Thursday Things

1. So I moved last week.


I knew for quite some time that I wouldn’t be renewing the lease on my old apartment for a variety of reasons (general atmosphere, horrifyingly awful management to the tune of lost lease renewals, lost rent checks, etc., spontaneously combusting ovens, etc.). Though I didn’t mind living with my previous roommates, I was ready to move on, so earlier this year I spent about a month religiously checking Craigslist, e-mailing strangers, and generally being disheartened about my state of affairs/life in general, as the process continued to sap my will to exist. I visitedΒ 12Β different apartments and had eleven different groups of people tell me they didn’t want to live with me. This may or may not have led to me sending my mother an e-mail sometime in mid-June with the subject line, “Everything is terrible.” and asking both her and my closest friends what was so wrong with me that no one wanted to live with me. It was not the brightest period in my life, to say the least.

But! At long last I found people who didn’t find me repulsive and offered me a space in their apartment. And here we are.

2. Various tales from my apartment hunting experience:

– At the very first apartment I viewed (which I loved, by the way), I asked about the roommate finding process and how they planned to handle it.Β I was told that after seeing everyone, the current roommates would evaluate and invite select potential tenets back to hang out with the group to see if her personality would mesh with that of the current residents. I.e.: I was, unknowingly, rushing a sorority. I did not get a bid 😦
– This same apartment had canvas printed photos of the current roommates. When showing me the photos, one of the girls said, “We got these taken when we thought we would all get along.” All rightie then.
– When I went to view another apartment a few weeks later, the person moving out showed me around the place. His current roommate (who would have been my future roommate) refused to come out of her room to meet me and instead insisted on meeting somewhere else for coffee later in the week to get to know each other…despite the fact that I was standing outsider her door at that moment. When she e-mailed me to set up a coffee date, I told her I had already found a place to live. That was a lie.
– At least two separate apartments assured me that even though they only had window units, “It never really gets that hot in here.” They told this to me as I sweated profusely in their living rooms while exerting no energy whatsoever.
–Β I viewed one apartment at the very upper end of my budget that had one bedroom (the other tenant would sleep in the alcove off the living room), no dishwasher, no central air, no laundry in the building, and was located approximately 20 feet from the El tracks. I did not elect to live in this apartment. I did, oddly enough, become friends with the girl who would’ve been moving into the alcove, and we’ve actually hung out a couple of times.

Craigslist is weird.

3. My parents came to help me move, but I hired movers anyway because it just seemed like a simpler idea.


HOLY. SMOKES. I’ve been ruined for life. I’ll never be able to move via UHaul ever again. These movers took everything out of my old apartment in 40 minutes and had it all unloaded at my new apartment less than an hour later. In. Sane. Had we gone the UHaul route, I’m sure we would’ve still been loading the truck at that time. If you ever need movers, I absolutely cannot say enough about The Professionals.

The only downside of movers is that while they move your things, they then go about their merry way while you’re left to figure out where on earth to put all your things when you’ve downsized from three closets to one.


This is why I needed a mental health day last Tuesday.

Have you ever used movers?
Moving horror and/or success stories?Β Let’s empathize!

20 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Yikes. The moving process is ROUGH. I didn’t have to actually look at any apartments (my craigslist killer roommate did the hard part for me) so I just had to find someone that I could see myself living with. One girl I love, the other girl…. she’s going to be a piece of work. Your stories are almost laughable, but I’m sure they weren’t all that funny to you at the time. I’m glad you found a place that works for you!!!

  2. I haven’t lived with a roommate since college (unless you count Jason, which I probably shouldn’t) so thank GOD I never had to do the roommate finding process from either end. Oof. However, they do make for great stories later.

    When we moved to Chicago my job paid for my relocation so we hired movers. And then we hired moves to go from Forest Park to Chicago-proper. Yep, never doing the U-Haul thing again, either. Totally worth the money to pay someone else.

    • I think the craziest thing about it to me was just how picky some people could be. It’s not like I wanted to marry them — I wanted to live in one of their rooms and pay half/a third/a fourth/a fifth of their bills. That’s it! We didn’t have to be BFFs! (Although, I guess maybe in the case of the sorority house we did). People are weird.

    • Oh boy. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen to me! I’m sure I won’t be in my current place forever (I would hope at *some* point in my life I’ll be able to afford not living with roommates, or I’ll have a boyfriend/husband to live with haha), but if I don’t fall into a habit of moving every year or two, that’d be quite fine by me.

  3. Wtf is with people in Chicago? I can’t believe it was that hard to find a roommate! I would have given up ages ago…I’m sorry people are stupid, but I’m glad you found some and things seem to be going well πŸ™‚ after our move to our last house (fiasco), I informed Joe that 1) I was in charge of our next move and 2) we were hiring movers. Gone are the days where I will spend a weekend moving my stuff. Oddly enough, Joseph agreed πŸ˜€

    • SERIOUSLY. There were several points where I considered just quitting and staying in my old place, but my old apartment just was not a good place for me to be living in so many ways that I’m really glad I was able to find somewhere else to live. Whatever. Now I have great stories to tell πŸ˜›

  4. Hahaha the sorority story. That’s too funny. I’m glad you went with your gut on those places and didn’t sign with someone because you were overwhelmed with the possibility that you might not find something. Everything turns out okay πŸ™‚ it’s too bad because now I’m actually looking for a roommate in Chicago haha so if you hear anything, let me know πŸ™‚

    • Ha, well, in most cases I didn’t even have the option of signing, since legitimately only one person actually offered to let me live with them. Whatever. I’m sure it all worked out of the best that I didn’t end up living with the 11 other groups of people I met with. I don’t know of anyone moving off the top of my head, but if I do I’ll for sure be in touch!

  5. Moving is a very painful process. You never realize how much stuff you accumulate until it’s time to pack it all up and transport it, no? Thank goodness for movers, indeed!

    When my husband and I moved in together, he had all this stuff that he said he didn’t have time to deal with before the movers came. So he just threw it all into big garbage bags and brought it over to deal with later. It’s been over four years now, and all of those bags are just sitting there untouched in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind, apparently.

    The sorority story makes me shudder. Not cool to hear that that kind of stuff still goes on even as true adults. Blugh.

    • Oh my gosh, tell me about it. I donated five bags worth of things, recycled 2-3 Trader Joe’s bags worth of things, and threw away one big trash bag + 2 grocery bags of things, and I STILL had so. much. stuff. How?!?!

      I think one of the most surprising things about growing up for me has been just how teenage-like some people continue to be. I had this idea that high school ended in high school, but that quite obviously is not the case for some folks!

  6. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry you had such a hard time finding somewhere to live! Luckily I’ve always lived with friends so I’ve never had to look on Craigslist. Those first sororityish girls sound plain awful! So glad you found a place to live finally! Movers are the best thing ever and I will never move without them again.

  7. I’ve never used professional moves – am going to consider that for future moves! I’ve always just piled all my stuff in my Jeep and then took as many loads as it too, or took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill before taking off lol

  8. Well at least now you have some good stories. Those sorority girls though…that’s interesting. I’m glad I don’t have to search for roommates anymore.

    I’m too cheap to get movers so last time I made my parent’s come help me move. Matt and I will probably be moving again early next year and now we have like double the stuff so movers might be a good option.

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