Thursday Things

1. When I graduated college, I couldn’t have been happier that I was done with school. I was a good student, but to be honest, I hated school. I hated assignments, I hated feeling like I never had time off and the perpetual stress that came with that feeling, and, more than anything, I hated–loathed, despised, abhorred–exams. Really, the only thing I enjoyed about school was that I could do it well. I never, ever wanted to go back to school.

I kinda want to go back to school.

I don’t know what’s come over me lately, but on Sunday I found myself in a poetry mood (this has happened exactly once in my life: Sunday. Haha) and all of a sudden longed for a Norton’s Anthology and a seminar-style class. I can think of approximately zero good or even remotely logical reasons for me to pursue a graduate degree in anything related to English, so chances of me acting on this impulse are essentially nonexistent, but it was so strange to miss–legitimately miss!–actively studying something.

In case that weren’t insane enough, on Monday I found myself researching what it takes to become a physical therapist (much to my surprise, nowhere on any website did it say, “Must be beautiful.” Given my experience in PT offices, I thought this must be a requirement for the job.). Chances of me actually pursuing a DPT are even slimmer than chances of me pursuing an MA in English Literature, because while an MA in English Lit would be mostly to entirely useless unless I decided to become a full time academic and/or college professor (LOLNOPE), I at least have a transcript that could get me into an MA program. I’d have to basically re-do all of undergrad to even fulfill the pre-reqs for any DPT program. This is what I get for cheating my way through my liberal arts undergrad program, taking joke gen-ed math and science classes (“History of Science,” anyone?) instead of actual, legitimate classes to fulfill my math/science requirements.

Meanwhile, these DPT programs are all, “Two chemistry classes! Two physics classes! Anatomy and physiology! Calculus!” etc. etc. You know the last time I took chemistry? As a junior in high school. You know the last time I took physics? As a seventh grader. (So by “physics” I mean “We learned Newton’s principles and that leverage is magical.”). Which is to say I never took physics, neither in high school nor in college. And calculus? Man, I didn’t even make it to pre-calc, let alone the real thing.

My dreams of being a PT will likely never be realized. Ultimately, I suppose this is for the best, as I’m not really a science person (see: my college transcript). But I so like the idea of being a PT. Treating patients, doing different things every day, not sitting at a desk all day (omg not sitting at a desk all day…). Alas.

2. Patellofemoral pain syndrome, though often known as runner’s knee, also has another less-sciencey name: moviegoer’s knee. It gets this name because sitting for extended periods of time causes strain on the patella, thus aggravating the condition. I work at a desk, so I’ve often struggled to move throughout the day, but OH BOY is PFPS a good motivator. I can sit in a chair for about 30 minutes or so, but if I don’t move for an hour, as soon as I stand up I have sharp pain in my knees. Because I prefer to be pain free, I’ve tried to get up frequently at work, and man, my activity tracker is so proud of me. Over the past week, I’ve received five total inactivity alerts (all of which I instantly regretted, especially on Tuesday, where two of those five came from. My knee hurt all day after that 😦 ). Prior to last week, there were times where I’d log five inactivity alerts in one day. Thanks, PFPS!

3. I bought peaches at Trader Joe’s last Friday (July 18) and had every intention of coming on here and raving on and on about how excited I am that peaches are in season again, how peaches are probably my favorite summer fruit, how I’d love to make my mom’s peach pie, so on and so forth. And then…

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 10.30.15 AM

FAIL. And so sad. Now I have to get rid of my peaches 😦

Have you ever had food recalled? This is actually the first time this has ever happened to me. If it’s the last time it ever happens to me, I won’t complain 😛
Do you ever think about completely switching careers? 

20 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Funny you said the PT thing since that’s one I’ve been looking into, despite the fact that I’m not a science fan haha. Figure I’m there often enough that it wouldn’t hurt to be able to do stuff to myself and help other people while I’m at it. I’d go the assistant route, though, which I could do at a community college and doesn’t have the prereqs that an actual pt does. There’s another part of me that would love to go back to grad school, too, for either psychology to be a counselor or English (because I liked it), but I’m not committed enough to anything to actually want to take the plunge, so we shall see what the next few years bring!

    • I saw stuff about being a PTA, but I wasn’t sure what kind of career that would lead to? I don’t know much about medical careers, but I seem to remember in college hearing about how it was so important that people graduated from our nursing program with a BSN, because being a BSN, RN (provided they passed the NCLEX, which I believe they all did) gave you so much more credibility than just being an RN, which I think you can get at community college. I have no idea if it’s the same thing with PTA vs. PT, though. I also wonder what it’s like to get into a DPT program if you have your PTA, versus getting all the undergrad-level prereqs and then applying for a DPT program. Then, of course, there’s the whole tuition thing… You think they’d credit my current PT payments towards tuition for a DPT? 😛

  2. You never know where life will take you. Go for it and be a PT!!

    I never saw myself as a teacher and look at me now. Now I am taking classes for a math endorsement to be a math teacher.

    Too bad about the peaches. I hope you went back for a refund.

    • That’s very true! It’s something I’ll certainly think about, but I think it’d probably be wise to give it a little more time rather than jumping ship at my current job based on a thought I’ve had for four days haha. But I will keep thinking about it!

  3. Join me and pursue a DPT! To be honest, it is not totally outrageous for anyone to go back to school to pursue a professional health degree. When I was taking chem and was with all the post-bacc pre-med students there was one woman who had a theater degree in acting and had been employed at NU acting out medical scenes for med students. She decided she was passionate about medicine and is working towards applying. NU (and I’m assuming other programs) allows you to take four classes at the School of Continuing Studies before applying for any of their programs so you could always take an English class or an Anatomy/Phys class and see how you like it.

    In all seriousness, if you ever want to chat about this let me know and we can e-mail or meet up to discuss. Even if you don’t end up pursuing it – I have my own experiences to pull from and countless (seriously) discussions that I’ve had with my adviser over the past few months about which classes to take, the application process, etc. Just let me know!

    • Thanks so much for this comment! The theatre to pre-med thing is actually really awesome to hear and makes the idea of becoming a PT sound way less unreasonable. I’ve definitely got to think a bit more seriously about things before I make any sort of decisions at all, but if I do, you will CERTAINLY be hearing from me!

  4. I feel exactly the same way about school. I hated school, especially exams but as a chemistry major I had to deal with them regularly. Like you, the only thing I liked about it was that I was somewhat good at it. I considered PT school too until I realized even I would have to redo a lot of my undergraduate degree. It sounds like a lot of us runners have similar thought processes 🙂

    • Hahaha it’s because we all spend too much time in the the PT’s office! That’s surprising that even as a chem major you’d have to redo a lot of undergrad — though I suppose you probably don’t get a whole lot of bio/anatomy with a chem degree.

  5. Ah I considered so many careers before settling on psychology. I almost bit the bullet and went back to take my prereqs for med school. Even though it would probably take you 2 years, you would NOT have to re-do all of undergrad to get into PT school. You would, however, have to dominate in your science classes. In terms of PTA vs DPT, I’d go for DPT. My PT (who had is doctorate) STILL complained about even his lack of autonomy within the field. I’d imagine that is only compounded if you are a PTA. Plus I don’t think the PTA money is that great to make up for the additional schooling.

  6. I didn’t dislike school but mostly, I just wanted to get to a point to where when I as done for the day, I truly was done. I didn’t want to have to go home and do several more hours of work each day and then lord knows how much on the weekends. That is why I actually like working. When I go home, I am truly done for the day!

    Hope you knee gets better!

    • EXACTLY. I like to describe the “real world” as having summer vacation every single night and weekend, and I love love love that. I never felt like I had a break in school, and it was exhausting. That’s what’s kept me from ever wanting to go to grad school, honestly…or any more school in general, really.

  7. Don’t you wish you could just skip all the exams and studying and all that and just BE in a medical/scientific position like that? I totally know what you’re saying. I liked science in high school but I was never a “science person.” It’s especially hard when you have such varying interests and you wonder which one you should pursue professionally and which one you should keep as a hobby. That can be tough. And I had no idea that runner’s knee could be made worse by sitting all day! I mean I knew sitting all day was bad but this is a whole new level. I’m glad I’m done with that life for now!

    • Ugh, YES. That’s exactly what I want: to wake up tomorrow and be a PT. That would be my ideal situation in all of this.

      Yeah, the thing with runner’s knee is that your patella (kneecap) get out of the track where it’s supposed to be. Sitting causes your quad muscles to pull on your patella, so when it’s out of whack, that pulling creates irritation/pain. They actually sometimes call it moviegoer’s knee because of the pain that comes form sitting!

  8. I don’t know if I’ve changed careers, but I do keep moving to positions that require I use different parts of my skill set. I’m occasionally bummed I didn’t pursue my original college intention: going to med school to become a forensic pathologist. But then I remember that I didn’t want to go to school for a bazillion years.

    As for going back to PT school, my college roommate did it with a Mass Communications degree. Yes, you have to re-do (or take for the first time) all your sciences but it seems a lot of people do it!

    The guy who sits next to me at work got sick last week and he thinks it was because of the peaches he ate from Costco. Thankfully the peaches I’m getting from Mariano’s aren’t part of the recall so I’ve been eating them just fine 🙂 I do love peach season.

    • The more I look into post-bacc programs, the more it seems like going from a non-science background to a science background isn’t as out of left field as I originally thought. Granted, I didn’t even know post-bacc was a thing until a few days ago, but it’s still nice to know nevertheless.

      Wouldn’t you know it, when I went to Trader Joe’s on Friday and asked about my peaches, they said the ones I had bought would’ve been fine. Naturally I had already long since thrown them away. Oh well. I guess at least this way I’ve for sure avoided a brush with listeria 😛

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