in 49:34 for a 9:54 pace.
Ah, it felt so nice to be healthy and run! One of the nice things about my move is that I now have the opportunity to run in a lot of places where I wouldn’t have run before, so I picked a nice and shady route and knocked out five miles. My arch felt a little sore, but other than that I felt just fine and was really happy with how things went! Oh, and my toes went numb, because apparently that’s what they like to do these days.

Wednesday, August 27: Cross Training + Physical Therapy.
Not having dance for these past two weeks gave me a lot of flexibility with my schedule (see: running on Tuesday), which meant I could actually do other forms of cross training. I went to the gym before work and tried to figure out the intricacies of the AMT, which is this part stair stepper part elliptical hybrid…thing. idk. Why does my gym have such complicated equipment? Whatever. ANYWAY. I spent some time on that and worked on catching up on Runner’s World. I had a super grumpy tummy from dinner the night before, so this really wasn’t an enjoyable cross training session by any stretch of the imagination.

I had my “last” PT appointment Wednesday, and by “last” I mean “my last scheduled appointment.” In what should come as a surprise to no one, given the whole “I still hurt” thing, my PT recommended scheduling more appointments. I put myself on the schedule through the Wednesday after the marathon just to be on the safe side, since I know from last year that we’re getting close to the part of the season where everyone and their running buddy gets sent to PT, which makes scheduling trickier. I’d rather cancel appointments than have to take vacation time to go to PT. The appointment initially looked to be uneventful, but after my PT did some work on my quad/knee my whole IT band broke out in hives o.O It was the strangest thing! I told my PT I must have developed an allergy to him 😛 We figure there must have been something on the towel he used on my leg, but I’ve never broke out before when he’s used a towel on me, and, before Wednesday, my only known allergy was to penicillin, which I figure it’s safe to assume was not on the towel. Fortunately it cleared up before I left the clinic, but still. SUPER WEIRD. Not to mention concerning…

Thursday, August 28:  8 miles in 1:20:13 for a 10:02 pace.
There appeared to be rain/storms headed towards Chicago Thursday afternoon, so I ducked out of work a little early in an effort to beat the weather.


As it happened, I don’t think we actually had any rain until 9:30 that night or so, so I did just fine staying dry on my run 😛

On paper, things went just fine on this run. I had some pretty substantial toe numbness, but fortunately it didn’t stick around for the duration of my run (although it was borderline painful when it started). My mile splits were consistent and at a nice clip, and physically I felt pretty good (aside from the numbness, obviously). But for whatever reason my head was not in the game, and I was a grumpy pants. I actually totally lost my patience during the last mile, when a cycling mom, her cycling maybe-12-but-sure-looked-older-than-12 son, and I kept leap-frogging each other at stop lights. They were riding on the sidewalk in the same direction I was running, which is only even legal for the son if he was, in fact, 12 or under, and regardless wasn’t legal for the mom, and really shouldn’t have been happening on that narrow of sidewalk, period, since there’s room for two people to walk abreast at best, and certainly not room for cyclists. Anyway, they danced on my last nerve, and by the time they just up and stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, which was the fourth time I had to move as a result of them, I may or may not have yelled at them as I ran past. I KNOW, I KNOW. It’s never okay to yell at strangers, no matter how obnoxious they are and no matter how many minor laws they’re breaking, and it’s definitely not okay as a runner to yell at a cyclist, even though I consider them (and cars) to be my mortal enemy, because it’s my responsibility as a runner to not be a jerkface so we don’t get a reputation for being jerkfaces like other certain sidewalk/Lakefront Trail users (coughCYCLISTScough)…but I was a jerkface. Whatever. It’s done, it’s over, and I (probably) won’t do it again.

Friday, August 29: Rest.

Saturday, August 30: Rest.

Two rest days to prep for The Magnificent Mile Chicago Women’s Half Marathon, which I ran on Sunday. I like to take two rest days before a race, and I did a fair amount of walking around on Saturday, so it’s not like I was a total slug 😉 It was great to get back on my marathon training plan after being sick, and though my toe numbness seems to have made a reappearance, my heel and knee were both shockingly cooperative for a fair portion of this week. I am, obviously, still in PT for who knows how long, but my PT did say that I probably only need to continue coming in twice a week for a little while longer, which is great! Moving in the right direction (hopefully) 🙂

9 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

  1. Ahhh the constant battle between motorists/cyclists/runners. It’s a never-ending cycle. Meteorologists were absolutely, utterly and ridiculously WRONG about the past week, weather-wise. Literally NO STORMS. And how many people changed their Labor Day weekend plans because of those warnings? I think that’s SO annoying. But I love that you left work a little early to beat the rain. Your priorities are straight girly! haha

    • I get not *wanting* to ride on the street — I wouldn’t want to ride a bike on the streets of Chicago, either. That’s why I don’t do it 😛 But it’s still the law, and it’s still annoying as a pedestrian/runner to have to worry about cyclists mowing you down (or just generally getting in the way).

  2. Motorists think cyclists belong on the sidewalk and pedestrians think cyclists belong on the road. It’s a tough life! I do agree though that cyclist should not be on a narrow sidewalk like that. Plus it is actually more dangerous for cyclists to be on the sidewalk because cars do not see them well there.

    Maybe the pain from your IT band massage caused the hives?! I have never heard of that before! Crazy!

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