Sunday, Muddy Sunday (#lolla)

Oh, Lolla.


Let’s begin on Saturday night, which saw a friend and I trekking out to Concord in Logan Square for the Anna Lunoe/Duke Dumont/Flume after show. This friend and I have seen Flume every time he’s been in town since March 2013, so it’s safe to say we’re quickly approaching superfan status *brushes shoulder off*. Obviously seeing him on Saturday (well, it was technically Sunday by that point) was non-negotiable.

^^ “Our” Flume song.

We left Concord as soon as Flume finished his set, but by that point it was 2:20, and we still had to get a cab/drop my friend off/continue on to my place, which is to say: I didn’t go to bed until 3:30. Bad news for Sunday. I can handle the 3:30 bed times when I have a full day to recover, but that certainly wasn’t the case when I had a full day of Lolla on tap. Active recovery…?

I met up with a different friend on Sunday around 2:00 (p.m., this time 😉 ) and we made our way down to Grant Park for a packed day of music! After swinging into Walgreens so my friend could buy an umbrella “just in case” (this proved to be the best decision ever), we headed into Grant Park and made our first stop at the Grove for NONONO.


I know exactly one NONONO song, Pumpin’ Blood, but fortunately we only heard the very end of their set and they closed with Pumpin’ Blood, so all was well 🙂

After that, we walked to the Lake Shore Stage for London Grammar. As we left the Grove, a few rain drops began to fall, which soon turned into more than a few rain drops, which soon turned into a downpour. The rain continued through the beginning of London Grammar but let up by the end, which turned out to be a theme for the day. It did rain again after their set, but just briefly. We grabbed some mediocre food (or at least my food was mediocre) while killing time before The 1975, whose music I actually do know.


They were delightful and British, and we were under trees, so I only got slightly rained on instead of drenched during rainstorm #3 of the afternoon.

After The 1975, my friend headed off to The Avett Brothers and I went to get my trap on at Flosstradamus.


I’ve really gotten into EDM over the past year and a half, which is a little weird considering that I’m like 97% straight edge (I’ll drink if I’m out, but by “drink” I mean “have one drink and call it a night,” but as far as other, ahem, “recreational substances” go, I abstain.) and that does not tend to be the type of crowd EDM shows always attract (Flosstradamus, for example, closed with a tune entitled, “Roll Up the Grass,” during which they wanted to know, “WHERE MY STONERS AT??” Not here, that’s for sure.). I do, however, really, really like to dance (soberly. I know. Crazy stuff.), and obviously EDM caters to that (see: D, as in “dance.”). Trap in particular is super danceable in my experience, so I enjoyed Flosstradamus very much.

As soon as Flosstradamus’s set ended, the skies opened up and it just poured. Grant Park was already well on its way to turning into a mud pit, and that (mercifully) last storm definitely sealed the deal. I waited out the rain under my umbrella/trees, and then shimmied my way up towards the front of the Grove to see Flume again (see: super fan).


This show. So, there are a lot of children at Lolla. And by children I mean high schoolers, but whatever. They’re children. There were so. many. teenagers. at Flume. I don’t remember how I spent the summer I was 16–babysitting, maybe?–but I definitely was not seeing DJs play music festivals. Being surrounded by so many youths makes for an interesting concert experience to say the least–I may or may not have turned around and told the could-not-have-been-older-than-18-year-old who was determinedly trying to dance with me, “Buddy, I am too old for you,”–but since I had essentially seen the exact same Flume set less than 24 hours earlier, it wasn’t the end of the world. And man, what’s growing up if you’re not judging teenagers and their wild ways, amirite?!

When Flume finished, my friend and I went back to Perry’s (which was a nightmare. Any grass that had once been on that field was long, long gone, and the whole area was an insane muddy mess) for Chance the Rapper, who I definitely did not see.


Great view of the A/V tent, though. Ha.

Both my friend and I were super, super tired by this point, and when she suggested not sticking it out for the entire set, I agreed without hesitation. We hung out until about 9:00 (and thus missed R. Kelly by, oh, maybe five to ten minutes. FAIL.) and swung by Skrillex on our way out.


In. Sane. Oh man. Danced so hard.

We stuck around Skrillex for maybe ten minutes or so before making our way to the CTA to head home. I was absolutely exhausted and throughly regretting my decision to not take Monday off work but still so, so glad I had a day at Lolla. It’s really an experience that can’t be beat, at least in Chicago, as far as I’m concerned, and if you break down the cost, I saw seven acts for $100, or just over $14/act. That’s not too shabby, in my opinion.

My Mizunos, on the other hand, will never be the same.


14 thoughts on “Sunday, Muddy Sunday (#lolla)

  1. Man, Lolla cannot catch a break with the rain! I was so surprised to hear it was raining down there, because it did not at all, where I live, on Sunday!

    I am happy to read some of these bands and actually know of them and some songs! And I will have to check out the others. I think I could really get in to EDM. In the sober, straight-edge way, too. I am so not a partier and don’t need a drink to have a good time/act silly 🙂

    • Bah, really?! I knew the showers were spotty on Sunday, but that just doesn’t seem fair 😛 Though to the weather’s credit, we did have a picture-perfect day when I went last year, so I can’t complain *too* much 🙂

      Sober partying ftw! It concerns me when people express shock that I can have a good time without the aid of alcohol or other such things. The idea that you HAVE to be drunk/high to have a good time is troubling, to say the least.

      • I would have liked some of the rain! Our yard could use it!

        That concerns me too. 😦 And I don’t even like the taste of alcohol unless it’s SUPER sweet. I always say – I’d rather eat my calories! 🙂

  2. Hahahaha well at least it didn’t get fully rained out like it has in past years! I love Pumpin’ Blood so I’m glad you got to hear it. I’d love to hear it live! Such a beautiful, simple, uplifting song. Also the 1975 are great too! I really wanted to go and see Betty Who, but she’s coming to HOB in October so I can’t wait! I rode the train with most of the teenagers going to Lolla and I tried sooooo hard not to judge because I was once in their shoes lol but oh my gosh sooooo many high waisted shorts, daisy headbands, Vans and bro tanks. I couldn’t handle it haha

    • Yeah, true that. I was super nervous we’d have thunderstorms and they’d shut things down, but fortunately that wasn’t the case! Betty Who is great! I saw her at Lincoln Hall back in April (which is why I opted to see Flosstradamus instead on Sunday, since their sets overlapped), and she’s seriously so much fun.

  3. Since I only went to Lolla on Saturday, I watched the Skrillex set on the webcast. It was pretty intense. I think the most common age of a non-VIP concert-goert Lolla probably seems to be about 16 to 18. However, if you include at the people in the VIP tents the average would go up a few years.

    • The range of ages I saw at Lolla actually really surprised me. There’s certainly high schoolers aplenty, but I saw middle-aged attendees, too, which I didn’t really expect (and elementary-school aged attendees with their parents, which was shocking. My parents were NOT that cool. Hahaha).

  4. Oh no!! Poor shoes 😦 At least they gave their lives for a fun event 😉 I will happily come soberly dance with you at this one year and fend off the babes (anyone under 21 fits that bill for me these days). I think your way sounds way better! I’m glad you guys had fun. Can’t beat all that for the price (although how you stayed out that late on Saturday and then made it out again Sunday afternoon…I would have fallen asleep and still been a zombie Sunday!)

    • Hahaha exactly. These had been my go-to I-need-supportive-shoes shoes for quite some time, but I think they’re going to be demoted to emergency-use only purposes from here on out…like future Lolla days 😉

      Yeah, needless to say, Monday was not the greatest day of my life in the concentration/consciousness department haha. I’m too old for that business! 😛

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